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Believe [Chapter One]Category: (general)
Monday, 14 January 2008
01:54:27 PM (GMT)
As two 10 year old girls stood in a clearing in a forest, the moonlight reflecting
off their identical platinum blond hair. Their soft dresses swayed in the breeze and
the blue in their eyes shone.
"Pippa, do you believe in Magic?" The girl in the blue dress asked.
"Sort of" Pippa replied, "Faith, can you... show me?"
"Of course" Faith said and put Pippa's hands in hers. The wind blew stronger around
them, lifting them into the air, a spectrum surrounded blew with the course winds.
Their eyes shone brighter and Faith and Pippa's hands unclasped. They were blown back
from each other but still only a meter apart, the wind blew then but they didn't
move. They slowly lifted into the air as wings sprouted from Faith's back, then
Pippa's. The wind around then died down as Pippa and Faith fell softly down to the
ground with their wings of feathers stretching out beside them. Faith's eyes were
shining with spectrum, as if she was controlling the magic. She closed her eyes and
everything went back, as if it cut out. Theirs wings were gone and Faiths eyes were
back to their normal color, although Grey clouds seemed to be looming in her
"Do you believe?" Faith asked, her voice was soft, but the wind carried it, as if it
were a great song. Her voice was beautiful, even when she was just talking.
"Yes... I do believe" Pippa replied, in that moment the soft whispering of magic
filled the dark cold air. As all light faded and the two girls were left, in total
and complete darkness.
"Faith? Whats happening?!" Pippa asked, with a certain panic in her voice, "Make it
"I can't! Its not me!" Faith replied, tears filled her eyes and the darkness crushed
them, there emotion becoming to hard for them to handle, making them hurt so badly,
"Don't let go of me". Faith took Pippa's hands, she closed her eyes and as they
opened a light beamed across the darkness, a singing was in the background, just one
continuous high note.
They felt the light shine through them, braking deeply into the barriers of their
"Just hold on" Faith whispered to Pippa. And it all went black.

reyka says:   14 January 2008   336344  
Omg!!! You are so superfantasticness!!! Very articulate ^^
xKupidx says:   14 January 2008   546781  
lol. thanks. :DD. You always comment on my diary entries thanks :D
reyka says:   14 January 2008   891614  
Np :D!! It's just so freakin' good.. You should aspire to become a
writer.. Or something in that area. Just don't become an advertisment
writer-person. Then I won't have anything to laugh at D':
xKupidx says:   14 January 2008   754511  
Aww. thanks. I would never go into advertising my mum would kill me
she like did her masters of Philosophy on advertsing ethics and like
omg grrr. Now shes doing it on love and thats even more boring.
IHeartMyGtar says :   24 January 2008   851733  
Awsomeness! I love fantasy things like that. xD Thanks for reading my
story too. And now I am doing the same! xD


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