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My Friends are My Heroes.Category: (general)
Friday, 4 April 2008
05:24:04 PM (GMT)
I've always wanted my friends to know how much they mean to me, I sometimes try but
it doesn't work, sometimes it does.
Sometimes I screw up, because I'm too paranoid, and because I take things way too
I always worry about what people think of me, or what people say about me.
I'm always scared of loosing my friends, but because of how I am, eventually I'll end
up loosing them faster than I think.

If I could have one wish, I'd want my friends to know how I feel about them, because
sometimes I can't get that out.
There are part of the little write ups I did over myspace, whether people actually
read them I don't know, I'm not sure. 

This week I've hardly seen my best friends, Tuesday they where in the school library
and I didn't know. On Wednesday I had a Vocal Master Class that went on for 2 hours,
so I didn't see them then either. Yesterday and today I was off school because I'm
sick. I wrote these on Monday of this week, I had old write ups on my myspace but
they where nthing like these. I wrote these at a time when I was thinking back to
last June, when I didn't have any friends, I was in such a state I couln't get myself
out of, these guys (in bold) managed to help me so much, more than they think)

Amy -

I’ve known you for 6 years, you’ve always been there for me. We where best
friends in St Cecilia’s Junior School, and in Broughton Hall we just kinda cut off
from eachother. Well it was hard for us to talk, I mean you got put in the H band and
I’m in the B band. Shame really. I can tell you anything, I always trust you, and
you’ve always helped me or been one of the first people to help me out. I remember
so much from St Cecilia’s, and I always love thinking about them. You’re one of
the most amazing friends I have had in my life. Ever heard Amy shout? I have, but
thats because she’s a shy little MCR lover. She’s random, really random and
she’s always the girl I can turn to for advice. I’m glad I have you as a friend,
I don’t know what I would do without you, seriously, you’ve always let me talk to
you when no-one bothers to listen to me, you’ve put up with me for ages, and I
don’t know how you do it. 


Charli -


I haven’t known you that long, no wait, I have, 10 months for me is a very long
time. You’ve taught me and helped me so damn much within those 10 months. You’ve
taught me to not care about what other people think of me, to just be happy with who
I am, you’ve taught me to stand up for myself and take no crap from anybody,
you’ve introduced me to bands I never would have heard of before. I’m glad to
have you as a friend, cause I can tell you things and know that I trust you to keep
quiet about it.I always try to remind you how you’re such an amazing friend, and I
know I’m not good at it, that’s just me though, but I do try. You’ve inspired
me so much because of who you are. You always manage to calm me down, or help me,
stop me from being upset or make me laugh, even if you’re upset yourself. Plus you
give the best hugs ever... even if it takes me to cling onto you like I did in town
that day lmao. Funniest ever moment: Either the girl sitting on me in State Warning,
and me and you in Art lmao. DON’T EVER CHANGE!

Hollie -


When I first met this girl I thought she was quiet, how wrong was I please? She may
seem quiet to people who don’t know her, but she’s the funniest person I know,
she’s not afraid to say what she thinks of if she has a different view. You’ve
helped me so damn much, more than you can imagine. I know we have our little times
when we annoy eachother, and our little scraps, I hate them tbh, but yeah anyway,
you’re still there for me. I regret the arguements we have, I regret being too
paranoidbecause I ruin our friendship in a way, but I can't help it, you're like a
sister to me and I hate falling out with you because you're important. I love th fact
thet we’re Avenue Q buddies, Juno buddies lmao, we have loads. I love our random
days in town, cinema days and stuff. "You’re under my wing now" lmao, I did think
it was funny Hollie but I was too cold to react. You always manage to make me think,
and I mean it, usually I’ll think like "well I think this is wrong because of
this..." but then I think again, and think "Well is it? I mean, thats just one point,
but on the other hand.....". I’m not gonna go into it because I sound like I’m
writing an essay. It looks like I’m writing an essay too tbh :S. Ah well, lmao.
x Laura -


She’s the fittest wifey ever tbh, we’ve been married for what 6 months . Didn’t
know it was that long! You’re always helping me  even though you dont know it. I
love getting hugs from you because you’re like one of the few people who give good
hugs! I love talking to you on msn and in school, cause you are too funny, you always
make me happy . And today (because the singing workshop was today) I thought it was
adorable when you didnt want to sing and you where clinging to my jumper! And the
funniest thing you’ve probably said to me was ’Wanna see my apples I’ll send
you them tonight?’... Laura, in my world THAT SOUNDS WRONG! Lmao Peggy ’N’
Earl Martin :D. Lmao 


Louise - 


Okay, this girl is the most hyper active rave peg selling kid I have ever known in my
life. You’ve been there all the time, and you always suceed in making me feel
better when I’m upset, when I cry you always make me better, or you hug me till
I’m happy. I love it when I’m off school when I’m sick you always send me
messages saying ’We missed you today’. They always make me so happy. And I love
it when you complain in art about the lack of clean paints xD. And the way you
panicked over spilling red paint all over my blazer and I thought it was so funny. I
like the way I can tell you things and you always understand and you explain things
better, and the way you used to offer help with my maths homework, oh and when you
send me funny videos to watch when I’m sad. "Wanna buy some pegs Dave?" lmao. Awww
bless you Lou, you’re too precious, seriously I love having you as a friend.



Sam -


I haven’t known you that long but you’re one of my best friends already. I love
the way we talk about how we enjoy music but we hate eachothers music taste. And I am
succeeding with the DM Brainwashing thing, which is good cause it’ll be Rick Astley
next, lmao joke. I’ve told you quite a few of my secrets already lmao. And I like
texting you cause you send the funniest text messages on earth, they are so RANDOM.
Omg you’ve hlped me so much with my music already, it’s unbelieveable. And I am
so so so so so so so so so sorry for sending you so many songs . Thought you might
have liked some of them, like my synth-crap xD. Lmao, I hate it when you doubt
youself because half of the things you say I know quite well aren’t true, because
you’re an amazing person . DON’T PUT YOURSELF DOWN OR... I’LL RICK ROLL



I love every single person mentioned in this tbh, They mean the world to me.

I'm too paranoid and worried, and I let people down because of this. I love every
single one of them. And I'm trying to change how I am for them.

Last edited: 4 April 2008

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