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Monday, 6 October 2008
11:27:01 PM (GMT)

Natural Look

I was wondering if you could tell me how to create the “natural look” with
makeup? I have brown eyes, and medium skin colour. Thanks.


A clean, natural makeup look is trendy right now, and that's a great thing. Ideally,
when others view you, they should notice your face and not your makeup. The natural
look is all about enhancing your own beauty, instead of letting makeup overpower your
features. The funny thing, though, is that looking like you're not wearing makeup -
but still looking flawless - takes a whole makeup technique! "Natural" makeup is
still a makeup routine, because it's about the colors you choose and where you put
them, not simply how much is applied. That said, here are my best tips for achieving
the natural makeup look./p> 

What You'll Need:

Tinted moisturizer
Cosmetic sponges
Translucent powder
Eyebrow pencil (optional)
Tweezers (optional)
Eye shadow (see below for colors)
Cream blush/p> 



So my class pictures are coming up next week and I've already decided what to wear,
being the fashion diva I am, but I have one slight problemo...I have big, red,
honkin' pimples around my hairline, and a doozy on my cheek. I ALWAYS wash my face
once in the morning and once in the evening, I use a toner each time I wash my face,
and use night and day cream so my skin won't dry out, but I always seem to get
pimples right around big events...Do you have any suggestions for quick-fixes or
solutions for my zits? Thanks! 


It sounds like you're taking good care of your skin on a daily basis, so keep up the
good routine. Everyone is susceptible to event-related zits, annoying as they are.
Stress is a major cause of breakouts, and when you're nervous about a big day, the
result is often a face-marring blemish. It doesn't have to derail your class picture
though. Here are a few quick-fix suggestions for camouflaging the redness.

First, you'll need a concealer. Choose a specific zit concealer (try to match your
skin tone exactly) with anti-bacterial ingredients, and you'll dry up that zit
quicker, while covering it up. Try Clarins Concealer Plus Corrector, or Clinique Acne
Solutions Concealing Stick.

If you wear foundation, always apply concealer over blemishes afterwards, not before.
Too much makeup on the skin can make you look weird or fake in a picture. Also, by
putting concealer on after foundation, you only use what you need and so use a lot

For the most natural results, apply your makeup in natural light (such as in front of
a mirror that's beside a window).

When you go to apply your concealer, don't apply it straight from the tube/stick or
you risk infecting the product (and re-infecting yourself when you use it again).
Place some product on the back of your hand instead, then apply to the zit with a
Q-tip, which you can throw away when you're finished. Use the Q-tip to blend the
makeup outward from the zit.

Go easy when applying! Too much makeup piled on top of a blemish can look worse than
none at all. Your approach should be to apply as little as possible.

Finish by dusting your entire face with translucent powder - great for absorbing oil
and reducing shine for the camera.

Whatever you do, don't pick at your zit! This is the biggest mistake that girls make
when they break out. Keep your hands off after you've applied your makeup.



I have a problem. I am overweight for my age, and have pimples on my chin, horribly.
My friends are okay, but not the best. My BEST friend is moving to Tennesse in a few
months and i have no clue if I will have friends when she moves. I think my pimples
are a problem. I look at my other friend, lets call her Mia to be safe, has a chubby
figure but no pimples. "Mia" has TONS of friends. What should I do? I am soooo stuck
it's not funny. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! 


Pimples are a problem - because they are annoying, and not the most attractive facial
features. They are not, however, a reason for being or not being friends with
someone. So don't feel like your pimples are keeping you from having friends. Chances
are that your friend Mia has qualities that make people want to be her friend, and
that these qualities have nothing to do with her clear skin. Maybe she is outgoing,
friendly, listens well when others speak, is fun-loving, gets involved in lots of
activities, is kind to others, tells interesting stories, has a great sense of humor,
and so on.

If you're looking to keep current friends or make new ones, study Mia and see what
she's doing to make people like her so much. Also keep in mind that people who have
lots of friends, are people who have learned how to be a good friend. This is an
important skill that isn't just something "natural" - it's something you have to
learn. You can get some tips on how to be a great friend to others, and make more
people want to be your friend.

As for those nasty pimples, zap 'em with tips from our article "Fight Acne" (click

Good tips on MAKE UP ONLY i will be adding more [There is a Diary i wrote it has
heaps of other cool tips and hints check it out]
Last edited: 7 October 2008

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