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Monday, 24 September 2007
03:42:42 PM (GMT)
Name? India
Age? 12
Sex? Female
Birth Date? 18/11/94
Hair Color? Red and brown
Eye Color? Hazel
Height? 5'8"
Weight? not gona say!
Body Type? tall and slim
Piercings? nope... not yet
Tattoos? none
What are you wearing right now? drainpipes, hoodie and converse
Hair style at the moment? messy! lol... O_o

* Favorites * 

Soda? dr peppers
Food? dunno... hhhmmm...
Drink? apple juice
Alcoholic Drink? uummmm... dunno
Time of day? midnight
Season? winter
Day of the week? um... either friday, saturday or sunday!
Song at the moment? um... misery buissness maybe...
Band/Artist? Paramore
Book? don't like reading
Subject in school? um... i enjoy english because i mess around! lol... :P
Place in the USA? new york
Place outside the USA? UK
Color? either electric blue, lime green or black!
Style of clothes? do i even hav a style?
Store? hhhmmmmm.. either H&M or Primark!
Mall? ...........?
Website? either Myspace or Kupika
Magazine? Kerrang!
Kind of pet? Cat

* Worst * 

Place to be? school 
Class in school? maths/science/geography
Time of day? morning
Season? spring
Kind of pet? spider!
Drink? ummm...... dunno
Food? meat!
Mall? not sure...
Store? um... dunno
Style of clothes? haha... do u really want me to answer tht? lol...
Celebrity? britany spears/ Parsi Hilton...
Color? Baby pink
Book? anything with words in!
Type of music? R&B or Rap... or country...
Website? i dunno...
Magazine? ^_^

* Daily Life * 

When do you get up? half 7
What is your first thought? uurrrgghhhh.... i'm tired!
What do you do first? turn over and go bck to sleep!
What's your usual outfit? drainpipes and a meh hoodie
What's the first class of the day? today?
When does school end? 3pm
Do you see your friends? yeah
What do you do when you get home? go on the comp...
What time do you go to bed? i go to bed at ten and sleep at about 12... i usually
watch futurama! lol

* Do you...* 

Brush your teeth daily? yes
Brush your hair daily? yes
Shower daily? yes
Sing? yes
Dance? yes... badly though!
Party? hell yeah!
Get drunk? nope...
Have sex? no
Read books? nope
Listening to music a lot? fuck yeah!
Read magazines? yeah
Go online a lot? most of the time
Stay on AIM all day even with an away message? haha... huh?
Have a religion? yes
Have an IPod? nope
Want an IPod? yeah...
Have a Girlfriend/Boyfriend? not yet...
Play an instrument? yep.
Get sick a lot? hehe... when i feel like it!
Watch TV? yes
Like MTV? maybee
Like VH1? maybee
Like the History Channel? nope
Have Digital Cable? nope
Have more than 500 channels on your TV? yep
Listen to the radio? nope
Still use your CD player? sometimes...
Stalk people? haha! maybe... kinda... it's JESSI'S FAULT!!!
Have more than 200 buddies on your Buddy List? wot? on MSN?
Have dial-up internet? nope
Have AOL? no
Know HTML? wtf?
Have a GPA higher than 3.9? .....um....maybe...
Get H's in honors classes? ^_^

* Music * 

Do you listen to Rap? fucking hell! NO i fucking don't!
R & B? ^_^
Blues and/or Jazz? nope
Classical? nope
Pop? nah...
Country? NO!
Emo/Scremo? yeah
Heavy Metal? yep...
Christian? um... in the form of screamo and heavy... yeah
Techno? sometimes...
Reggae? no
Broadway Musical songs? haha! no...
Oldies? nope...

* In A Boyfriend/Girlfriend *

Hair color? DON'T CARE
Eye color? DON'T CARE
Tattoos? DON'T CARE
Piercings? DON'T CARE
Favorite Music? DON'T CARE
Style of clothing? DON'T CARE
Body Type? DON'T CARE
Personality or Looks? PERSONALITY
Would you go out with someone just for their money? NEVER 
Do you go on "Pity Dates"? NO
Does size matter? NO
Do they have to be popular? NO
Does the guy ask the girl or the other way around? EITHER 
Where do you go on the first date? CINEMA!!!
Kiss on the first date? DEPENDS
Sex on the first date? NEVER

* Right Now * 

Do you think you look good right now? i spose so...
Are you eating something? nope...
Are you drinking something? yeah... J2O
Are you IMing anyone? nope
Are you talking on the phone with someone? nope
Are you talking face to face with someone? haha... no
Is anyone at your house who doesn't live there? Nope...
What song are you listening to? none...
What are you watching on TV? My parents are watching cricket
What other websites do you have open? MySpace, facebook and Yahoo
Why are you taking this survey? boredomness!
Where are you going to post it? Kupika & MySpace
What are you going to do after this? Texting Oli

* What do you Believe? * 

Do you believe in ghosts? no 
The afterlife? heaven and hell yeah.
Aliens? no
God? yes
The devil? yes
Heaven? yes
Hell? yes
Scientology? nope 
Hinduism? no
Buddhism? no
Christianity? yes
Taoism? wtf? is that even a word?
Judism? no
Jesus? yes
Nothing? Haha...
Reincarnation? no
Yourself? sometimes

* Randoms * 

Have you been on an airplane before? yes
Where were you going? loadsa places
Have you been to another country? yep
Have you ever went to another country with your friends? kinda
Have you ever partied in another country? nope
Have you ever went on a roadtrip with your friends? nope
Ever stayed online more than 10 hours straight? yes
Pretended to like someone just to get popular? never
Talked about someone behind their back? maybe...
Had someone talk about you behind your back? many a times!
Been in a fight online? loadsa times...
Been in a fight face to face? yeah... many times...
Gotten yourself involved in a fight that wasn't about you? yeah... many times aswell!
Been called a bitch? yeah
Been called a slut/whore? yes... many times...
Been to Australia? nope but i want to! lol
Do you like snakes? yep
Ever cried to get your own way? nope
Ever broken a bone? yeah
Ever had to stay in the hospital for more than a week? nope
Ever had serious surgery? to my brain yeah! lol...
Ever looked at porn online? fuck no! 
Ever went to one of those "adult" stores? who the fuck do u think i am?
Ever bought clothes at Walmart? yep.
Ever gotten clothes from the Salvation Army? nope
Ever paid more than £100 on a pair of jeans? nah...
Ever been on stage for any reason? yep...
Ever been in a play? yeah
Ever been in a choir? yep... i am in the choir now
Ever been in a band? nope.. i'm not tht gd! lol... 
Do you play, or used to play, an instrument? i play the violin, guitar, piano and
Gotten a Brazilian Bikini Wax? no
Waxed your eyebrows? never
Waxed your legs? nope
Cut yourself shaving? nope
Have you ever died? um... of course... i'm a ghost!
If you had to date someone of the same sex over the internet , who would it be?
probably aimee
Was this survey an good at all? ok... i guess
What time is it right now? 20:42

anemnemii says:   24 September 2007   755681  
wow cool test
‹You have a message^_^› says :   25 September 2007   844768  
lol... didn't knwo wot to call it! lol

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