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Friday, 22 August 2008
01:57:43 AM (GMT)
1. Name: Claire
2. Middle Name: Hannah 
3. State: Misery
4. Place of Birth: Some hospital? D:
5 Male or Female: BITCH
6. Hometown: St. Louis
7. Bus: Um Metrolink plz.
8. School: Middle School
9. Occupation: Sitting duck
10. Initials: CHS
11. Screen Name: Too many. D: 

Your Appearance:
12. Hair Color: Brown. 
13. Hair Length: It'S SHORT NAO. D8
14. Eye color: Reddish-brown
15. Best Feature: Um...-Looks- I don't really have one that I prefer over the rest
16. Height: Almost 5'7
17. Braces? YAH MON
18. Glasses?:Feck yus.
19. Freckles?: Yayuh :D
20. Diploma?: Wut.

Your Firsts:
21. First kiss: Hasn't happened yet.
22. First best friends: Sam or Christopher or something. Idunno.
23. First Award: I FAIL
24. First Sport You Joined: Not sure. ._. 
25. First thing you did today: Woke up, showered, got on the computer, went to
26. First Real vacation: Prolly to one of my Grandparents' houses
27. First thing you said today: "It's early." Then I went back to sleep.
28. First Love: None :3

29. Movie: Little Miss Sunshine, Juno, BALTOO, and a bunch of epic horror movies
30. TV Show: Flapjack/Chowder/Burn Notice
31. Color: Green!
32. Rapper: Ew.
33. Place to get groceries: SCHNUCKS, BESH
34. Food: Pasta
35. Season: Spring/Fall
36. Candy: 8D Skybar/Mr. Goodbar. That reminds me, I've got a Mr. Goodbar in the
37. Sports: Ew.
38. Restaurant: Hm... Raccenelli's Pizza! :D 
39. Friend: IRL, Emma, Erin, Katayy, Sydners. Kupika, you know who you are. :D <3
40. Store: GAMESTOP! 8D
41. School Subject: Iuno right nao, school hasn't started yet.
42. Animal: Snakes and owls
43. Book: 13 Little Blue Envelopes/Harry Potter/Looking for Alaska
44. Magazine: The food magazines Dad gets for meh :D

45.Doing before you started this survey: Oekaki
46. Feeling: A bit worn out, worried about school.
47. Wearing: Boxer shorts and a Tshirt.
48. Crying about: NOTHING. D:< I'M A HAPPY GIRL.
49. Eating : Mr. Goodbar
50. Drinking: Water
51. Dreaming: Mainly picturing yaoi roleplays in my head ._.
52. Typing: This, der.
53. Listening To: The Follow Through- So High/ Nevershoutnever- She's got style
54. Thinking about: Yaoi roleplays/That naked Link picture Miranda promised me for my
locker 8D
55. Wanting: To re-live my summer.
56. Future: Hell.
57. Where do you see yourself in 5 years: You never know.
58. Kids: Currently none, but I'd like to have/adopt one or two someday :3
59. Want to be Married: Depends on what kind of idiot would want to marry me. :3
60. Career in Mind: Animation/Video game design

Which is Better with the Opposite Gender:
61. Sport: ._. Erm.
62. Shirt: LOL Doesn't really matter.
63. Hair color: I leik Redheads and brunettes, but it really doesn't matter. ;3
65. Eye color: Blue/green are my favorites :D
66. Measurements: About my height, maybe taller, average weight. I've also got a
thing for those gangly kids 8D -Claytonclayton-
67. Cute or sexy: CUUUUUUTE
68. Lips or Eyes: Eyes. :3
69. Hugs or Kisses: Hugs. <3
70. Short or Tall: Tall.       
71. Easygoing or serious: Easygoing, PLZ. 
72. Romantic or Spontaneous: Spontaneous. 
73. Good or Bad: In betweeen. ;D
74. Sensitive or Loud: LOUUUD
75. Hook-up or Relationship: There's a difference? ._. Kay, relationship, I guess.
76. Dating Forever or Marriage: Depends on if he wants to marry me.
77. Love or Something Else: ._. What do you mean by 'something else?'

Have You Ever:
78. Kissed a STRANGER: I've never kissed anyone before D8 let alone a stranger
79. Had major surgery: Not yet. ._.
80. Gone commando: LOL 
81. Ran Away From Home: Multiple times. :D
82. Broken a bone: Yup.
83. Got an X-ray: Oh yes. -u-
84. Been on a cruise: Nah.    
85. Broken Someone's Heart: I sure hope not ._. 
86. Dumped someone: Nope.
87. Cried When Someone Died: Not really. ._. 
88. Cried At School: Yeah. Last year when I fell down the hill and hit my knee on a
rock. ._.

Do You Believe In:
89. God: Naw.
90. Miracles: Not now. But I'm willing to be proved wrong.
91. Love at First sight: Nah.
92. Ghosts: Bullshit. :/
93. Aliens: Dunno.
94. Soul Mates: Not really. :/
95. Heaven: No.
96. Hell: APE HELL?
97. Answered prayers: NO >:C
98. Kissing on The First Date: Depends :3
99. horoscopes: No, but they're still kind of fun to read.

Answer Truthfully:
100. Is there someone you wish you had?: LINK LOL.

hardpourcorn says:   22 August 2008   782119  
uuuuuuunnnngghh fuck you and your distractions D:<
*goes off to do this*
GEORGIIgore says:   22 August 2008   999837  
i shall copy this..
xp lol
Missingno says:   22 August 2008   431691  
-does it-
MyShineyTeeth says :   22 August 2008   453146  



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