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code lyoko bassed on my favorite seson two episodeCategory: (general)
Saturday, 11 August 2007
06:28:53 PM (GMT)
this is a story based on the episode unchatied teritory(p.s im adding me whtih a
diffenrt name so alana is me ) 

chapter one 
how it began
a young boy nmed jermy found an old factory he went in side and turned on the
factorys computer inside was a whole viral world inncluding aeleat which bring us to
when she is finaly able tol ive on earth with her freinds jerimy yumii aeleata urich
odd and alana ( added by me ) 

chapter two the dream 
nothing but the woods could be seen a dissdent cry and hwol of woves echoed thruogh
the dark forrest an elf( pease don't panic this is a dream poeples) dashed in the
woods and in to tree a wolf sttuc k hsi muth in to the hole where the little elf was
hiding and open ed his great mouth snapping his jaws aelata woke in a scared daze  at
the ryas of ligh t that shone thrugh her window of the bording school dormitory

chapter three the showers 
aleata waled int o the lined for the showres angry girls raved at elzitebeth delmz
the princlibals duaghter better know as sissy was hogging the showres all morning we
don't have all dya mutterd one girl to another aleata looked despertly aruond loking
for alana she saw her in the front of the line behind mily an tamia the nosy repoters
always sticking their nose in other poeples buiness anyway once sissy came out well
said milly maybe things will satr moving now that she's done she said pionitng at
sissy whatever brat said sissy 

chapter four the boys floor 

jeimy belquis looked down at the computer printer in his room lets see he said wow i
don't belive it what is it said a vioce that vioce was urich stern and right next to
him was odd delirobiarihgt by his side any what you find uot htats so great not much
siad jemy just that satyed up all night (very usall for jerimy) rehasreing the owner
for the myerios huose in the woods aeleata found when she alana and i were on the
field trip as prteners alana odd said blushing he had been chrushing on alana ever
since he came here grade whenver you here her name you go crazy said urich bring him
back to earth any what did you find uot he siad cahnging the subject if he didn't he
knew what was coming next i found otu thata the owner is a gut named france hopper
and he was a sience teacher here at cadic isn't that wierd 

chapter five the embersment 
aleata stood patiently in the showre line loking at alana her ditry blonde hair was
let down at wavy form all the tangels she felt an arm aruond her she loked up it was
sissy poor thing she said sweetly you'll be here all day why don't you ry the showers
upstaris ther'snot a girl in sight omay she nodded alana wuold have been there to
stop her but she was in the showres so she turned she hesitted thinking maybe i
shuold wat to here what alana has to say but she walked up the stairs desipte thee
thuogh in about five minutes she wished she shuold have followed her first thuogh as
she stood with urich and odd your showres are doennw sairs just then alana cameto the
jim came to the seen as well you have no business going into the boys showres mis
stones (aleat had made a fake last name for heself)
and niether do you miss finch (alana) sorry i just came to get her your okay then
miss finch he said turnig away from her after it was all over sissy came up saying se
not a GIRL in sight hey take it easy shuoted alana lok who's talking she snaped back
little miss knotty hair thats the worst comeback ever she shuoted anyway she snorted
it's a jungel out there she needs to learn to adapt thats for sure odd butlted out im
loking at a babbon right now 

chapter six 

the group met with yumi ishaima in the shcool yard so said yumi repeting the
infomation she jus t herd you think the tehacher and the owner are the smae gu
y?????? yes but i won't know for sure unit i can match the signiture of the deed and
the singture of the techer and ill have  get the sinmiture of the teahcer in the
cadic archives bu6 jermie said urich we cuold get aught and then ....... i kinow but
its risk we'll have to take he sdia in reponse i'll go to aeleat said quikly taking
her mind of the morings fiosaco 
no you better not said jemy if you get caugh t the'll throw you uot of school for
sure aright then she said 

part two comin soon
Last edited: 11 August 2007

horsygirl56 says :   11 August 2007   371252  
wow il ove thats show


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