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living legend(a naruto story) part 1Category: (general)
Monday, 14 April 2008
06:25:36 PM (GMT)
Info: (alright, when it says "I", that means its Hebimaru, k?

Name: Hebimaru (no last name)

Birth date: July 5


(Naruto and the others are still at the Academy)
"Alright class, today, we will have a new student coming to this school" said Iruka
sensei. The class became quiet. Iruka broke the silence, "Come in!". A girl with
black hair and red eyes came in the class room. The class was just studying her from
head to toe. "Hello, introduce yourself to the class", Iruka said. "fine", she said
with an emotionless tone in her voice. "My name is Hebimaru, that is all you need to
know...", she said. 'Great...... another troublesome emo.....', Shikamaru thought.
"Take a seat Hebimaro", Iruka said, pointing a empty seat next to the boy named
Naruto. "Today, we will be learning about the Clone jutsu", Iruka said. "Now since
Hebimaru is new here, she doesn't have to take it". 


after the after class was over, it was lunch time. Hebimaru sat alone on the bench.
While she was eating her lunch, she saw some kids making fun of a kid that you saw in
her class room."You monster!"
they said. Hebimaru left the bench to get closer to the boy. "leave him alone!"
hebimaru said. "Who are you to tell us what to do?!", a random kid said. Hebimaru
growled. The kids got scared, and backed away slowly. She turned around to see the
boy. "Are you alright?", she questioned him sweetly. "Yah, thanks...". "So what's
your name?", Hebimaru asked him. "Naruto Uzumaki! Believe it!", he said with joy.
"Hebimaru, nice to meet you".
Naruto became hebimaru's first friend in the academy. They hung out together, trained
together, and went to the ramen place together.

AFTER A MONTH (yes, every body graduated)

I sat down next to Naruto as usual. 'Today's the day we have the team!', i thought
excitedly. 'I wonder which team I'll get....', I thought more. Then i saw a lot of
fan girls surrounding the famous 'survivor', Mister Uchiha. Only fools would praise
some stupid guy. "he is so cool!!", shouted Sakura. 'I rest my case...'. "hey naruto,
why are some stupid girls surrounding some stupid guy like sasuke?"you said it loud
enough for the fan girls to hear. "Your in big trouble now Hebimaru......", naruto
whispered to you. All the fan girls looked at me with a smirk. "What did you say?!",
they shouted, thinking they could scare me. "I said, Why are some stupid girls
surrounding some stupid guys like sasuke?", I said with an emotionless tone in my
voice. The fan girls started to pop their finger knuckles. "so.... who wants to
challenge me before iruka sensei comes here?", you asked in amusement. "Hebimaru,
don't!", naruto whispered."Don't worry naruto, it won't take long....".

Last edited: 14 April 2008

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