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My story (Espera's POV part 2)Category: (general)
Sunday, 7 October 2007
12:12:57 PM (GMT)
[**-- At Home --**]

Espera was finishing her homework when she felt a rush of emotions swarm through her
body. Her eyes welled with tears and she became extreamly upset. She dropped to the
floor and began sobbing. Her father walked in and grabbed her arm and pulled her up.

"Espera! Don't be such a bitch! Stop your crying!" He hissed and she choked on her
tears and he dropped her to the floor. "No wonder your mother left. She didn't want
you as a daughter. Don't blame her.."

Espera began breathing deeply and she grabbed a few of her things and jumped out her
window landing on the roof to the first floor then quietly made her way to the
concrete floor below her. She snuck passed the windows and started to run. She
stopped running and she was probley a good hald a mile away from her house. She loked
at her surroundings not notaicing anything at all since she had just moved in the
town not to long ago. She walked with her eyes glued to the floor and her hands dug
deeply into her pockets. She kicked around a can when she heard a masculine voice
from behind her. She couldn't make out what he said she just felt his hand cover her
mouth and she instantly began screaming and kicking. 

"Don't struggle girl." The man said and they heard a honking noise and the man let go
of Espera began running.

The honking noise came from a motorcycle and it seemed to be chasing her. She started
running faster but she felt a hard imbact her back. The boys arm wrapped around her
waist and pulled her on the motorcycle. 

"WHAT THE HELL!?" Espera shreiked and the driver lost control of the bike and she
shreiked as the drove faster and closer to a wall. Espera blocked the front of her
and she felt something being shoved on her head and she was tackled off the bike but
covered from any harm done. She felt her head and notaiced it was a helmet. She sat
up and turned to her side and Lucifer was on the ground with a scratched forehead. He
pushed himself up and grunted.

"L-lucifer?!" Espera shreiked and he turned to her and nodded. "You needed help."

With that Espera blushed a bit and hugged him. She started to cry and wiped up the
blood off his forehead. 

"Its just a scratch.." Lucifer said and struggled getting up and helped Espera up. 

He looked at her and blushed a reddish color and turned his head. He turned his
attention to his bike which was almost compleatly unharmed.

"How lucky..." He mumbled and picked up the bike and swong his leg over the seat and
sat down. "Come on Spera."

Espera blushed lightly and got on the modercycle and slowly put her arms around his
waist and pressed the side of her face on his back.

They rode a few miles until Lucifer pulled off the rode into a parking lot and
stopped the bike. He turned his head to Espera and looked into her eyes. For a second
he forgot what he was gonna say and she shook his head lightly.

"Where do you live?" Lucifer asked and Espera frowned.

"Anywhere but there." She said and he nodded.

"Well I was on my way to this place I go to when I need to be alone." Lucifer said
and Espera put her head down thinking that Lucifer didn't want her to go with him.
"You can come if you want."

Espera smiled and nodded and Lucifer smirked and returned his gaze to the on switch
and Espera held onto Lucifer tightly. Ten minutes lator they arrived in the woods.
They stopped at one tree with a rope ladder hanging down from it. Lucifer shut the
bike off and hopped off and helped Espera off. Espera put the helmet on the seat and
Lucifer climbed up the tree. Once he was in the treehouse he helped Espera onto the
wooden platform. Espera got up and her fingers were still intwined with Lucifer's and
she smiled at him and he turned his head and blushed. She dragged him over to the
makeshift couch Lucifer made and they sat down.

"Cute place." Espera said and Lucifer smiled at her.

"Yeah I thought so too. I was a bit proud of myself with how it came out. Some of the
stu--" Lucifer was then cut off by Espera's lips.

Lucifer was in pure amazement and shock that he didn't kiss back. Espera broke the
kiss and blushed.

"Sorry. It was a thank you for helping me." She said and Lucifer nodded and turned to

"It's ok.... I liked it. Thanks." He said with a blush.

Espera turned to him and smiled slightly and took the time to notice how piercing his
blue eyes were. Lucifer didn't notice that he leaned in closer to Espera until he
felt her breath hitting his face. He looked into her eyes and is slowly closed and so
did Espera's. Espera broke the few inches between them and pressed her lips onto
Lucifer's. Espera shifted and moved her leg on the other side of Lucifer so she had
her legs on both sides of him. One of his hands went behind her waist and the other
stroaked her long hair as he slowly placed her head on the cushin below them. Lucifer
shifted his postion so he was more comfortable and his fingers ran through her hair
as his knees and elbows proped him up. Espera's hands were on the backside of
Lucifer's neck massaging his neck lightly. Both bolted apart when they heard a loud
noise echo throught the room and Espera sighed as she pulled out her cellphone.

"Hello?" She answered and moved the phone a foot away from her and you could hear her
father screaming. "Dad, I'm sorry i'm coming home right now." 

With that she hung up. Lucifer stared at the floor in embarassment.

"Lucifer whats wrong?" Espera asked and crawled over to Lucifer.

"Nothing." Lucifer said with a non-hearted smile.

Espera thought for a second and poked his shoulder and he turned to her and she
crushed her lips on his. Lucifer turned more to her and kissed back and Espera's
phone rang again. Espera broke the kiss and laughed and Lucifer sighed but then
smirked slightly.

"Hello?" Espera said and grew a confused expression.

"Hey!" Julie yelled and Espera pondered.

"How did you get my number?" Espera asked and she heard Julie giggle on the other
side of the phone.

"Your father gave it to me." She said and Espera mumbled an 'oh'. "So anyway, this
weekend we have to go shopping for the dance."

"Dance...?" Espera questioned and Julie laughed again.

"Your so a freshie." She said with a slight laugh. "Anyway, talk to you more in
school. Bye bye."

Then Julie hung up and Espera noticed that Lucifer was sitting near the exit. 

"Com'on." Lucifer said and Espera followed him.

Once they were on the ground Lucifer started the bike and handed Espera the helmet.
Espera put it on and climbed on and hugged him tightly from behind. She then noticed
that Lucifer had an original scent to him. She loved it. Her eyes closed and when she
opened them the bike was stopped and Lucifer turned to her. 

"We're here." Lucifer said and Espera rubbed her eyes and got off the bike. She took
of the helmet and handed it to Lucifer.

Before Espera walked away Lucifer grabbed her arm and pulled her in and kissed her.
He broke the kiss several seconds lator and looked int her eyes.

"Goodnight Spera. See you in school." Lucifer said and Espera blushed and kissed his

"Bye Lucifer. Goodnight." Espera said and he smiled and put on his helmet and waved
goodbye and drove off. 

Espera took in a deep breath wishing that Lucifer would drive back and take her with
him. She neared closer to the door and opened it. She let the door open and she saw
her father in the kitchen with a candle lit in front of him tapping his fingers on
the table. Espera closed the door and took another step in bracing herself for her
father. She put her bag down near the steps and her father walked over to her. 

"Hanging out with boys?" Her father sneered and Espera took one step back. "Are you
screwing them you little slut!?"

Her father backhanded her to the ground and the only thing she said was his name.

"ETHEN!" Espera yelled and her father glared at her and kicked her side.

"Do NOT call me by my first name!" He yelled and grabbed her by the neck and slammed
her into the wall.

Espera couldn't reach the ground and she looked frightened by her father's cold
stare. He kneed her in the stomach and dropped her to the ground. Espera hit her head
on the first step when she landed and blood slowly dripped down from her forehead.
Ethen grabbed her by the shirt and threw her into another wall and when she fell he
kicked her in the side several times. Her picked her up by her hair and made her look
at him in the eyes.

"Are you gonna screw boys now?" He asked and tears ran down Espera's face.

"But father I didn't do anything." She said and he growled at her and threw her to
the ground and put his foot on her neck.

"I SAID ARE YOU GONNA STOP SCREWING BOYS!?" Ethen yelled and applied more force on
his foot and Espera coughed.

"Yes dad!" She yelled and he removed his foot and spun on his heels and walked up the

"Thats what I thought..." Ethen said and went into his room leaving Espera coughing
on the floor.

Espera's whimpers got softer and she tried her best to stand but she was so shaky she
just fell back onto the floor. She used her arms to pull herself to the kitchen and
pulled herself up and used the counters as support. She grabbed a wet cloth and
limped over to the blood stains were. She noticed the ones from before were still
there and sighed. She put the cloth away and went upstairs to her room. Her legs gave
out again but luckily she was on her bed already. She set the alarm clock and her
tears made her eyes burn so she shut them and finally drifted off into a deep

‹LooneyLizardman› says:   13 October 2007   313355  
aww i feel really bad for her
TheAnnoyanceNinja says :   13 October 2007   519741  
amazing!! i love it!!! <33333


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