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Tuesday, 29 January 2008
12:29:13 PM (GMT)
im a good writer (or so i've been told) but i suck as artist (drawing, painting

i need a good artist to draw my characters and bla bla bla, yada yada yada...

this is where you come in...

ok, here's the deal...

i will write a description of a character (yes, trademarked and everything... steal
my character and there will be copyright lawsuits and everything) and you (being the
good artist that you are) will try to make a drawing of the character as you thing
he/she should look like and post it here (or the link to your ookaki or whatever)

so without further ado, here's my first character up for drawing, (gelf hero)

the warrior clad in armor as white as freshly fallen snow. a fearless warrior no
doubt, but noble with a true cause. when in combat he seems to defy the laws of
nature with his lightning fast movement and awsome jumps. his body, entirely cased in
an unearthly armor, posesses unreal strength obtained from the heart of a
netherstorm. one of the few non-elemental Gelf ever to gain substancial name in the
gelf universe as "Artix von Krieger" given by the great warrior Eridanus Krieger for
his heroic acts against the Skaarj overmight assaulting Sanctuary. his full body
armor conseals many different weapons, not least of which his main weapon
"Shadowfang" the blade of darkness. this weapon is attuned to Artix' soul and will
change in form according to his fighting style. a massive jagged blade with a large
hilt for inhuman power when using it as a 2-handed sword, an elegant, sleek
quickblade for use alone or in combination with a dagger for quick assasinations and
a stout mediumsized double-edged sword for his regulair shield and sword combination.
and ofcourse his famous rifle which he untilises with extreme accuracy (thanks to his
helm) on long range kills. he rarely wields this rifle in combat as it is slow to use
and reload.

Artix' armor is crafted out of an unearthly fluid metal for unrestricted motions and
superior defense against any incoming attack. his helm, handcrafted by Artix himself,
has a wide variaty of sensors and systems. its single scoped left eye contains a
large number of spectral and non-spectral glasses for, among others, greatly enhanced
vision, x-ray vision, low resolution vision against excessive ammounts of light,
thermal vision, extrasensory tracory, detection of slight fluxuations in existance
(sub-space, netherstorm etc.) and a zoom function effective up to 2.5 terra-units.
his free eye is protected by an unbreakable piece of skydiamond (shaded in light blue
to match the patterns in his armor and shield) which has high resistance against
ultra-violet light. little more is known about Artix as very few have withnessed him
in combat and lived to tell the tale. Artix truely is one of the legends of the

and with that, i hope you will give this a try. remember that while you may want
to create him as a human, you dont have to. Artix is a gelf and, asside from a few
important points, feel free to display him as you think he should be! here are the
"must" points.

- 2 arms
- 2 legs
- no tail
- slightly taller than a human
- armor colors used may be white, steel and (light blue) with only slight traces of

other than that, feel free to fill him in as you want

Akiame says:   20 April 2008   518734  
Sorry, haven't been on much so I haven't started. I was wondering if
you could describe his facial features more, etc. You don't have to, I
was just wondering if you had a preference on how he looks
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   28 July 2010   607207  
Why are you using Artix from AdventureQuest/Aqworlds?
‹Saurfang› says :   28 July 2010   665465  
the artix from what now?


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