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Can't fill this out on Niki's diary, so...Category: I'm bored, so i made this.
Saturday, 22 November 2008
03:19:08 PM (GMT)
Birthday: A. 26th
Taken/Single: Single
One Best Friend/many Friends: many
Do You believe in Soul mates: I don't know
Do You Want To Get Married: yes, when I'm older
Do you want to have kids: Yes.
Any Siblings: 2 brothers, and a sister
Pets: two cats, Misty and Princess, and a dog, Keesha
Do you still live with your parents: yes
Did you go somewhere over Summer Break: yep, to different campsites
Do You Drink: depends on what you're talking 'bout. No alchohol
Do you enjoy cuddling: yes, especially with my pets
What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day: watch a movie with my fam.
What is your favorite thing to do on a sunny day: if it's summer, swim. If not, I
should be going outside, but i normally don't 
Can you cook: eggs, toast, soup... stuff that doesn't really require cooking.
Can you type without looking at the keyboard: kinda. I have to look down at first.
Can you change a tire: nope, not at all
Can you raise your eyebrows: I think so
Can you wiggle your ears: no, unfortunately
Favorite Piece of Jewelry: my neckalce that makes a 'y' shape
Favorite place to relax: my dad's big comfy chair (which he's normally sitting in, so
i sit on him!)
Favorite person to spend a night with: my puupy, but i have a bunk bed, so i can't do
that anymore)
Has anyone ever saved your life: no, at least, i can't remember.
Have you ever had major surgery: nope 
Have you ever broken a bone: yes, my wrist
Do you work out: I guess, I skate twice a week
Do you love that Mcdonalds is now open until 2: I don't really care
Do you think you're attractive: Excpet for my belly, yah, i guess.
What do you hate most about yourself: my fat belly! 
What was the last compliment you got: uh... i can't remember
Do you think you're a good friend: i hope so
Do you think you're a good girl/boyfriend: I haven't been a girlfriend yet
Are you addicted to myspace: don't even have myspace
Do you like taking pictures: most of the time 
Do you like being in pictures: sometimes
Nickname(s): i don't really have one
Eye Color: a grey-blue
Hair Color: brown, with some blonde
Height: not really sure
Lefty or Righty: righty
Zodiac Sign: taurus
What Do You Drive: don't drive yet
Color: turqoise, or sea-foam green, or some sort of pinkish-purple
Number: 26
Band: not usre
Music Genre: pretty much anything
Cartoon: hm... spongebob!!! 
Ice Cream: ooh... hm.. cookies and cream!
Cereal: reese puffs
Candy: some sort of chocolate... maybe that cookies and cream one?
Drink: iced tea, or lemondae
Have a cellphone: nope, unfortunately
Have a bedtime: about 9:00 on a school night
Want to go to college: no, universtiy
Get along with your parents: most of the time, not this morning
Have any piercings: on my ears (in my ears?)
Have any tattoos: nope 
Swear: barely 
Ever been in love: well, I love my family, but that doesn't count, so no.
Ever cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend: haven't had a boyfriend
Ever been dumped: haven't had a boyfriend
Ever dumped someone: haven't had a boyfriend
Fruit or Vegetable: fruit
Black or White: black
Lights On or Lights Off: on
TV or Movie: movie
Cash or Check: cash.   
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Strawberries or Blueberries: Strawberries.
Cookies or Muffins: cookies
Hugs or Kisses: hugs!!!!!! 
Smiled for no reason: of course!
Talked to someone you don't know: who hasn't? That's how you get to know them
Ever regret anything: i try not to regret things i do. I try to learn from them
Do you like being tickled: depends where the person is tickling me    
Are you happy: kind of.I do have my kitty next to me.
What is on your bed right now?: lots of sheets and my pillow

When was the last time you threw up?: I can't remember
What were you doing 30 minutes ago?: doing this stupid quiz! It's soooo long!
What is your favorite holiday?: christmas
What is the last thing you said aloud?: leave the t.v. on
What was the last thing you had to drink?: iced tea
What are you wearing right now?: my skating tights, that i still haven't taken off, a
t-shirt, a sweater and some jogging pants
Have you bought any new clothing items this week?: nope
Do you use smiley faces on the computer alot?: not a lot
Do you drink your soda from a straw?: not usually. Though, i do like straws... :P
Are you someone's best friend?: I think so... she tells me I am that it. 
What are you doing tomorrow?: my chores... um... going to church
Look to your left, what do you see?: my daddy's big chair with my kitty in it
What do you think of when you think of Australia?: koalas!
Ever ridden on a roller coaster?: oh yah!   
What is your birthstone?: diamond
Last person you talked to on the phone?: some lady from this skating competition's
Any plans today?: staying home, and chill-axing! 
Biggest annoyance in your life right now?: um, I don't know. 
Last song listened to?: a song from Mary Poppins (at skating)
Are you jealous of anyone?: yah, peopl who have all kinds of money and can buy
whatever they like. And people who don't have a fat belly like me (niki...)
Is anyone jealous of you?: Maybe my brains... :D
Do you eat healthy?: sometimes
Do you hate anyone right now?: not really 
Do you use the word 'hello' daily?: yes.
How did u get one of your scars?:  I don't really have any scars.

So... I hope you all learned something about me! :D

blondegurl95 says:   23 November 2008   414886  
you really enjoy surveys dont you 
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› says :   23 November 2008   439997  
Yes, yes I do. They're fun to do when bored.


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