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If You Support My Chemical Romance Read This!Category: Rant
Monday, 9 June 2008
04:40:07 PM (GMT)
Okay what is with hating My Chemical Romance? What did they ever do to you?
I was watching on youtube today about the whole Daily paper Bull..Salt stuff, and I
got so pissed cuz

2. How can you blame MCR for people killing themselves?
So what is someone kills them self and they listen to beyonce are we gonna blame here
for that? Yea why don't we. Some killed killed them self for listening to beyonce.
Yea sounds like a good idea to blame her. she doesn't even know the kid and yet
somehow we should blame her. WTF IS WITH THAT.

3.MCR SAVES LIVES!!!!!!!!!
personally i can say that this is true. before mcr i was happy (as i am now) but
before mcr i felt kinda lot like i was faking everything in my live. i felt stupid,
worthless, and like nothing was going right. once i started listening to them. I
started wearing things from hot topic. (which i love to death) and i begain to
realize that i have always liked rock music, tripp, vampires, you know the slightly
abnormal things that most people think your a freak for. okay so the point is because
of mcr i discovered who i really was, and i was no longer afraid to hide who i was
from other. not i don't care what people think of me. i've learned to be happy with
what i have, and so much more. I O MCR EVERYTHING!!!

4. Have you ever seen mcr tell someone "go kill yourself"? is your answer no? thought
you know they really are a great band. the first song tey wrote was because of the
9-11. Helena= Gerard and Mikey's grandmother who died Cancer=For people with cancer.
They want to help you not kill you. dipshits!

5. Why is it some people can say mcr sucks i wouldn't listen to them to save my life.
well you know maybe if you listened to them it would save your life. but why is it
some people are like that? is it because gerard is married to lynn-z. are you
jealous? is it cuz someone you hate listens to the band? is it cuz you think that
because they dress in black a lot that they suck? is it cuz you think there emo? or
maybe you just hate them for no reason. if you don't mind me quoteing redvsblue on
this. "But after all that has happened you know what I've learned? You don't hate a
person because someone told You to. You have to learn to despise people on a personal
level. Not because they are red or blue, but because you know them, and You see them
every single day, and You can't stand them because they are a complete, and total
Fucking douchbag ." I don't think i could have said that better myself. Do you know
mcr personal? No? Do you see them every single day? still no? do you really have a
good reason to hate them or do you just not have someone else to pick on.

You think MCR is once of the best forms of suicide, but You haven't met Me.
You've just pissed off the wrong mcr lover. 
If you still hate mcr after reading this, then maybe you should go and rethink your
If you support them then you will agree with Me.
Last edited: 9 June 2008

not_an_angel_yet says:   9 June 2008   198118  
I know little about this band although I listen to them.
I totally am on their good side though!!! But I don't care about the
ppl themselves, just the music. Because it all started when I met the
Jonas Bros and got an enormous crush....but that's a different story
and shall be told later on... 
‹Sophie<3› says:   9 June 2008   934977  
i agree with u
fuck the daily mail!
‹♥Star_Dust♥› says:   10 June 2008   661563  
i love MCR! it has such good music. I didn't read the whole page
cause i have to hurry up but i'm guessing i agree with you.
‹AFIIQAA! Says heyy.› says:   18 June 2008   718378  
MCR is awesome, their music is awesome and I so totally agree with
‹I'd Do Anything› says :   18 June 2008   643851  
i love MCR. i dont see how anyone couldn't like them. i love their
music and i also agree with you.

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