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Friday, 15 August 2008
11:56:28 PM (GMT)
Alright, so... yeah.... I need people to check out that story info page, I also have
a kupipage, where, if you liek this story, you'll love the one I'm already
formulating in my head. So, i need characters, so that their crucial to the story, iw
ant them now. Please help!
I was scared as I looked up helplessy at the frightning sight. The hat he wore
covered half hi face, while his cape-sereiously, who wears a cape anymore?- covered
up the other half. I could just see the bottom of his red eyes. Well, teh shriek
didn't get too fa,r he had my mouth covered with a gloved hand. I bit down but he
just laughed-a malicuos sound- and turned me around, ok, turned me aroudn isn't a
good enough explanation. More liek he thrust me to look at the window. A white gloved
fingure pointed out the window at a group of animeals running about. I leaned forward
to look better, i squinted my eyes and gasped-tried to anyway. Thos cretures were
werewolves. I was about to glare at him, btu hsi hand kept me firmly in place. His
voice spoke out and I sivered, and not becasue it was cold.  
  "You knwo the one." It was not a question, btu I felt liek answering I nodded my
head, again, tried to. He had been pointing to a snowy white one. It was faster then
some of the others, well, most, and it was slim and long. It ahd to be Aubrey.
  His finger moved to point to one that made me want to smile if it weren't for such
a frightning moment. It was jumping around, like a puppy. It was white with brown
patches. and a few golden as well. I instinctivly imagined Ly-Ann and actually
giggled, I'm sure he took it as a yes, because his fingure fell on something strange.
A boy.
  The boy was somewhat tall, not next to the wolves, but he was tall. His hair was
like ice in the darkness. I tried to imagine who it could be, btu then I stopped. Who
else would risk his butt to stand outside with werewolves on a somewhat cold night.
Rick, to be with his love, Ly-Ann. I wondered why he would eb out here. Then it sunk
in, not becasue he wanted to eb with ehr, eh wanted to be her. k, not her exactly,
btu he wanted to join the pack. I stood frozen solid as he threw a rock at the one I
guessed was their leader, and it turned and ran at him. I screamed again as Rick was
basically mauled by the wolf and sighed when the patched wolf ran up to it and bit it
in the tail. He let go of Ricky and Rick scrambled away, but he didn't go far, eh
fainted on the grass and Aubrey gently nudged him on Ly-Anns back. 
  My captor spun me around. "why did he give up his life so freely." I tried to
answer, btu the hand stopped me. He grumbled and switched in lightning fast speed to
put his lock on my arms.
  "He's in love with the patchy looking wolf." I answered. The man nodded and looked
at me with eyes that made me feel cold. I knew one thing in my mind. This man already
knew who Rick was...
   "The patched one is... The girl. The one who was sick with him. A Ly-Ann." I
nodded, confused by how much he knew. This man knew who Ly-Ann was... This man had
tormented them... This was teh shadow that lurks in Silence.... I started to breathe
heavily. I looked up at him.
   "What are you." I said, I knew he knew that I kenw who he was.
  "The unseen." HE stalked away, but not before whirling his hand in my face. I
sighed and said it outloud, but the words did not come out, eh had put a spell on me
so that I could never speak of he meeting. Suddenly a lien from Ly-Ann's prophecy
came through my mind, Beware the Unseen... What could the shadow have to do with teh
prophecy? Everything.

‹Mad‚ô•Hatter‚ô•Love› says:   16 August 2008   433397  

Hurry and write more!

I'm gonna pass out!
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   17 August 2008   697886  
A little hhard to read with all the errors, but still REALLY REALLY
MeepingMeep says :   17 August 2008   772887  
I know... I was excited...


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