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Fire's Ice. Part 11Category: Stories
Sunday, 6 April 2008
01:53:56 PM (GMT)
   Zora was running in the forrest.Something was chaceing her.She ran faster but
it kept up.She didn't see it but she heard it.Out of sight.Allways just out of
    She ran into a clearing and stopped.There was anouther sound.A huge raor.And
something elce.A sent on the wind.Fire.She froze in fear.She fire eating everything
in its path.It would take her and she could do nothing to stop it.A rusle in the
bushes behind her and she saw a wolf creep out and it moved to her.A shadow.Silent
but deadly.And as the fire enterd the clearing the shadow leaped at her.Grabing her
by the throat the shadow dragged her off.

    Zora woke with a start.Ezra was nuzzleing her neck and quietly talking to her.She
was panting and shivering.Ezra pressed closer to her trying to warm her.
    "Shhh baby.It was just a nightmare."He said and started to lick her face.Zora
sighed and rested her head on Ezra's leg.
    "Im sorry.did i wake you?" she asked.
    "Yes but i dont mind.What were you dreaming about."Their voices were low.Ezra's
was gentle and calming.Zora's shivers were slowly fadeing.
    "Im not all together sure."She made a face."I was running.In the forest and
something was chaceing me.Then i stopped in a clearing and smelled fire.I just
stopped.I couldn't move the fire got closer and the thing that was following me came
into the clearing.It was a shadow and it got closer and closer untill it jumped at
    Ezra said nothing just continued to lick Zora."It was so scary."Her voice was
just a little scared.
    "Im here now so go back to sleep.Its just pretest nerves.You have a big day
tomarrow so you need your rest."
    "Dont leave me."Zora asked as she begain to drift.
     "I wont just go back to sleep."
    "Ezra?" Her eyes shut and she yawned already half dreaming.
    "Yes?" he said softly.
    "I love you."Ezra said nothing just watched as she sliped silently back into

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   6 April 2008   935516  
oh my gosh! I"ve been waiting for you to write more! Now it's so
Dragonfly01 says :   11 April 2008   175397  

I wonder what he was thinking..


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