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Stolen new years... thing.Category: FTW FILL IT OUT BITCH
Sunday, 30 December 2007
01:27:26 AM (GMT)
Did you kiss anyone?
Did you date anyone?
not that i know of.
Are you going to have someone to kiss when the ball drops?
i dont think so... O.o who knows, though? xD
Did you gain any friends?
Yes, alot. I'm very lucky. ^-^
Did you do something new?
yesyesyes. lots of new stuff~ <3
Did anyone important to you die?
No, I was lucky on that one too.
Did you change?
Ive changed this year more than any other year... I didnt really know myself before,
but im positive i know who i am now, i assure you. ^-^
Are you happy with the year over all?
Yes, i am.
Whats the best thing that happened to you?
I'm not really sure. :D
Did you fall in or out of love?
Neither. ;D
Are you happy the years almost over?
Yeessssss. <3
Are you going to change something about yourself next year?
Do you think 2008 will be a better year then 2007?
I cant say yet. :D
How many things did you screw up in 2007?
Alot of things. Most of them ive either fixed, or ive given up on trying and learned
to live with it. 
Did you go to an amusement park?
HELL YES. <333
Did you go to a concert?
Uhmm, i think. that may have been 2006.
Did you go on a summer vacation?
yeahhhh. :D
Did you get into a fight?
Did you leave the country?
I wish D:
Did you have a good birthday?
I barely remember my birthday.
Did anyone in your family get married?
My cousin, i think.
Do you think you grew?
yeah, like three inches xD
Did you dye your hair?
yeahh. xDD
Who do you think you were on the phone with the most?
hmmm... I can't really say. Ana, or marissa, maybe.
Did anyone sing to you?
pfft, no. they may have sang next to me. xD
Did you sing to anyone?
Ive sang to myself while other people where there. does that count? xD
Did anyone tell you they loved you?
My family, and friends. My dad didnt say that much, though. i'm glad.
Did you ever go to the hospital?
Yes, to see my mother. that was hell D: i hate hospitals.
What did you drink and eat the most?
I really dont know. O.o soda and sugary crap, prollly.
Did you change your top friends at least 8 times?
I'm not sure. 
Did you change your profile at least 10 times?
Did you change your default atleast 20 times?
Did you get a tatt?
I'm twelve, i dont think that's legal. 
Did you vote?
not at twelve. .__.
Are you going to make a new years resolution?
prolly. Ill probably forget what it is eventually, though.
Did you stick to your new years resolution from last year?
sort of. It was "make up your mind on who you are, and put yourself through hell if
you have to. Find a talent you're proud of. be proud of who you are." and most of the
time, i am. ^-^

tada. happy new years, bitches~ xD

CamilleFRANTIC says:   31 December 2007   259357  
you stole this form me betch D:
don't worry.
i forgive yew :]
NoodleSama says :   1 January 2008   769843  
lolol :D
I stole it from multiple people. 


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