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Sunday, 6 May 2007
06:54:17 PM (GMT)
As some of you already know, I am going into a Yoyo compititon. I have been very
busy with my yoyo practicing, this is not just any compitition, its the one that
makes me a star. Ok, so all the best YoYo-ers from all over the world are going to be
there. The cool thing is, that I am going to be the youngest person there, thats
right.. a 13 year old boy is the youngest.. The second youngest is a 24 year old
woman. I can't wait.. everyone else there is 10 years older then me, and alot are
more then 20 years older then me! I am going on last, which means I will have some
time back space to practice my tricks. The compitition is in New York. My older
sister, Melinda and my twin brother, Brad are coming with me to cheer me on in the
audiance. My sister can't wait because she says that after we are going to the mall
and go shopping, she also says that New York is the shopping capital! Well, I am not
too excited about the shopping part, but the FREE vacation is pretty sweet! We
are getting one of the top class hotels. We are also getting First class in the
Airplane, and this is all FREE!! I can't wait!
If anyone living in New York wants to see me, go to that show! 


‹HANNER› says:   6 May 2007   537892  
OH EM GEE.. not only do I get to listen to you talk about it all day,
but I get to read about it too! WOW! *note hint of sarcasm*
the_girl_no_one_likes says:   6 May 2007   983712  
good luck
‹HANNER› says:   6 May 2007   642711  
I can't believe people actually care... jeeesshhh...
‹JustMe,Tiffani(:› says:   6 May 2007   252399  
Good luck! Hopefully you come out on top!
The_One says:   6 May 2007   985728  
thnks (except kiwiface)
kianna9800 says:   7 May 2007   983996  
i hope you do good  haha. dayyyynnnggg. the youngest one? and the
rest are all like 93. haha
The_One says:   7 May 2007   344936  
Lol, no none of them are older then 40
fieldhockeygirl101 says:   8 May 2007   215523  
hey good luck i wish i didnt live in upstate
The_One says:   8 May 2007   536571  
lol, thnks
Danielle10 says:   10 May 2007   518749  
lolz,if you're this good...you're gonna win..;
The_One says:   10 May 2007   494525  
yea... but there are alot of GREAT people.
brunetbaby says:   20 July 2007   166431  
ummmmmmm i think (we havent made this clear) tht u dont like me, and
i know this happened a long time ago (yoyo competion (congrats by the
way!) and plz, PLZ don't take this the wrong way, But... don't you
think your bragging a bit... I mean with the talking about how much
money your getting, AND what you did get. Don't get me wrong, I
enjoyed reading it, and many other people did too, but with all the
fabulous "free vacation and first class flight". You probably deserved
it, and i AM happy for you, and support you in my mind because i am
afraid... but yeah............bragging

love ♥
23LiLmIsSsUnShInE32 says:   21 July 2007   937671  
good luck 2 u
cute_monkey says:   21 July 2007   776769  
whoa!!!I will give you my lucky spirit!*gives lucky spirit*
here you go!!!
yah im hyper!
what what!^-^
i hope ya win 
‹Twilight Night› says:   21 July 2007   794278  
how good of a yoyoer do u have to be order to go to those, msg me w/
the answer
prettyprincesselisa222 says:   21 July 2007   944887  
Hope u win!!! 
p.s. how come u never mail
lovenitgirl24 says :   21 July 2007   447713  
good luck   i  hope  u  win


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