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Dear Jake,Category: (general)
Tuesday, 18 November 2008
04:47:47 PM (GMT)
You don't have to read this if you think it's best.But you might want to,because I
think you need to know how I feel.It's not as mean as you think.I even teared up a
little while writing the end.Anyway...

I strongly dislike you.Scratch that.A LOT of people strongly dislikes you.I won't say
hate,because even though it would be beyond fun to break your heart,I'm a nice
person.Well,to most.You're an exception,because you're a pedophile.And I know I told
you you're a pedo too many times,but you have to know that it's true.You have to know
that it's sick and wrong and nobody deserves what you put us through.Come on.You try
to hook up with thirteen and fourteen year olds,and you're EIGHTEEN(possibly nineteen
now;I don't care enough to ask)And you're not even decent about it.You try to cyber
and expose us and say that you're going to come and rape us and all of that
incredibly twisted bullshit.Not cool,Jake,not cool.And if I really wanted to bust
your pedo ass,I could go to the police right now.I have alot of our conversations
saved on my computer,and the police will believe us more than an eighteen year
old,anyway.But I won't go to the police.I just want you to LEAVE ME AND SYD THE HELL
ALONE.We don't want you.

And don't say I'm too hard to get along with.Ask anyone.You lied to me and Sydney
about your whole goddamn life.And we gave you more than enough chances to smarten up
and be a real man,but you ruined them.So don't call me a bitch,like you call every
other girl,because I'm not.I'm only a bitch to you.To almost anyone else,I'm a great
person.So grow up and act your age.

You don't have to lie to people,Jake.Honestly.You're probably a better person than I
think you are and give you credit for.You just don't SHOW it.You show the wrong side
of yourself.The sick,perverted,rude,lying side.I miss the good you,Jake.The first day
I met you.And the only reason I gave you all those chances is because I had hope for
you.A small part of me told me that you could possibly be a sane person if you
tried.But dear,you didn't make an effort.You claimed you cared about me and Syd,when
you didn't.You cared about getting a bit of action,which I must add,DIDN'T HAPPEN.So
you pretended to care,so we'd fall for you,possibly show some boobage,and you might
feel loved for fifteen minutes.You're hopeless,Jake,hopeless.

I want to apologize(....Wow) for messaging you on Halloween and making you mad.It was
childish and stupid for us to bug you,when it's usually the other way around.We were
just bored,and felt like pissing off the loser.So I'm sorry.But don't get the wrong
idea.I'm just apologizing for this one incident.Everything else I ever did to you,you
deserved 100%.If YOU apologized more often,we could probably still be friends.But you
don't,because you don't care.So too bad.

That's basically all I have to say to you,Jake.Sure,we had some good times.But there
were so many bad memories,I've lost count.It's too much to just "forget the
past",like you suggested so many times.I can't,Jake,I can't.I'm sorry we had to


How do you guys like my letter to Jake(some tard on my MSN who makes me want to cut
I was bullshitting the "tearing up" part.I'm saving my tears for a sad movie. :]
LMFAO.Morgan,I know your LOLing your pants right now.I know.It's some funny shizz.

WoahItsMorgan says:   18 November 2008   266349  

Ahh this just made my day dude.
SexFlavouredPancakes says :   19 November 2008   663498  
Oh yeah.
And I think I'm gonna add in a part that goes something like "Um,the
real reason why you can't keep a girl is because you don't have the
maturity to respect them yet.And just a little piece of information
for your puny brain,GIRLS DON'T LIKE MOUSTACHES ANYMORE." <3 :]

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