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(31) Am I Invisible?Category: Story I can't decide a name for : )
Thursday, 2 October 2008
08:39:52 PM (GMT)
Alright, so woops. Number 1, this was a mistake, cause I forgot to add Brandy's POV,
but guess what! She gets a chapter to herself, cause she's that awsmazing.

  I felt the pain run through my body, and I screamed out, whailing for help.... But
no one noticed me, was I invisble? Yes. I was. But for how long? And how come I just
now see this...
   I hated it... The words as they came out of Katy's mouth, "Aubrey, protect  Brandy
with your life." Was I really that helpless? No. I never have been. But did I come
across this way to others? Yes, Yes, and even more, yes. But I said nothing. Aubrey
left me to fight with her best friends. I was first happy that I believed Aubrey knew
I wasn't helpless and could fend for myself, then realized that I was alone.
Obvoiusly, but I mean in another form. Aubrey and Ly-Ann... erin and Seirra.... Katy
and Saphron... who was "my other half"? No one, that's the thing. I was Alone. But
then I saw Jacob, and I saw a small light. He was struggling, also alone. So I ran
toward him. We fight back to back, smiling and working together. I loved the feeling
of the two of us being one with each other, though I knew this wouldn't last forever,
I would take what I could. But just as everything was going well, I heard Jacob back
off, "Brandy... I... I gotta go." I didn't have time to sya anything back, so instead
i fought. And went down. The pain wasn't even close to bareable. It was death, but I
was alive.
  Who know's how long I was out, but I remeber waking up. Knowing I was dead. I felt
no pain. The grass was blown into my face, and the moon was shining above me. I
remeber as the pain flowed through, me and I groaned. At the moment, death sounded
EXTREMLY nice. Then I thought.... I was out here... In the battle fields.... Dying...
it was nighttime.... and no one was here by me. Was I INvisible. Completly. 
  Speaking of dying... why WAS I dying, oh yeah, the hoard of ghosts attacked me and
broke my ribs, adn let's see... I think I'm bleeding to death, so yeah. You
understand my pain. Then i heard the sound, of two humans walking along. I sat up and
screamed at the pain, they ran over to me.
   "Oh... My.... GOD." One of them said, as I lay on the ground, crying and holding
my stomache. 
   "What the HELL happened?"
   "Ummm...." I opened my eyes and saw two people crouching by me. 
   "Mmmm..." I groaned.
   "Mmmm... Yeah, what does that mean, Nick?"
   "No idea, Lacy." The boy noded, looking at me.
   "Mmmm.... Hel...p."
   "Hel...p? Hel...p? Help. OH! HELP!" The girl shouted.
   "Help." I repeated, looking up at the sky. really, the girl wasn't exactly the
brightest crayon in the box. (Couldn't tell if she was the prettiest) But the boy
picked me up and I screamed.
   "You go to school there?"
    "Yea..." I groaned.
    "Lacy? Got any leftover bandages?"
    "Yea, Nick, why?" Definatly not the brightest...
    "Idiot." He mumbled to me. He hauled me up and walked off. Away from the school.
Yea, my voice most be invisible too...
     I reached forward and grabbed his shirt.  "No... Katy... She... lookin... for
    "Whatever, We'll leave you here then."
 He said, adn instantly I screamed in pain as he dropped me, So he walked off, with
the girl following behind him. I screamed for them to come back, but they never did,
so they left me to suffer, adn I did. For an entire night. Was I invisible? Yes, yes
I am. For how long? The day I entered this school. Because before, Everyone knew me,
and I knew them. Everyone loved me,a dn I loved them. Now, I was invisible. And I was
sure  would die here, invisible.

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   3 October 2008   231469  
Cool chapter!
MeepingMeep says :   3 October 2008   783643  


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