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Friday, 12 September 2008
10:03:51 PM (GMT)
Yes soooo.... OH! I know! I wrote this all the while listening to disney songs...(
can u feel the love tonight, Reflection, and more :]
 I looked at her and felt a little hiss escape my mouth. I stood up and jolted from
the room. Screaming in my head. Just because Gregg had this weird connection with my
friend-No, change that, my soon to be EX friend-didn't mean he... he would
Leave me , would it?
 Then I saw the group standing around in the hallway. Aubrey was laughing, her back
to the wall.
   "You." I said as I stormed between the group. She pointed to herself, confused.
"Yes, You. HOW DARE YOU!" I screeched as I grasped at her neck. I held her up
to the wall as she spluttered under my grasp. After a stunned moment, I was set upon
by Ly-Ann.
   "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOIN?!" She spit in my face. I saw Aubrey fall down.
Breathing jaggedly. I spit in Ly-Ann's face and screamed unreadable words at her. She
just held me there. Staring down disgusted.
 "LET GO OF ME... YOU... YOU MUTT!" I had crossed the line, the bomb had
blown, and I instantly regretted it. She grabbed a hold of my arm and twisted my arm
behind my back, which had been repostioned to face the ceiling. I screamed in pain.
She grabbed my hair, lifted my head up and growled between clenched teeth. "Take it
back. TAKE IT BACK 'FORE I KILL YOU!" I didn't stay anything, my stuiped pride...
  "Ha. YOU ASKED FOR IT!" And again, I regretted it. Then a scarred arm grabbed the
back of Ly-Ann's shirt and laughingly pulled her off me. I got up and stood behind
the guy who had saved me. I was crying, and suddenly felt foolish for running into
this group, who I instantly realized was the werewolves... And... the guy who pulled
me off... had red hair... was tall... and... PETER! I tried to run, but was pulled
back by him and placed in the middle of the people.
  I surveyed, Ly-Ann was sitting next to a knocked out Aubrey. Suddenly I felt even
more stuiped... these were the big bad wolves, as they joked. They could have killed
me in one easy move. But... I had choked Aubrey... she felt it... wha...?
   "What did she do, Peter?"
   "New Moon." He pointed to the some-what dim light outside.
   "You gotta be kidden me! Then why did I overpower her."
   "Kid, ya got some sorta weird unusual teenage girl thing goin on. Never seen a 13
year old as big as you, werewolve or no-"
   "I get it. But what do we do with her?:
  There was a soft laugh, thne a dainty figure with short black hair spoke out,
smiling. "Hakuna Matata. It means no worries." She nodded at me and then looked at
Peter with big brown eyes, "Peter..." He didn't look at her. Then she laughed and
said, "Peter... Pan?" He looked up, his face embarassed. 
    "Fine." I decided to look at my savoir more closely. She was dark skinned,
Mexican, probably. Short, but had very distanct features. She grouped her hadn in
mine then walked away. Sudedenly her eyes turned dark.
    "Listen, I do doubt any of them would kill them, believe me, the werewolves are
less... voilent, but more savage and less mannerly. It's the vampires I'd fear.
Specially Seirra and Erin. Evil little people." she smiled at that. "Name's Cele((
see lee)) Hybird. Half Vamp, half wolf. wolves take me in more since i tend to be
more fitting in there group." I just nodded. We were at the class again, and Cele
smiled at me. "Well.... I 'cpect I'll see you soon. Bye then!" she gave my a pixie
wave then diassapeared around the hall.

I know it short. I'll add the second part later! SORRY MOVIE TIME!

‹SqueeneyTodd› says :   15 September 2008   798969  
I wanna kill Katy now.


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