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Monday, 5 November 2007
10:40:38 AM (GMT)
okay, so i have this freaky run away imagination, yes it dosnt show but i have the
weirdest dreams... this is one of them.....

So.. I dreamed i was hired by artimis fowl (you know the 12 year-old genious person
in the book) to be one of his team of specilist people that dose i forget what. any
way, i dreamed that my friends got in a fight and it was stopped by a person with a
multi coloured cell phone. he was really tall, probally 25 or some thing, then he
turned like 12 and we got in a huge line to do our random duties. then i skipped lie
6 secnes and ended up seeing the multi coloured cell phone guy ( he had the plastic
surgon touch) and he was about to turn this sweet old hag to a hot lil kitten. any
way, he  found out the hag was evil and locked her in a little closet. but she was an
imortal hag. again with the skipping of secnes. then i woke up. in my dream!!! then i
saw a tv cermercial that was exactly what my dream inside a dreamwas only a video

okay kupika, if any of you have a weird dream, PLEZZZ tell me!! im makin a book!!!
and i need more weird and or funny!!! PLZ TELL ME!!!

‹*Expired*› says:   5 November 2007   252434  
‹*Expired*› says:   5 November 2007   223795  
oh and i had a weird dream:

i wuz in da school(thomas street)and it wuz a PD day.TRAPPED INSIDE
SCHOOL ON A PD DAY!!OMG DAT SUX!!!so anyways then somee random anime
people showd up.they were inuyasha,kagome,shippo,KURAMA,hiei,ash
and pikachu.imean like WHAT DA HELL!!!WHY DID DAT HAPPEN???so yea
anyways,they transported me back to my house and i went on da
internet,inuyasha wuz snacking on ramen which i dont even have,kagome
and shippo were watching japanese tv,hiei and kurama were doing....i
forget,and ash and pikachu just VANISHED!!!the thing is dat they were
all japanese,i speak english,but we still UNDERSTOOD EACH OTHER!!O.O
weird weird dream.also,i woke up before i evven opened my ds and i was
ganna but i woke up!T__T
rainydays writes:   5 November 2007   579648  
You're making a book? Cool! I will tell you my weird dream:

I was in my new house gazing out the window from my kitchen
inoccently. Suddenly I saw this enormous flying saucer appear in the
sky and it landed it my backyard. I was so amazed! Out of the flying
saucer came a short man with brown skin and no hair. Know who it was?
E.T! The Extra Terrestrial! 

My mom was washing dishes in the kitchen so I told her what I saw and
she thought I was making it up so I ignored her and ran outside. E.T.
was waiting for me with two other aliens that looked nothing like him.
One was green and one was pink. They had odd suction tenticle thingys
at the end of their fingers. Anyway, E.T. was invited me to an alien
party. I agreed and went to shake hands with the other two alien. Then
the green one grabbed me and put his suction fingers on my head. I
scxreamed and asked E.T. what he was doing to me.

"Oh he's just sucking out your brain," he said casually. So I said,
"oh that's fine." Then I woke up.

Weird drean eh? 
psp says:   7 November 2007   469795  
ummmmmmmmmm here is a dream

i was walking wit my friends and then the mayor said "aliens r
so we ran in a church and then i saw mario and he was like  "i
shall kill u all!"
and then we killed luigi and mario was like "  u killed my brother
u sons of a bitches" and then we killed him aswell but a bionicle
came! it was killing a rat and after that it killed kenny ( who came
out of nowhere ) and i see everyone from southpark and simpsons and i
see the bionicle and it takes off the mask and its my mom!
‹*Expired*› says:   9 November 2007   398265  
me had another weird dream!!!but i sorta liked this one!!

ok so...........i was in yuyu hakusho world and i was A
KITSUNE!!YESSS!!!(man i love this dream but is so weird)i met all the
yuyu hakusho main characters....wich are kuwabara(da ugly
dude)hiei(how da hell do you say
character!!!)so yea it wuz da black tournament and i wuz up.yeesh!!and
i got a doofus!!so yea i beat him easily.when it wuz kuwabaras turn i
didnt find out who won cuz i woke up  i wanted to lagh my head off
if he lost to that kid!!
‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says :   7 March 2009   748219  
well i know its a bit late but here is my dream.                     
                                         I was at my school with my
classmates then suddenly this space ship crashed into my noodle soup
on the table! XD Then little aliens started coming out then there was
this GIANT alien who was color red, has 30 arms, and has so much
wrinkles with a beard! LOL! Anyways this suction cup thingy when out
of the... er.......  rear end or something then put it on my noodle
soup and hand then i asked the little aliens what is was doing then
they said that he was taking his vitamins together with noodles and
human blood then i said thats fine for me. Then they also said that I
will be pregnant then I went home then I was pregnant!!!!! Then I woke
up. Weird........ I mean why would I be pregnant?!? I'm just a little


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