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The girl that found love part 3 chapter 18Category: sad
Monday, 24 November 2008
07:37:45 PM (GMT)
As she was at the stop sign she lean back and she tried to make Jordan happy then
this  ford truck drive right into her car. Everything was spinning  out of control. 
Taylor got in the front and put her seat belt on and then the car starting rolling.
She close her eyes crying and screaming. Then it stop and she was in a ditch and she
heard sirens and people voices. She open her eyes and saw Jordan bleeding. She tried
to move but someone hold her back. A guy took Jordan and rush him in the ambulance.
Some one un did her seat belt and put her on a stretcher and but her in the ambulance
with Jordan. 

She started crying. Her arm hurt and her ribs.  They put a mask on her and did blood
work.   Jordan lose a lot of blood and he stopped breathing. Taylor kept crying to
she couldn’t breath. They had to put her to sleep so she can be calm and they put a
mask on her. They watched her body relaxed then ambulance stopped. They put the
stretcher up and wheeled and ran into the hospital. The other medics did the same to
Jordan’s stretcher and they wheeled him into a room and put him on in a crib. The
doctors did there best to save him but it was no use he lost a lot of blood. They
wrote that he died  at 11:00AM. Taylor was in surgery getting her arm fix and a
couple of her ribs.  After that she was put in a room and the nurse took off the mask
and she took the cut and bloody clothes off of her and put a nightgown on her and
they put three pads on her chest and two on her arm. They turned the heart monitor
and left.  Eddie came into the hospital and they sat him down and told how Jordan
died and how Taylor is sleeping from her surgery. 

He said he didn’t care about Taylor because he thought she was a murderer. The
nurse got up and left to him crying.  Brooke and Jessica came in and sat next to him
and comforted him. 

Taylor woke up two hours later and confuse. When she moved her side got a sharp pain.
And she notice her arm was coasted. She looked around for Jordan and Eddie but they
weren’t anywhere. A nurse came in and saw she was awake. She got Taylor some water
and Taylor sipped it slowly.  After she was done she asked 

Taylor: Where is my baby and husband?

Nurse: Jordan died and your Husband thinks you killed him.

Taylor:  Oh can you please tell him to come here.

Nurse: I  will try 

The nurse  walked to the waiting room and sat next to Eddie and said 

Nurse: Your wife is awake and asking for you.

Eddie: So she will probably murder me next.

The nurse stood up and ask Jessica to take Brooke home and come back tomorrow and she
made sure they where gone and she yelled.

Nurse: Your wife is there looking for you! She didn’t kill Jordan! She was at a
stop sign and she was trying to comfort Jordan a drunk driver  ram into her  car
spinned and rolled over she didn’t know what to do! You have your wife in there
scared go love her!

‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   24 November 2008   645226  
OMG!!! thats SO sad!!! how could eddie think that!!???
plz hurry with the next chapter, on both stories
‹Emma Bear› says :   25 November 2008   584419  
I know I will hurry


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