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Chapter 1:DeathCategory: story
Monday, 24 September 2007
06:48:55 PM (GMT)
I kno its sorta stupid but........... (DEAL With IT)

I woke up to my mom shaking me awake saying Saya wake up ur late for skool now get
dress ur uniform is on the chair and theres toast on the table.I have to go wake ur
brothers u know how long that takes,so Ill see u when u get home.I got dressed and
left for skool half way there i heard my friends Yessie and Lizzy calling me too slow
down thats wen i noticed i had been running they can never catch me wen im
running.Wen they finally caught up we walked to skool together.
8. hours later
                  i said goodbye to my volleyball team and Yessie and Lizzy and
started walking home.It was a wierd walk the streets were quiet and deserted.All
doors were open and all the lights were on but nothing stirred or moved and i seen
nobody.Istarted walking faster towards my house and finally i got there i went inside
and called my mother no answer,called my dad no answer,both my brothers still no
answer i look on the floor for my kitty but instead i seen blood everywhere it led to
the backyerd  i dropped my bag and ran to the back and seen t=my mother and father
.My mom still breathing but jus barely so i ran over and kneeled beside her moving
her hair out of her eyes seeing the tears and sadness in her eyes i started
crying.She looked at me and weakly lifted her hand and wiped the tears off my face
and told me not to worry that she was just glad i was alright. She told me she loved
me and that she wanted me to grow to b strong and brave and when i die to have no
regrets to live as happy as i can be.I looked over at my father and seen he had a
piece of paper in his hand i stayed with my mother.but  she told me to take the paper
and go i didnt listen though i sat there until she smiled at me closed her eyes and
took her last breath.I bent down and kissed her and then got up and took the paper
from my father and kissed him also.i unfolded the paper and i seen writen on it was 4
things 1:get clothes and get out of here as fast as u can.2:I love u.3:stay strong be
strong.4:they will come and protect u and soon u will change him and find true
love.(aww how sweet......oops srry my bad) i folded the paper again and tried to wipe
the blood off my hands but it didnt make a difference bcuz as soon as i stepped in my
house i slipped and fell in the blood.but i didnt care i went upstairs and got some
clean clothes and other thigs id need then i went bak out the back and took a quick
last look at my parents and as i did i thought i seen a bueatiful silver mist rise
from there bodies but i didnt know becuz once i looked away i ran and didnt stop
running until i heard my brothers screaming.I ran towards the screams and seen my
brothers both of them wounded but still able to fight i picked up a rockand th=rew it
at the guy cornering them that gave them a chance to escape and they did knowing i
would be alright.As soon as the rock hit the moster it came right after me and i ran
like ive never ran be continued does
saya get captured or does she escape like i said before the begginning is
different.!!!!!!!next time chapter 2:The awakening of my innerself
Last edited: 24 September 2007

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