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Sunday, 2 November 2008
01:02:52 AM (GMT)
The Mystic Bindlen

"Hurry up Mary,” Ailita said.
“I'm going as fast as I can!” Mary said irritated.
“Here, I'll help. We have to hurry if we're going to make it.” Mary and Ailita
were the best of friends. They had known each other since they were five. They shared
snacks and drinks, had sleepovers, went camping and even helped in fights for each
other. They were two very inseparable girls.
Mary and Ailita were going to the beach. They were going to do their favorite hobby:
looking for treasure. They did this every weekend, getting up early to get there
before the beach started crowding up.
“We're done!” Ailita grabbed their brand new Treasure 64 and Mary grabbed her
cobalt blue backpack, covered in sand and spots of dried salt water, filled with
shovels, brushes, snacks, and water. Both went running out the door and down the
street to Misty Beach. 
Like usually, there was mist in the air and salt in the girls’ mouths as they ran
towards the south end of the beach, which they hardly ever had chances to excavate
due to the timing of the tides.
Mary stopped dead in her tracks when they reached the pier.
“What’s wrong, Mary?” Ailita asked tugging her along towards the pier.
“Dansy Ragway.” Ailita turned and groaned. Mary had had a crush on Dansy Ragway
since third grade. He had shiny dusty blonde hair that always had little bits of sand
in it. His eyes were the color of honey on buttered down toast with little flecks of
cinnamon here and there. Mary had befriended him when he first moved here and as the
people of Mistville grew to love him, he was pushed farther and farther away from
Mary, who had always loved him. 
“Will you get over him already? He’s completely in love with Cindy, remember?”
“But I was the first person to ever love him. He’s the only guy I’ve ever
really liked.”
“What about Nathan? I thought you loved him.”
“I was trying to make Dansy jealous, since Nathan is Dansy best friend now.”
There was a pause as Ailita and Mary passed Dansy, Nathan, Cindy, and Kasey. “Well
I think you should just get over him and find someone new.”
“That’s kind of hard, especially when I was his first friend and the only person
to accept him when he first moved here.”
Ailita sighed in defeat. “We’ll talk about this later.” They continued on until
they reached the end of the beach that rarely ever had anyone on it. “I’ll start
in front of the Shack while you find a place for us to lay down when we’re done.”

Mary gave a little nod and headed off towards Dansy to find their favorite spot on
the beach. Ailita pulled the metal detector out of its holder on her back and flipped
the switch. She checked that battery to see how long it would last and started
running it along the beach.
Mary came back a few minutes later. “I got my brother to watch the spot for us.”
“So long as our fave spot is reserved.” The Treasure64 started to go crazy.
“You ready Mary? It sounds like a big one.” Ailita made an imprint where the
object was suppose to be. Mary got to her knees, ignoring the sting of the sand on
her knees, and started sifting for a spade.
Mary found her favorite spade. The handle was made of mahogany, crested with June
Pearls, and with a head of sparkling silver. Mary slid the spade into the soft sand
and started to pile up a mixture of sand, shells, and seaweed next to the hole she
was digging. 
Ailita was going on about what the treasure could possibly be when a crack broke
through her rambling. Mary dug through her back once more in search of a brush. She
pulled out an old oak handled brush with horse hair for bristles. Mary strained her
arm to reach the object and brushed it off. 
Ailita was looking for a flashlight, knowing that the hole was quite deep. She turned
it on and pointed it down into the hole and then pulled out away, looking away from
the blinding light that came right back out at her.
Mary was rubbing her eyes. Ailita sat there blinking, and then remembered the buried
item at her feet. She reached in, straining to reach it. She grabbed the handle at
the top, and then hauled it up.
Last edited: 4 June 2009

‹you_kill_me_well› says:   2 November 2008   964132  
‹loves to lick you all!!› says:   2 November 2008   949553  
thx buddy
_abc_ shouts:   2 November 2008   661666  
I want the mask.........
‹loves to lick you all!!› says:   2 November 2008   767816  
lol, I don't, I want to be Ailita...
‹♥Hope;;The Little Blue Bandaid♥› says:   2 November 2008   433767  
whispers..... wow, cool.
‹loves to lick you all!!› says:   2 November 2008   823839  
~whispers~ Its not even finished, not even half way........
‹♥ CoreyJadee ♥› says:   2 November 2008   714871  
‹loves to lick you all!!› says :   4 November 2008   543355  


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