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Aiki's tingy from her deviantart profile. Or something. x'3Category: (general)
Thursday, 15 May 2008
05:27:00 PM (GMT)
[x] You have a big aim in life
[x] You hate to lose 
[ ] You feel that your eyes change colors with your behavior 
[x] You are obsessed. ( >____> Maybe..)
[x] Your intelligence is superior in comparison with another personís (Um, compared
to a 7th grader?  I guess I'm kind of smart, I made it into the the advanced
classes.. o_O)
[ ] You donít mind hurting others as long it helps you to get to your aims.
[ ] You have talent to seduce the opposite gender (im  liek, SEXAH~ XD )

[x] You love candy 
[ ] You donít care about how you look 
[x] You walk/ sit curved (I'm definitely a sloucher XD)
[x] You are a genius(liek, a tad' I have an IQ of 167 x'D) 
[ ] You have dark circles around your eyes (most of the time =____@)
[ ] You are very thin no matter what you eat (pssh, I wish, I need to lose like, 10
pounds @_@)
[ ] You donít have many friends and you are a total failure at love (you tell me, do
I fail at love? XD) 
Total: 3

[x] You love someone blindly ( >w 
[x] You would do everything for that someone (I would have, but..)
[x] You dress in a very peculiar way
[x] You canít tell when people are joking around with you (*im like, a Dunderhead
[x] You canít handle alcohol very well (like ewwwz)
[x] You are very jealous 
[x] You can make people do what they donít want to do. 
Total: 7

[x] You love chocolate (8DDD)
[x] You were confused at least for once with the opposite gender 
[x] You are always second (seems like it sometimes '^' )
[] You have a burn/scar on your face 
[x] You are very intelligent, but sometimes you make mistakes (not VERY intelligent,
but yeah..)
[x] Near creeps you out a little bit 
Total: 5

[x] You are always playing videogames (Not so much anymore ;_; I wish I could be)
[ ] You smoke 
[ ] You wear streaky shirts 
[x] You would do anything for your friends ( ANYTHING!) 
[x] You use glasses that look like goggles (Liek, when I cosplay..>
[ ] You are always relaxed (hahaha! NEXT!)
[x] You are very affectionate to your best friend (idk, am I? o_O)
Total: 4

[ ] You are patient to the limit (it really depends, but if I try, I have the
patience of.. Um.. something with a lot of patience. >_>; )
[ ] You always win
[ ] You have Peter Pan syndrome (YOSH!!)
[x] You love to wear pajamas (I would wear them 24/7 if I could @_@)
[ ] You are very intelligent (.. =_=; )
[x] You have a lot of ability using your hands (drawing? )
[x] Your hair is a weird colour
Total: 3

[x] You believe in a god ()
[ ] You search for justice in everywhere 
[x] You use glasses (fer fuun)
[ ] You are/ want to be a lawyer (OBJE~CTION? )
[ ] You donít care about following orders as long as itís for justiceís sake
[ ] You support Kira unconditionally
[ ] All your life is perfectly planned (riiiiight..)
Total: 2

[x] You love apples (YOOOOSH!! *0*)
[x] You are bored 
[x] You think that humans areÖ INTERESTING! (That's the reason why I want to be a
psycologist, I want to know what makes people tick!! Emotionally, at least.)
[x] You laugh in a weird way. (XD)
[ ] You donít let your feelings lead you (*is hormonal 24/7 XD)
[x] When thereí s an argument, you never take one of the sides (weeell, most of the
time o_o) 
[x] You are a little bit crazy and weird (a LITTLE bit?! @_@) 
Total: 6

[x] Some people think that you are an idiot (D:>
[ ] You always see someoneís good side (most everyone, at least  )
[x] You know someone who is an example for you (GAI-SENSEEEI!!!! .. >_>; ANYWAYS-)
[x] You donít think Kira is neither good or evil (EVAL. )
[ ] You talk about a love life that you donít have (o_O LIAR LIAR PANYS ON FIRE!)
[x] You do stupid things that sometimes are good to the ones around you
[ ] You are pretty, but old. (Nyuuuu ;_
Total: 4

Last edited: 15 May 2008

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