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me and my boyfriend (survey)Category: (general)
Tuesday, 10 June 2008
03:55:23 PM (GMT)
[strong]~About Him~[/strong]
What's his name?: Greg
How old is he?: 12 almost 13
What color is his hair?: Either really dark brown or black
What color is his eyes?: a real pretty brown
Does he have siblings?: yes a little brother, an older step brother and a sister
Does his parents like you?: I sure hope they do ._.
Does he have a car?: well.. his dad does.
When's his birthday?: July 23
What sports does he play?: Baseball
Does he play any instruments?: oh god.... t...t... trombone? lol
Does he go to church?: Not that I know of
Is he a good student?: If he did his homework he would be amazing lol
Does he hunt?: ... animals?

[strong]~About You~[/strong]
What's your name?: Paige
How old are you?: 14
What color is your eyes?: Its are. Use proper grammer -_- and they're brown
What color is your hair?: .....GRAMMER PEOPLE!! .. black 
Do you have a car?: when my daddy dies i'll get his 57 chevy..
Do you play any sports?: no i'm to fat and lazy lol
Do you play a musical instument?: the guitar
Do you hunt?:
Do you go to church?: only with Kirsten
Are you a good student?: no not at all
When's you birthday?: June 5th
Do you have any siblings?: 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers
Do your parents like him?: My mommy does. no one cares about my dad

[strong]~Is He...~[/strong]
Hot or Not?: hes not hot, hes handsome
Nice or Mean?: hes really nice... well to me. xD
Tall or Short?: really tall
Fat or Skinny?: skinny
Romatic or...Whatever the opposite of romantic is?: unromantic? lol hes pretty
romantic xD
Smart or Dumb?: smart
Serious or Funny?: quiet lol

[strong]~Does he...~[/strong]
Open doors for you?: .... I don't know.. theres never really doors to open
Call you daily?: well he TALKS to me daily on the computer
Buy you stuff?: yes that he does. lol he spoils me xD
Go out of his way to see you?: in school out of school its pretty tough
Go places with you and your family?: no that would be weird. My dad is a strange
Do stuff for you parents?: um.. why? no one likes them lol
Help with your chores?: no
Hold your hand in front of his firends?: yes
Kiss you in front of his friends?: in front of the WORLD lol
Hug you in front of his friends?: yesum
Let you choose what to watch on TV?: I don't like TV
Get jealous easy?: I don't think so.. Iuno
Tell you your beautiful?: Yes he does ^//^
Choose you over his friends?: doing what?
Walk you to your classes?: um I walk him does that count?
Take you where ever you want to go?: well i'm pretty sure if he had a car he would

[strong]~About your Relationship~[/strong]
Do you love him?: with all my heart and all my life
Does he love you?: He told me he does
Have you told him?: yes I do. I remind him daily
Has he told you?: yes he has
When did you start dating?: 3.31.08
Have you had your first fight?: well... sort of not really
Have you ever broke up?: NO!
Do you see yourself with him forever?: I don't mean to sound strange or obsessive but
yeah I could see us
Have you talked about marriage?: Yeah lol
Does he mean the world to you?: More then the world
If he died would you die too?: Yeah I would
Would you do anything for him?: If it would cost me my life
Are you honest with each other?: I tell him everything
Do you trust him?: Yes I do
Does he trust you?: Yes
Do you tell him everything?: .... I JUST said that
Does he tell you everything?: yes
Do you think he's "The One"?: Yes I do
Last edited: 11 June 2008

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