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I extremely hate Jordan L.Category: venting
Thursday, 15 May 2008
06:13:06 PM (GMT)
I just hate him.
He refuses to answer my questions.
So I doubt he'll get the one I sent telling him we aren't friends.
That's why I made this.
He's been tryingto be emo.
He's being stupid.
He won't answer anything.
He cut himself.
He is bringing more stress upon me.
i have enough worries.
He WAS one of my best friends so naturally I worried about him.
All he talks about is rachel this, Rachel that.
Do I get them?
Of course not.
He'd rather go to the park and make out with one of his main two girlfriends than
talk to his friends.
I just don't want to be friends with someone depressing. Emo people for example.
I ave nothing against emos.
The just depress me more than I am.
And that is hard to do.
And then I have good news.
HE makes it seem bad and not so happy anymore.
He brings up the subject of Rachel and him all the time.
In my club:
Just talking about racchel and me.
What does he say?
"She used to be my girlfriend! Oh well."
Glad he's finally getting over it(sarcastic).

Comment if you want.
I will not reply.
Probably won't care either.

One last thing to Jordan:

We are no longer friends.
We were best friends.
No we are just aquantinces.
People who have just met.
and will probably never see again.
Good bye.

MeepingMeep says:   15 May 2008   991329  
Hey, I'd say harsh, but who am I to judge. I have done worst to
peeps. I understand wat u say, and i feel sorry for you. I am a online
friend, here lending u my shoulder, P.S. Rachel can't call u this
weekend, cause she in St. Louis. Her deepest regrets.
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   15 May 2008   358678  
He's a bad emo. I know an emo, and she's normally happy and laughs a
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   15 May 2008   551962  
o_o he cuts himself... O_O now... im scared ><...
‹SupernaturalFTW<3› says:   16 May 2008   237767  
Wow Katy. Wow. Stressed, much?
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   16 May 2008   984419  
Jordon, good job. Ya realy pissed her off.
‹X_Chrysanthemum_X› says:   16 May 2008   361361  
Sorry, that happend to you katy. Well i hope you feel better ,plus
look on the bright side you got better friends then that ignoramus
anyway .
‹<_JuRrDuUhHn_>› says:   16 May 2008   656842  
i'll piss her off if i wanna
‹ERASED› says:   17 May 2008   341126  
Jordan can be whatever it is that he wants or claims to be.

Each person can be what they "desire" to be as long as they know

what would happen.

It sounds like you are saying "Oh they are trying to draw but they

Basically. I am sorry if I interrupted into this but this is just a

Good day.
‹Carmen Dee loves CookieMuffinz› says:   17 May 2008   418968  
I don't care; I'm gonna comment.

Lauren: Thanks

Virginia: Yes. VERY much. It's called a stepdad. Named Ray.

Tesa: I know Jordan can. He's just not good at being emo. At least to
If he wants to be emo, he can. 
I just won't be his friend.
Good day.

Rhaczina: Thanks and I know. Like Holly, you, Virginia, Suzi, Arlee,
Rachel, Lauren, etc, etc.
‹Carmen Dee loves CookieMuffinz› says:   17 May 2008   574829  
One or more thing:

Jordan: Fine. Piss me off. Nothin new. go ahead. Please. 
Only ONE new person out of the million that already do.
Not much difference. 
Everyone on Kupika could piss me off if they want.
I just won't go on here or I just won't talk to them.
Hikati says:   21 May 2008   551893  
NO!!!u have to go on!!!!!!!!! jordan is gonna be slappeded
‹Carmen Dee loves CookieMuffinz› says :   24 May 2008   929544  
I will. YAY!! Jordan die!! +circus theme+


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