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cant let it out 2 !!!!!!!!!!!Category: (general)
Thursday, 18 December 2008
10:37:57 PM (GMT)
wat da hell am i doing!!!!!
my life is going no where
i hav a bf and i dont no if his the one 4 me
i like him ya but i want a seirous relationship
i dont no how 2 spell this word seirous
thats wat i need i guess
really idont no wat i need
who gives a fuck
u no
i dont care wat u think who ever is reading this
i get need 2 try and
wat am i letting out???
i dont even no
just rambling on bout watever it is im thinking at random
its not funny
i feel werid
i dont even no how 2 spell weird
sigh. dude i am just not all here
one fry short of a happy meal
oh my god
there3s just 2 much
and i just cant kill myself
its not that fucking easy
everything is pointless
yea i mite b depressed or watever i dont knot
i dont no
just typing away on the keybord
its kinda like a stress reliver
its good theripy
i cant spell remember that
d average is all the better i get
ahhh man

i need a good bf
any body in pennslvanna need a worthless bitch????????
i just need somebody 2 talk 2 me
listin 2 me
not so self centered or rude
someone strait forward and honest
live 4 me as i lve 4 him
dark and passionate
not skinny
not totaly fat
not gay
not a women
not a jerk
or a total frek
long hair
mid class
not dramatic
i dont want a weirdo
 a music lovver
heavey metal
drugs sex
drinking 4 feel
not a total junkie
someone who needs love and affection like me
needs someone 2 b there with them like me
someone like me whos confused and hurt
hurt by watever
watever this hurt comes from

i dont want 2 be labeled as a frek with massive depression and a presonality trait
or a freaking junkie

dont worry be happy
bob marlys the shit

i dont know how to get it all out
i cant listin 2 shrinks anymore
they give advise but i think its pointless
y  is everything pointless 2 me
i love smoking cigarettes but like lately i feel its pointless so i just lay on my
bed listing 2 music not doing anything but thinking of wat not 2 do cuz i feel its
i am just screwed up

i dont want 2 take meds
i think its pointless
c wat i mean??......................
pointless pointless pointless!!!!!!!
y dosnt anythingmake sense anymore
i dont no wat i really fucking need
one minute i wat 2 talk 2 someone about how i feel then the next minute i think its

 i need that someone
i need them now
b 4 i break
b 4 its 2 late

i hope this is just a phase
i want this long phase 2 end
i dont want everyone 2 leave me like they are
im tierd of people giving up on me and leaving me
y do u not want me
 now im soundind like a fucking emo
no offense 2 emos

i should go
getting bored and beging to feel that this is pointless

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