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Angry Words Chapter 1Category: life with Naruto
Sunday, 2 November 2008
04:24:12 PM (GMT)
Hey guys Umeko AKA Akira here! :D this takes place when the Chuunin Exams are taking
place!! :D hope you enjoy!
oh yeah, this was inspired off a fanfict 'A Few Angry Words' it's really good. go to and type it in

Umeko Hazumi watched anxiously at the board. She wondered who she would have to
fight. Her sister, Rose Hazumi was standing next to her, cuts and bruises were
visible across her small arms, and face. Rose had to fight the one and only Neji
Hyuuga. It was a close, and hard battle, but Rose managed to win. Umeko remembered
how Neji had struck the blow that had came dangerously close to Rose's heart, almost
killing her. Then she remembered how Rose swore she would never lose to a jerk, that
would hold a grudge to his kinder cousin Hinata Hyuuga. She smiled at the memory of
Neji being lifted away on a stretcher. "Umeko, look!" A voice called out gasping. The
Plum Blossom Ninja, looked up to see who she had to fight. 'No, it can't be not
him! Anyone but him!' Umeko thought her eyes widening. She hoped it was a
mistake, but it wasnt. The words were clear: Umeko Hazumi vs Gaara. Umeko had
remembered how Gaara had effortlessly murdered those ninja in the Forest Of Death.
"Well come on.'' a voice growled at her. Umeko looked to see Gaara staring at her, a
killer intent in his eye. "Umeko-chan, you can fight him!" Naruto said coming up to
her. Naruto had been Umeko's long term crush. She knew she had to win. Umeko put on
her determined face, and nodded fiercely. Disappearing in Plum Blossom Petals, Umeko
was in front of Gaara, a glare on her face. 'Heh, she was all scared until that
blond idiot said something to her.' Gaara thought. 'Maybe I can use this for
my advantage.' he added smirking. The guy who was supervising the matched
coughed. "The 8th match, Hazumi Umeko, and Sabaku No Gaara. Begin.'' he said stepping
back. Umeko got in a stance, and pulled out three senbons, already tipped with
poison. ''What a kid move, trying to impress your boyfriend?" Gaara taunted. Umeko
stopped dead in her tracks, her eyes widened in horror at what Gaara had figured out.
''Do you want to tel him? Or maybe I should.'' Gaara said smiling an evil smile.
''Gaara no!" Umeko pleaded. "He's gone mad.'' Temari whispered to Kankuro. ''Hell
yeah.'' Kankuro whispered back. "Hey, you blond idiot. You know that thi purple
headed loser is in love with you?" Gaara called out. Umeko looked devastated. Her
secret, the secret that she had kept to herself, was now announced in front of
everyone. ''Umeko-chan, is this true?" Naruto asked softly. He never thought that
Umeko had liked him more than a friend. ''Yes Naru-kun, it is.'' she said sadly. ''I
liked you ever since I layed eyes on you, and even since no one had respected you, I
have. When you become Hokage, I'll be right by your side the whole time!" she yelled.
Everyone stared in shock at what Umeko had said. She had said this all with a
straight face, she was not joking. Umeko turned to face Gaara, a vicious frown on her
beautiful face. "your words,'' she began. ''you can insult me all you want, but when
you insult Naru-kun, you crossed the line.'' she growled. Umeko charged at him
senbons in hand. Gaara looked stunned that a girl, had the guts to say this to him.
So stunned, he never seen the attack that broke through the sand. Gaara gasped when
Umeko's foot came in contact with his face. Her kick was perfectly balanced, with the
perfect amount of force, she was  not an amature ninja. Gaara gasped when he felt his
jaw break. It came out as a strangled sound, but it would have been much worse if the
sand didn't block the kick ever so slightly. But, Gaara had more of Umeko's attack
coming. She moved quickly, not wanting to kill her speed. Umeko grabbed Gaara's hand,
and with her free hand, she made a fist. Gaara was staring down at her in shock,
blood coming from his mouth. Bringing her hand at the speed of light, her fist had
reached it destination: Square in Gaara's face, between his nose and eyes. Gaara
could feel his nose breaking, and he could see stars. His body slammed hard into the
wall, almost breaking his spine. Gaara knew trying to use sand was useless, this girl
was too fast, faster than Rock-Lee. In the stands, everyone was staring in awe, at
Umeko. Rose stared in disbelief at what she just seen. Umeko had almost killed Gaara,
in less than 10 minutes. Umeko smiled at her work and turned to leave, but she didn't
sense what Gaara was planning. With a pale, bloody, shaky hand, Gaara made a familiar
hand sign. ''Sand Coffin!" he tried to yell with his broke jaw. Sand began to
surround Umeko, it covered her leg. "Gaara stop the match is over!" The supervisor
yelled running to stop him. Umeko looked frightened, worried that Gaara would kill
her. The sand was making it's way up to her waist.  Gaara squeezed his hand a little
bit, and the sand began to crush her waist, and down. Umeko screamed in agony, the
pain was unbearable. ''Gaara!" Temari and Kankuro yelled. The senseis snapped into
action. They raced down to Gaara, and tried to make him stop. Gai, and Kurenai
grabbed his hand, and pried his fist open, while Kakashi made a hand sign, to knock
out Gaara. The sand made it's way back inside Gaara's gourd. Umeko fell to the
ground, she could feel blood seeping down her purple skirt. She knew her leg was
probably broken, and her stomach was bleeding. ''Winner of the 8th match:Hazumi
Umeko.'' The supervisor said coughing. Umeko didn't care that she won, she needed a
hospital fast. "Umeko-chan!" NAruto yelled leaping down to her aid. Rose, Kiba, and
Hinata followed after. "Give her some room!" Kurenai yelled running to Umeko. As
gently as she could, Kurenai turned Umeko on her back. Umeko whimpered from the pain
in her legs, and stomach.  "Umeko-chan......'' Naruto whispered sadly at her. He
wished he had noticed her sooner, so she wouldnt have hurt herself so badly over him.
Finally, some Medic Nin came, and gently lifted Umeko on a stretcher. They did the
same to Gaara. Everyone (including Hinata) glared at Gaara, there was pure hatred in
there eyes. No one thought Gaara deserved to have medical attention. Naruto knew that
Gaara would have to pay dearly for hurting his best friend, and possibly something

Comments please! was it good or bad? should i continue?
sorry about the crappy battle scene!!! x[

‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   2 November 2008   543544  
nice story!
please continue!!!! it was good.3.
‹XxMurderous_NinjaxX› says:   2 November 2008   118256  
lol Umeko! you hurt yourself! xD
btw, good story, but i better have a part in it!!!!>:D
i should kill Gaara :]
Yurichan123 says:   3 January 2009   947698  
_Umeko_ says :   3 January 2009   642784  


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