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I think im going to start a storyCategory: (general)
Sunday, 16 September 2007
07:06:42 PM (GMT)
I think im going to start a story everyone about this girl whose mother and father
were murdered while she was walking home from skool .She runs from er house and all
of a sudden it gets real dark and starts to rain and noone is around so she sits down
all soaked crying then she hears two ppl coming she looks up i front of herthe guy
closest to her was asking why she was crying and the yonger guy was staring at the
dark woods behind the girl.oh and i imagined all this but i think im going to make it
into a story now.

the girls name:Saya
the older guys name:Death
the yonger guys name:Dark
Saya`s brothers names:Tim and Matt 
Saya`same:Sayla(i nkow it sounds weird but it was the first thing i thought of)
Saya`s dads name:Tek(pronounced like teek)
guy with bloody blade names:Evilender


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now for the story info.
Well Saya was wlking home from skool the sreet full of ppl laughing and smiling.When
she got home she seen a trail of blood leading into her backyard she got scared and
called her mom no answer she called her dad no answer she called both her brothers
still no answer now she was real scared.she followed the trail of blood to the back
and seen a hand in the bshes and on the hand her pregnant mothers ringshe ran to the
bushes and seen her mother lying next to her father.she seen her mother was still
breathing but barely her father dead her mother looked up at her and she could see
her mother was crying so saya bent down next to her mom and noticed there was a pool
of blood un  der her moms soft purple hair.Saya started to cry as her mother wispered
i love you and took  her last breath.As Saya started wiping her tears trying to stop
cryin she heared some familiar yells and screams as her own older brothers` voices
she kissed both her mother and father and ran towards the voices and saw both her
older brothers being chased then she seen them fall and being cornered since they
were still in the village.the wierd thibg was Saya had noticed that no one was
outside anymore and it was quiet to quiet but she ignored it and yelled for her
brothers to run as she distracted the guy who she didnt notice was caring a bloody
knife and had a hand that was shaped as a knife and was also just as bloody as the
knife while her brothers ran away she threw rocks at the guy trying not to get him
mad by missing him but the last rock she thew it hit the guy in the face and he lost
is and started chasing after her but after a while he stopped and flew away leaving
Saya confused and terrified................................................the rest
to b continued and yes i meant for that to b info but i got caried away srry ill copy
it and post it as chapter one right now so yea lol!!!but it will begin a little

o yea and these are Saya mom and dad b4 they died
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

the guy with the bloody blade Evilender(yea and i know hes from off of bleach but i
couldnt find anyone else so deal with it)
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