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well idkCategory: (general)
Saturday, 4 October 2008
07:15:30 PM (GMT)
October 4 2008

well... last friday we had a home gane and with me being in the band of course i had
to go. thankfully i just had to be there for pre-game. at the time i was still going
out with Houston S.. but he lives in Missouri. here i kinda started liking this guy
named Sean. i'm not sure what his last name is but i kno that it starts with an A.
But after pre-game i didn't have to stick around, so i hung out with my band nerds at
first. then i ended up hanging out with Sean cuz that's how it works with me cuz i'm
a dork. any way we ended up alone in the dark, which on my part was dumb, but we
started talking. he ended up kissing me three times before any one came over and
started talking to us.
when he kissed me the first two times i turned away, partly cuz i wasn't ready for
him to do that, and cuz i kept thinking of Houston. Then the third time i knew it was
coming and like the dork i am i just stood there, forgetting about tomorrow, and what
would happen next, and not remembering about the rest of the world. then i pulled
away realizing what just happened. he seemed a little annoyed i think and then he
said that he felt bad cuz he knew that i had a boyfriend. >.<
then we started talking some more and this Ryan guy from my biology class came over
and started to light up a cigarette. well since i cant stand the smell of it and it
jacks up my sinuses and crap i asked him if he wouldnt and he did anyway, so i got up
and left and guess who followed... Sean... 
We walked around the school for a while, then came back to where we were and they
were gone. then he says " i didn't want you to find this out from someone else, so
i'll tell you i smoke pot." i would've never guessed and i was more surprised then
when you sit on a toilet and the seat is still up from a guy and you fall in the cold
water. ;-*
i told him i wouldn't go out with him, when he asked. so naturally he asked why, and
i told him that i was still with Houston and even if i wasn't i still wouldn't
because he smokes. then he said that if i'll go out with him then he'll quit, and i
said that if he'll quit then i'll go out with him.
When monday rolled around and every one he had talked to knew what happened cuz the
boy don't know how to not talk. Tuesday we were in civics class and i did something
he wanted done twards him to another guy not thinking, and he said something and i
asked "well what do you want me to do?" and his exact words were "i want you to go
out with me" well i told him that he was going to have to wait cuz i was still
waiting for an email from Houston. That night i checked and he said "mmk" and that
was it... so i askd if he was going to be alright and if he understood why i had to
do that. 
the next morning i told Sean and he didn't say anythin. so in civics that day i asked
"what was it you wanted me to do yesterday? wasnt it like me go out with you?" and he
said that he did the day before but now that day and i asked what was wrong and he
kept saying idk and that wasn't what i wanted to here and i asked again and told him
to not say idk cuz he did know and he said "no i dont just leave me alone"... so i
went to talk to this Thomas guy that is like my friend and i think he likes me too...
uh oh... well anyway i went back to my seat and the Brandon guy that is always with
Sean  was going to tell me but wouldn't spit it out so Sean told me... he was afraid
that what happened between me and Houston would happen between me and him and i told
him that wasn't going to happen cuz we are both here... then  we kinda got on the
subject of his smoking and like i found out that he goes to his brother every weekend
and smokes and drinks and skrews around with the girls. well i didn't like that and
like i started to cry :'( cuz i liked him and he said that he wouldn't change. the
only thing he would change was the messing around cuz he dont do that when he's got a
girlfriend. he just expects to get her to skrew with him... 
well i am a virgin and i plan to be that way until i have a wedding ring on my left
hand and a marrage licens. and he didn't like that.
then this thursday we were in the same class again and this Blake guy that thinks me
and him are going out asked if me and Sean were dating and i said hell no, then Blake
asked why and Sean said "cuz she hates me" and i said i dont hate you i hate the
things you do... and we kinda got in a fight again... but its getting better cuz he
said he's gonna try to quit. but he'd better not try to make me do crap with him cuz
i dont roll that way!! 

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