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STOP!Category: (general)
Sunday, 23 November 2008
07:53:26 PM (GMT)
Ok STOP! I tell you.
Yeah sure I didn't join basketball. I HAVE my REASONS.
Maybe it's because you wouldn't shut up! Maybe it's because I HATE running.
Maybe it's because I just don't like basketball.
But I don't want to hear from you that I SHOULD'VE joined. 
If we're watching a game. Stop saying you should be out there. You're a loser. 
You know as much as I do. That I don't like basketball. I don't like running. I don't
want to hear you complaining about me not doing good enough. 
My sport is volleyball. You know that. BUT still you're saying I need to join. 
Well I can't it's to late. I don't want to ask when they're practice is. I don't want
to bother them. I don't want to know if I can still join. 
JUST REALIZE basketball makes me unhappy. Realize that after I run I start coughing
so much that it's hard to stop. REALIZE that I just really don't like basketball. 
Instead for a change of me always making you happy. Let me have this one. I'm always
doing what you're telling me. I'm keeping my grades up like I promised. Can't I just
have this one thing by not joining that'll make ME happy? 
Stop saying I'm a quiter. STOP. I'm saying this already. I'm not.
I'm always making you happy. So yeah I can't have a birthday party because I'm not
making you happy?! WHAT?!
So you're not happy that I'm working my butt off getting straight A's? You're not
happy that I took pretty much all the responsibility in the house? I get it. Plain
and simple. You're not happy with me at all. 
But you don't get at ALL that I HATE running, HATE when you're always saying I
should've joined. 
REALIZE that I'm not aggresive. I'm not going to be. 
You're complaining just because I didn't join. Be lucky I don't complain when I have
to clean the dishes, do the laundry, cook rice, get food for Justin, get you're own
water when you can yourself, go up and down the stairs to give food to ma, BE happpy
about that and stop complaining over that one thing. 
I absolutely hate that you're saying I'm a quiter. I'm not. 
You don't know how much I hate basketball. 
If you can't even remember this summer that I TRIED to run away. Couldn't get far
Psh don't you ever wonder why? Besides the basketball there's more.
You just really don't understand me. No you don't. 
You can't understand me one bit.
You think I like basketball, you think I don't like anyone, you think that I'm just
someone who can't be mean, you think wrong.
You're trying to control my life TOO much.
You say that I'm hungry and I'm not. You say that I don't like anyone. I do. You say
I can't talk to boys. Too bad I do. You make me eat. You make sure I don't like
anyone. You make sure I don't talk to boys. You make sure I play whatever you want me
to play.
Hell you say I'm lazy?! HA. At least I can get my own drink. At least I can get my
own clothes. 
Whatever you're going to do when we have another baby. I hope that one can stand up
for itself.
You want ALL of us to play basketball. NEWSFLASH. No I'm not. 
You know if I can't make you happy. Well then I'll let my grades slip. I won't at all
do anything to help. I won't get anything ready. Whatever.
If you're not understanding that I don't want to play that sport. Fine.
This summer and fall. Made me cry when I'm YELLING MY FREAKING LUNGS OUT that I DON'T
Yeah stop threatening me to join. Stop it and REALIZE my feelings towards it.


‹adorkablemaknae› says :   23 November 2008   531545  
I'm so sorry about your dad, dude.
You're are so not a quiter and you hate basketball as much as I hate
country, which is a lot.
Keep your head up and don't let them get you down.
I'll be there for you thick and thin.


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