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Friday, 29 February 2008
07:52:31 AM (GMT)
The third age continues (My free RMX of everything i like and with everyone i

Part I

Well...Lets start with...Ahem...little untroduction.
Like all good „fairytales“ this one is going to start with „Once upon the
So Once upon the time the was a girl, an ordinary teenage girl, who liked everything
what every other girl likes. Yes, ordinary girl, everyone thought that. So about that
girl, i wont mention her name in this part of the story cus she would like to keep it
private, i will just call her, girl. Well our girl went to school like other
teenagers, used to hang out with friends, like other teenagers, had best friend,
another girl called Helen. Oh God she liked Helen so much, wait, no, she loved Helen
more then herself. The two girlies was silly, friendly and kind to everyone. Enough
bout Helen, lets get back to our girl. She dremt a lot. Of course now u think:
„Everyone does that!“ well not excatly. She used to fall deep down to her dreams,
she used to forget the reality, she used dreams to get away from annoying, boring and
unkind parts of her life. She watched TV a lot, untill her eyes start hurting and
untill she start hearing strange noise, then she get scared and turn off the TV. Our
girl loved Lord of the rings, like most of people, old and young. But she kept
telling to herself that Middle Earth once existed and that beautiful green lands,
sparkling seas and deep blue sky will get back, someday. After all, she knewed that
aint possible, but she liked to belive that thats all truth, it was easier to belive
then not to.
One day, ordinary day, she went to school, start talking with her friends, with Helen
and gang, but something changed...They were different, kind of uncommunicative,
reserved. She felt like 13th pig, like kid without family, she felt lonely. With or
without right...we will never know. 
„Somebody told bad things about me“, she thought, „i will have my revenge!“
But she never did, she was just too peaceful.
„Everything will get to its place, there is no reason to fight, there is no reason
to talk without sence, maybe nothing happend after all.“ But deep down inside her,
she knew that she cant live without friends. And once again, dreams sounded perfect
to get away from unpleasant daily happenings. So she closed her eyes and started. Sha
was in beautiful green forest, birds were singing, bunnies were hopping, flowers were
smelling. But in real world, she was far away from forest, far away from birds and
bunnies, she was in the middle of town, crossing the car fulled street. Poor girl,
she didnt realise that at all. And nobody noticed that she had closed eyes and happy
smile on her face and then that happend. Horrible thing. Red light was twinkling and
turned off, green light was on now and wild machines runned through the street and
one of them hit our poor girl. Her dreames blew away, now she was awake but not for
long. She felt pain all over her body, and closed her eyes, almost forever. Why
almost? You’ll see...

Stay tuned for next part of my story, sorry didnt have time to write another part.
Hope u like it. 

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