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Quiz, (I like quizes) ^_^Category: (general)
Tuesday, 15 July 2008
11:48:44 PM (GMT)
Name-  Amber

Nickname(s)- Normally I go by Amber..but there is also.... Amberger, hamberger,
Jessie, Am, red ( Thats what my mom calls me cause my hair)

Age-   13

Birthday-   October 28th

Birthplace-   Indiana

Current Location-  Indiana

Eye Color-   Blueish- grayish- green (mostly green)

Hair Color-   Redish brownish orangish (natural hair color)

Height-   5'1'' maybe 5'2''

Weight-   88 lbs last i checked(3 days ago)

Lefty or Righty- Righty 

Zodiac Sign-  Scorpio

What Do You Drive-  0.o....can't drive yet 

Screen name-  Thehonesttruth or darkninashi

Color-  Yellow 

Number-   3

Band-   Jonas Brothers!!! 

Music Genre-   whatevers on the mix

TV Show-   Avatar or Monk

Movie-  Camp Rock

Actor-   none

Actress-  none

Kind of Movie- none
Cartoon-   Avatar

Sport-   Softball, soccer, or hocky ^_^

Fast Food Restaurant-  Taco Bell

Food-  Strawberry Icecream

Ice Cream-  OMG I just said strawberry

Cereal-  trix or raison bran or cocoa puffs

Candy-   Crunch bar or raisonets

Drink-  sprite

Alcoholic Beverage-  NoNe I dont Drink alcohol (alcohol is for losers)

Quote-   I dont have one.....

{---Do You---}  
Have any siblings-   2 half brothers

Have any pets-   yeah 2 cats (lilly and baily, both girls) and a fish( squire
marsh...I call it govener so i can say ello govener how are you?)

Have a job-   nope

Have a cellphone-   I did but it broke....

Have any special talents or skills-  I can draw and i am a REALLY fast runner,, Oh
and I am a VERY VERY talented story writer

Have any fears-  Suffercating, drowning, any form of dying cause of loss of breath

Have a bedtime-   nope ^_^(not in the summer)

Sing in the shower-   More of mumble quietly but if you count that, then yeah

Want to go to college-  Of course,

Get along with your parents-   I get along w/ my dad but my mom can be very, well
lets just say..not nice

Have any piercings-   none not even on my ears

Have any tattoos-   nope nor will i ever

Swear-  Yeah not really at home but more around my friends ( OmG I am sooo bad, not)

Smoke-   I am so against smoking its not even funny , my parents smoke and at times
it makes me want to scream so Ewww.

Drink-   never

Do Drugs- UGH! Drugs are for gaywads and losers so no.

{---Love & All That Crap---}  
Ever been in love-   curently

Ever cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend-   No that is just fraking cruel + I havent
had a bf yet

Are you single-  Yea

Are you in a relationship-  -.- what's the point of this question if the answer is
in the one above it?

Do you have a crush on someone-  NO DUH!!!

Ever been dumped-  nope

Ever dumped someone-   nope

{---This or That---}  
Fruit or Vegetable- fruit

Black or White-   White

Lights On or Lights Off-   On

TV or Movie-   Tv

Car or Truck-  cars

Cash or Check-   Cash.

Rock or Rap-   Rock.

Chocolate or Vanilla- chocolate

French Toast or French Fries-   both <3

Strawberries or Blueberries-   Strawberries

Cookies or Muffins-   cookies

Winter Break or Spring Break-   SpWinter break

Hugs or Kisses-  hugs 

{---Have You Ever---}  
Danced in a public place-   Yes

Smiled for no reason-  kinda xD

Laughed so hard you cried-  yes I have XD

Talked to someone you don't know-  Alot actually xD

Drank alcohol-  no

Done drugs-  why would I ever do that

Partied 'til the sun came up-  yep (12th b-day)

Gotten a ticket- to a movie...nothing else!

Been arrested-  nope

Been convicted of a crime- 0.o no

Been in a wreck- almost was once

{---Random & Silly Junk---}  
Are you a virgin- Yea

Ever TP'd someone's house-  nope

Ever egged someone's house- nope

How many languages do you speak-   English, and some spanish, and some sign language

Who do you compare yourself to-  noone...?

Ever regret anything-   some stuff

Do you like being tickled-   NO! I usually would attack them if they tried D: I'm

What are your goals-   to survive 7th grade

Are your fingers tired-   nope

Are you tired of this-  nope, it made me smile

Are you happy-  yea ^^

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