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Thinking Out Loud #21Category: (general)
Sunday, 15 June 2008
01:40:58 AM (GMT)
Mmkay so I haven't did a Thinking Out Loud in quite a while.
Today I'm gonna bash some celebrities. :D

Okay,so Britney Spears.Your new music is alright,but you,my friend,are a huge
attention seeker.
Although I do have to admit,the shaving your head thing,pretty entertaining.
I don't care if Kevin Federline is a jerk.He dumped you for a reason.
Because you're getting old,dear.
Time to give up your shitty singing career,and go back to making out with Madonna.

Speaking of're an old cougar.
Stop trying to get with Justin Timberlake.He likes em' young.
And I've saw "4 Minutes" the video,you dance like a handicapped child.
Honestly,give it up.You're too old to be taking off your clothes and showing the
Go adopt some more children.
Since you can't have kids,cause your vagina's all closed up and whatnot.

Paris Hilton/Pamela Anderson.I put them both together because they're basically the
Always coming out with sex tapes and shit.
Don't have much to say,except you probably have AIDS.
I'd get that checked out if I were you.

Miley Cyrus.You teenaged hooker.
Seriously you've been in the acting business for what?Three years,and you're already
hated by 75% of the world.
It took Britney 7 years to get hated,but you like to move quickly,huh.
Good for you.I hope you get herpes.
And die.

Lindsay Lohan.Haven't heard a lot from you in a while.
Except you're dating chicks.
Good for you,most people like to keep that a secret,but I'm glad you're out in the
open with your sexuality.
I'm proud of ya.
Although I do miss the innocent days. D:

Jeffree Star....he/she/whatever the fuck you are.
I like your hair.
That's all.

NSync....what happened? D:
I liked your little boy band.
Not really,but people did.
Just because Lance went gay and JC likes to write about sex,doesn't give you any
reason to break up.

Aaron Carter.
Last time I heard from you,was on "House Of Carters" where you got loaded drunk and
had that weird kidney disease or something.
But seriously d00d,I own your CD.
And I miss you.
_Opens limewire and downloads "I Want Candy"_
Please do me a favor,and buy some zit cream though.You kinda need it.

Fergie.Please die.
For me,for everyone.For God.
Honestly,if I hear you brag about how big your buzzums are or how much you get laid
ONCE MORE,I will literally come to Hollywood and hunt down your plastic ass.
Gtfo of my life.

Lil Mama.
You look deformed.I hate you.
You talk like you have a disability.
I usually don't make fun of that stuff,but God.
Whatever record company got a hold of you,is the most fucked up record company ever.

Rihanna annoys me.
Her voice is so mousey.
It's so....GAH.
Just wanna beat a bitch.
And you don't have emo hair,so stop trying to act like it.

That's all I'm gonna bitch about today :D

brainwashed says:   15 June 2008   872329  
is like trying to become a teenage girl rapist. i like saw some clips
from her concert which was fer teenage girls or some shit, and it was
liek clothed porn. she was wearing these tight ass leather pants,
doing flips and shaking her glutious maximus everywhere. Then liek she
was humping the old guitar doods foot and what not. I guess the little
kiddies didnt like that so she started crawling and growling at them.
Can you say potential porn starr?
ProfessorRawr says:   15 June 2008   497616  
Holy Shiz.
Your Mean.
NinjaDino says:   15 June 2008   634266  
fall_out_gurl says:   15 June 2008   161334  

This is like one of the best TOL I've read from you...

And I am also announcing Billy Corgan's really whiny, mousy voice,
like Rihanna. Though the Smashing Pumpkins are a swell band.
NinjaDino says:   15 June 2008   412454  
Hahah thanks.
Those people just piss me off though. xD

And yes.I agree.
xExotic says:   16 June 2008   475175  

Red_Crayon says:   18 June 2008   682231  
I missed these. :]  
How the  hell did Jeffree Star get in there? xD
NinjaDino says :   18 June 2008   294773  
No clue. xD

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