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Ehhh My Story :P (part 1 Espera's POVCategory: School Stories
Wednesday, 3 October 2007
06:18:14 PM (GMT)
He was there again. Haunting her mind. 

Why did he do this to her? What happened?

He was running from something, probley everyone who made fun of him. Thats at least
what she thinks.

A scratching noise? Whats that?


She woke up to a sudden pain on her cheek and saw that she was bleeding. She clenched
her teeth together as she pushed the cat off her bed.

Stupid cat 

She turned her head slightly to see her clock said 5:57am. Well It doesn't matter.
What was she supposed to do? Get 3 extra minutes of sleep? She turned off her alarm
before it set off and she got dressed. It was her first day of school, since she
moved and all. But there was something that haunted her for a while. A boy in her old
school, he always got made fun of for being so dark and EMO. Lets just say,

Rest his blessed soul.

Yeah, he died. One of the pranks the jocks played on him was to dangerous. They
didn't care though. She felt terrible for not helping him but she was much to afraid.

Some person I am huh? 

She walked over to her vanity table and brushed her short black hair as she applyed
eyeliner to her bottom eyelids. She looked at her outfit before she put on any
eyeshadow and she was wearing the school uniform. Fingertip length white skirt with
red lines down it, a red kami with an overjacket and a tie. Red and white striped
tie. Can you say, Find Waldo? She put on red eyeshadow and clear lipgloss. She wasn't
really a prep-- at all, but putting on make-up amused her. She walked downstairs and
her dad smiled at her. 

"Morning Espera." He said and she smiled and nodded. 

"Morning dad." She said and he waved to her. 

"Gotta go to work. Bye." He said and she nodded as he walked out the door. 

She played with her skirt as she walked to the bus stop and she waited for 10
minutes. It was her first day in 9th grade. Not only did she have to worry about not
fitting in but also Freshman Friday. Great. Her heart skipped a few beats as the bus
neared closer and finaly stopped to open the doors and she walked up the steps. The
bus was pretty empty so she could tell that she was one of the first stops. She sat
in the front seat to the right and started out the window and listened to her iPod.
She heard a lot of commotion on the bus so she paused the music and turned her head.
Three jocks, one emo/punk looking kid. They had his guitar and she rolled her eyes
and stood up. 

"I'm not joking. Give it back Blake." The emo/punk kid said calmly Espera and a
politely moved him out of the way.

"Please give him his guitar back." She said and they laughed.

"Oh please! Like we'd listen to you." They said and she rolled my eyes. "You are
pretty hot though."

At this she blushed and they chuckled and gave the guitar back to the kid and he
returned to his seat as did she. But she went to pass his seat and she heard him
quietly mumble 'thanks'. She smiled at him and walked to the front. She notaiced that
the boy broke the school dress code. He was wearing all black with some red. He had a
tie but it was red and black. His hair was sort of spiked in the back and covered his
eyes a bit but you could clearly see he was wearing eyeliner. 

They got to school and she looked on how big it was and she gulped lightly and a girl
walked up to her. 

"Hey you new?" She asked and Espera nodded slowly and she smiled. "I'm Julie." 

"I'm Espera." She said and Julie smiled.

"Never heard of it before. Its pretty." She said and Espera smiled and thanked her. 

"Umm... Julie, whos that?" Espera asked and pointed to the boy earlier.

"Oh... him...." She said in a disgusted voice. "Thats Lucifer."

"Why do you sound so disgusted?" She asked and Julie smirked.

"Honey, if you knew him you would too. But your not gonna do that cause your part of
the popular gals now." She said and Espera blinked a few times.

"Me?" She asked pointing to herself and Julie rolled her eyes. 

"No the girl behind you." Julie said and Espera nodded looking a bit embarassed.
"You've got a pretty face you can do well in this school."

"Oh, thank you." She said and Julie smiled and nodded.

"Yup." She said and Julie looked around. 

"Shouldn't we get to class?" Espera asked and Julie chuckled and nodded as she
grabbed Espera's wrist. As they walked through the halls a bunch of guys were giving
Julie the wolf whistle and she laughed. We got to their lockers (which happened to be
7 away from eachother) and Espera packed it with a few books and looked at her
schedual and her and Julie had first period together.

They walked passed Lucifer whos locker was oddly enough 666. Who would of thunk it?
When they walked passed him Espera got a cold shudder. Something bad will happen to
him. She turned to him getting a catch of his black hair before her arm was yanked. 

"Come on your slow!" Julie said with a laugh and dragged her up the stairs.

In homeroom Espera sat in the middle, it was Science. She saw Lucifer walk in with
his eyes glued to the ground as he walked to his seat which was in the back, the way
back, the spot no one even knew existed because theres no light hitting it whatsoever
its like a ball of arura was around it so no light hit it, it was just a black orb.
Yeah that would be the seat he sits in. 

The end of first period Espera got all her things and got up off of her desk and
someone fell on her. 

"O-oh s-sorry." Lucifer said and jumped off of her and picked all her belongings and
her off the floor.

"Thank you Lucifer." Espera said kindly and he looked shocked.

"Bu--" He started but was sadly cut off by Julie.

"Get lost loser. Espera is one of the popular girls now." She said and shoved him on
the floor. "Lets go Espera."

"One minute go on without me." Espera said and Julie rolled her eyes and left. 

Espera quickly dropped to the floor and helped up Lucifer. When he was up she
gathered his books and he kneeled down and picked them up.

"Why did you do that?" He asked and she looked at him confused.

"Do what?" She asked and he smiled.

"Your a nice girl Espera. And I love your name. Its beautiful." Lucifer said and
Espera blushed and looked down with a slight smile. 

"Thank you Lucifer." She said and got up and walked to the door but stopped and
cocked her head to him a bit. "And by the way.... I think your really cute." 

Lucifer blushed colors that weren't even colors yet as Espera giggled and walked out
of the classroom. He smiled to himself as he walked out in a slow daze. 

"Hey loser!" Blake said and Lucifer looked up. 

"Yes?" He asked and Blake hissed at him.

"Espera is a cool popular girl so don't go near her or we'll break every bone in your
face." Blake said.

"Well I think she makes those decisions. On who she wants to hang out with." Lucifer
said and Blake cracked his knuckles as Lucifer growled and took one step back into
the lockers and Blake advanced closer to him.

With Espera...

Espera was walking to her next class when she heard a scream. It wasn't very loud, it
was muffled by something. She dropped her books and dashed to whatever made the
noise. She made it when she saw a dent in one of the lockers and droplets of blood
leading to a corner. She walked over and saw Lucifer. His nose was bleeding and he
pulled whatever was in his mouth out and his eyes were closed. He slammed his head
into the back wall not very hard though and a few tears rolled down his pale skin.

"Oh Lucifer. Are you ok?" Espera asked and his eyes widened and he stopped her from
comming any closer. 

"Espera no. Don't come near me." Lucifer said and Espera's facial structure

"But Lucifer--" She started to say but Lucifer got up as quickly as he could and
dashed off. "LUCIFER!"

"Damn..." Espera said and punched her fist on the wall. "Why did he leave?!"

‹LooneyLizardman› says :   13 October 2007   958675  
i love this story so far i gotta read the second part


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