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Tuesday, 13 November 2007
06:52:10 PM (GMT)

The Perfect Gift    

  Deidara groaned and thought about the upcoming holiday as the other guys talked
about it, sure they'd already gotten their girls a gift and were just waiting for
Valentines Day to give it to them. He sighed and watched them show off their gifts.
He hadn't bought anything for Ino yet, what could he get her?! He didn't know..

Sasuke smirked. "Sakura will love this." He said taking out a white gold necklace. A
cherry blossom hung from it, encrusted with diamonds. Five different pinks, some
whites and clear diamonds. It was marvelous. Of course Sakura would love it, Sakura
was easy to please. She'd except anything from Sasuke.

Naruto smirked. "Oh yeah take a look at this!" He said a bracelet, Hinata's name
engraved in it, a few diamonds here and there just for a small touch. "Mines better!"
He said smirking confidently.

Sasuke scoffed at the comment. "You wish dobe.." He said not really caring, he knew
Sakura would like his gift and that was all he needed to know.

Deidara chuckled at that. Ino wasent as easy to please. He sighed, what the hell was
he supposed to get her? He smirked and got up. "I'll see you guys later." He said
walking away from the argueing men. He sighed and walked into a store then looked
around at the jewlery. 

He looked around the jewlery, trying to find her something unique. Something only
made for Ino, something she'd treasure for the rest of her life. Oh how he adored
Ino, she was beautiful, sweet, and everything else he'd ever asked for in a woman.

He rubbed the back of his head and continued looking, he smirked and found lilac
colored diamond earings. He was about to buy it when he saw Shikamaru already had
purchased the same thing for Temari.

Great, he couldn't get it now. He didn't want Ino to have something the same as the
other women. He wanted her to have someting no one else had bought their woman. He
sighed and looked around again, wondering if he should have gotten a custom made
necklace or some other type of jewlery for her. 

Sasuke had his custom made for Sakura, he knew. By the look of the diamonds, they
were real. Which must have made the necklace more than 1,000 dollars.

Deidara groaned, Ino would kill him if he ever brought her anything that expensive
and wasted their money on something that could break so easily. Sakura would flip out
on Sasuke then he would tell her he was an Uchiha and they had plenty of money.

Deidara shook his head, he didn't want to get her jewlery, to many guys were doing
that. He sighed and walked out, maybe clothes? He tapped his chin and walked into a
boutique, oh yeah a big strong man shopping around in the womens section.

Hell no, he didnt know what girls wore. He'd put together the worst outfit. He
stepped out and sighed in relief then walked around thinking what else to get her.

He could always buy her dinner right? He smirked and ran off toward one of the bets
resturants in town. He looked at the man who owned it. "Can I make a reservation for
Valentines day?" He asked looking at him.

The man shook his head. "Sorry sir the place has been filled for Valentines Day." He

Deidara sighed. "How about the day before it?" He asked looking at him, hoping there
was a spot. There had to be right?

The man shook his head once more. "Sorry, I dont think there is." He said.

Deidara cursed to himself and stepped out. Well that was out..Hmm, Maybe he could
take her to some fancy island for a vacation. He walked back home and got onto the
computer and looked around for any islands or something. He sighed, this wasent going
to work either. He got up and walked out of the house again.

He smirked evily, he wondered if he should rent out a hotel room for the night. He'd
hear of a hotel that had a few Valentine's Day suites. He smirked, maybe they could
rent it out and have a little fun?

Deidara walked into the hotel, and to the check in desk. He looked at the man.
"Please don't tell me you're booked?" He asked looking at him, begging that they
werent. He sighed when the man simply nodded, telling him they were booked in with

Deidara groaned and punched the wall. He walked out and sighed, leanng againt the
outside of the hotel. What the hell was he supposed to do?! EVERYTHING was booked.
There had to be SOMETHING he could do! There had to be! He wanted Ino to have a
wonderful Valentine's day like all the other girls. He didn't want them to brag about
it and she'd have nothing to say.

He wanted her to tell them she had the best time ever with the man she loved. He
hated this, he needed to get something special for her. He could have made her
something with clay but then again..he could do that anyday.

Come on Deidara think fool think!

He yelled inside of his head over and over again. It wasen't helping. He thought for
a moment. Flowers? Would that work, of course not! Ino worked in god damn flower
stores! She saw flowers every day. He was so annoyed with himself. He couldn't even
find a girft for the woman of his life?

He smiled when thinking of Ino. She was so beautiful.

Her hair, long and blonde. It shined in the light, it was so silky and soft he loved
running his hands through it while they laid, getting ready to sleep. The way it
moved around her when the wind blew. So gracefully, she was like an angel. A sweet
angel sent to earth for only him. Her eyes were so unique, he never saw anyone else
with her eyes. They twinkled like the stars when she was happy. They showed
confidence before a fight.

He loved the way her face turned a light red color when she was angry, and the way
her face scrunched up before sshe was going to yell. He smirked, he pissed her off
sometimes just because he loved her like that.

Deidara shook his head, trying to focus on what was happening now. Focus! He told
himself inside his mind. He sighed, there had to be something he could get her..

He widened his eyes. He could cook her dinner! Take it down to the lake and have a
moonlit dinner with her. problem. Deidara wasen't the best chef. He sighed,
it was worth a shot right? Ino was out with her friends at the spa the whole day.

He ran home and into the kitchen, taking out the ingredients. What was he going to
make? Maybe a steak in the shape of a heart, some mashed patatoes on the side, on
yeah it all fit perfectly in his mind, now only if he could make it turn out like

He sighed and started to throw ingredients together, he put the steak to cook while
he threw unpeeled patatoes in a pot of hot water. He had no idea he needed to peel
them, ah well. It wouldn't kill them right?

This was easy, maybe he could make some kind of dessert and maybe some salad to go
along with their food. He took out some ingrediants for chocolate cake and mixed them
together. He scratched the back of his head and picked up the eggs. Ok hmm..He
thought and cracked the eggs open and threw them in, some of the shells falling in.
"Fuck.." He muttered sighing. Oh well it was just a little bit of the shell part it
was nothing.

He mixed the powder with the eggs. "What else? Oh yeah water!" He said smirking and
pouring the water in then mixing it, he smirked. "I am so good at this, I don't see
why people make such a big deal about cooking." He said picking up the salt instead
of the sugar and pouring it in. He mixed it around and then smirked. He looked
through the fridge for more ingredients.

Deidara couldn't find strawberries, girls liked chocolate and strawberries right? He
found strawberry juice and smirked then poured it in the cake batter. Strawberry
juice was just like straweberries. She wouldn't notice.

He took out flour and accidently tripped on some of the spilled water on the ground.
He spilled half of the flour on himself and got up and poured the rest in the batter
and mixed it around. He turned around when heard something sizzle and then water
pouring out of something.

He forgot about the patatoes and the water over filled when it started boiling. "Damn
forgot to turn the heat down!" He muttered and pulled the patatoes off the stove and
started to smush them, not really knowing you were supposed to drain the water out
first. Not to mention peel them before you even put them in. He raised an eyebrow,
this didnt look like mashed patatoes..ehh close enough.

He poured the cake batter into a pan and then opened the oven to slip it in and
started caughing when smoke came out, he'd forgetten about the steak. He groaned
pulled it out. "I'll take the burnt parts off.." He muttered throwing the steak down
on the counter and pushing the cake into the oven then leaving the heat up high. He
walked back into the fridge and looked around.

"Time for Salad." He said smirking. He knew Ino liked mini tamatoes. He took some out
along with all different kidns of fruits and vegetables. He threw in lettuce into the
bowl then some oranges. He mixed it around then threw in some rasberries and then
some tamatoes. He smirked to himself then chopped up bananas and dropped them in. 

"Ok now wheres the dressing?" He thought looking around the fridge for the ranch. He
took out the milk and thought for a moment. "Same thing, its white." He said pouring
it on the 'Salad'. He mixed it around and went back to the steak then started trying
to get the burnt parts off.

He cursed when he burned his hand on the side of the pan. He took out a knife and
started cutting the steak or what was left of it.

He needed to make it look like a heart. Not to hard right? He was artistic. This
wouldnt be hard. He went to cut the steak and missed it, cutting his thumb instead.
He winced and put his thumb in his mouth, sucking on it so it'd stop bleeding.

The steak ended up coming out to look like a fucked up triangle. He sighed and then
opened the oven and groaned, the cake batter over filled and got on the oven
everywhere. He sighed and took it out.

He looked around for frosting but remembered eating it all with Ino when it was their
anniversery. He smirked at the thought of them licking frosting off each other. He
remembered licking it off of her neck. He shook it out of his head and remembered
what he was doing. Cooking thats right.

He took out some strawberry syrup and poured it on the cake. "There frosting." He
said smirking and looking at his lopsided creation. Ino would love it. He took the
steak and put it on a plate and then put the patatoes around it.

He put the salad by it then looked at the cake. Something was missing, he smirked and
made a flower from some of his clay and put it on the cake.

Deidara looked at his creations, they were perfect or atleast he thought so. He hoped
Ino thought the same.

He looked around the kitchen at the mess he made and walked forward to clean it,
slipping on some of the olive oil that had tipped over and spilled on the floor. He
reached out to grab onto the counter so he wouldnt fall and accidently pulled the
sugar down and it poured on the floor.

He groaned and picked some of it up with his hands and tried to clean it up, knoking
over the strawberry juice and it spilled on the counters.

He reached for the sponge to wipe it up and accidently pressed the button that turned
the spray thing that was used when the faucet couldnt reach certain places. He
widened his eyes when it went out of control and started spraying everywhere.

He was wet along with the rest of the kitchen. He jumped foreward to grab it and fell
onto the counter, wresting with the stupid sprayer.

Deidara turned it around so it would spray the other way. He sighed in relief and it
spun around and sprayed him again. He fell off the counter and then finally turned
the water off.

Deidara groaned and leaned back against the counter as he sat there, covered in flour
and almost every other ingredient he used.

What the hell would he do now? He had to clean this mess up before Ino came home and
yelled at him.

He heard the door open and he gulped. "Uh oh.." He muttered hearing his 4 year old
son run in.

"COOL!" Four year old Deino called. "Daddy had a foodfight!" He said happily and
jumped into the flour that was on the floor and rolled around.

Deidara picked him up and stood up. He smiled nervously at Ino when she walked in.

Ino's eyes widened and her mouth dropped. "De-Deidara what did you do?!" She asked
shocked. "Why did you mess up the kitchen?" She asked looking at him.

Deidara sighed. "I couldn't find anything to buy for you so I thought I'd cook you
dinner, but I'm not such a good chef so everything went wrong and I burned more of
the food and spilled stuff every where. Im such a bad chef Im sorry for messing up
the kitchen I really didn't mean-" He stopped when feeling her lips against his.

Ino smiled and kissed him. "I love you Deidara and thats the sweetest thing anyones
ever done for me.." 
She said smiling at him and wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I dont need anything from you, I'm just glad that I have you two." She said smiling
at Deidara and Deino.

"You guys are my family and the only thing I'll ever ask for ok?" She asked wiping
flour off of Deidara's cheek and laughing at him.

"You're so cute covered in flour.' She said laughing at him and sticking out her
tongue at him.

Deidara laughed. "I bet you'd look better." He said picking up some flour and
throwing it on her. He kissed her cheek and smirked.

Ino laughed and tackled him to the floor and climbed ontop of him. "I love you." She

Deidara smiled at her. "I love you too." He said getting up with her.

Ino looked at the food on the table. "You cooked that?" She asked looking up at him,
he was far more taller than her.

Deidara laughed and nodded. "Yeah I coooked that? It sucks doesn't it?" He asked

Ino smirked. "I'll teach you too cook." She said smirking at him and wrapping her
arms around him. "You mean everything to me Deidara, I love you so muhc." She said
smiling at him.

Deidara smiled and picked herup then spun her around and kissed her. "I'll try and
buy you soomething nice ok? But for now Im going to give you this." He said handing
her a small clay statue of them three, Ino, him and Deino.

Ino smiled brightly. "Deidara dont you dare buy me anything else this is perfect!"
She said smiling.

Deidara sighed and kissed her. "It isnt something you can really brag about because
it doesnt really cost that much, its not jewlery or anything." He said looking at

Ino laughed. "Deidara I'm going to brag about this, anyone can buy something. It
takes a real caring man to actually make something..I promise to cherish it
Last edited: 13 November 2007

Monte says:   13 November 2007   683761  
SuperSparkle says:   13 November 2007   923586  
Deidras a guy?
Hinata_Hyuuga_294 says:   13 November 2007   488658  
oooooooo BURN thats mean deidaras a guy......... hes cute ^///^
kiko_koko14 shouts:   13 November 2007   676991  
OMGESH! This is the best story I've read about InoxDeidara! I'm feel
so happy now! ^-^ They are so cool! Nice story Hinata-saama~
Hinata_Hyuuga_294 says:   13 November 2007   517543  
thanks i didnt wright it but it is to cute
Im_Your_Kat says :   13 November 2007   338175  
lol it was nice..although it doesnt follow the story line
what-so-ever...the name Deino made me giggle>.< lawlz

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