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Randomness 18..... Nearly finishedCategory: (general)
Sunday, 21 October 2007
01:49:09 PM (GMT)
1021. is your favorite color black? Nah
1022. do you consider black a color? Yes
1023. is 23 your lucky number? Nope
1024. do you think cheer leading is a girl's sport? Both 
1025. do/did you like to go to school? Kinda
1026. do you like gaia? Yesh
1027. do you play gaia every day? Nope 
1028. is your favorite cereal fruit loops? Nah
1029. have you ever opened a dictionary? Yesh
1030. have you ever shot a real gun? Nope
1031. do you like receiving pms? No!
1032. have you ever been dumped by your bf/gf? Nah 
1033. do you have a bf/gf? Yes
1034. do you own an Ipod? Yep
1035. do you have more than 5 computers? No 
1036. are you tired of this quiz yet? Yesh :D
1037. have you been playing gaia more than 2 months? No
1038. have you ever cheated on your bf/gf? Nope
1039. are your hands tired from typing? Yeah!
1040. do you have your own computer? Yeah
1041. is your birthday in August? Nope
1042. have you ever created your own forum? No 
1043. do you have a myspace profile? Nope
1044. do you have a piczo profile? Used to
1045. do you like to color your words? Yes
1046. do you have a signature u use on gaia? Nope 
1047. are you glad this quiz is almost over? Kinda
1048. do you pay attention in class? Sometimes
1049. have you ever eaten without your hands? No 
1050. Do you eat paste? Nope
1051. Do you have a favorite color? yesh 
1052. Are you older than 13? Yep
1053. Have you ever gone scuba diving? Nopeh 
1054. do you own a cat? No
1055. do you own a dog? No
1056. are you in collage? No
1057. do you plan to join the military? Nope
1058. do you often take quizzes? You've asked all these questions!!!
1059. is your birthday in august? No
1060. do you have 4 or more close bff? Yesh 
1061.do you like to color your words? Yesh!
1062. do you have 7 or more threads? No
1063. do you like chain mail? No
1064. do you believe in superstition? Kinda 
1065. have you ever been knocked out? Nope
1066. have you ever shot a fake gun? No
1067. have you ever shot a real gum? Nope
1068. can you drive? Yesh
1069. do you add detail to your answers? Nope 
1070. do you do abbreviations such as: lol or bff? Sometimes
1071. do you like ice cream? Yesh
1072. have you ever tried fried crickets? no 
1073. have you ever been/ live in china? Nope
1074. do you LOVE anime (say yes!!!!!, u dont have to..) Yeah...
1075. do you like cultured food? Sometimes
1076. do you like long quizzes more? Not this long
1077. or short quizzes more? Shortish
1078. do you like when your threads get popular? Yesh 
1079. do you like to play Sims/Sims 2? Uh huh

What words come into your mind when i say... 

1081.no.  ~ Why not
1082.blah. ~ Boring
1083.yes. ~ Okay then
1084.car. ~ Broom
1085.never. ~ Why?
1086.fish ~ Bubbles!
1087.china ~ Chopsticks
1088.u.s. ~ Hamburgers and Fries
1089.0.0 ~ seven
1090. Salmon ~ Fishy
1091. candy ~ Yum
1092. ice cream ~ Cold
1093. m&m's ~ Mmmmmmm
1094. Tokyo ~ Japan
1095. shoes ~ Cute
1096. anime ~ Awesome
1097. coolio ~ Haha
1098. retard ~ EEEEEEE
1099. slap happy ~ Urgh
1100. rofl ~ You go roll on the floor!
1101. log ~ ???
1102. pillow ~ FIGHT!
1103. tree ~ Green
1104. vase ~ Broken
1105. 70's ~ Funky

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