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Saturday, 28 April 2007
11:01:56 PM (GMT)
121.	Hello Edinburgh...just testing you" (at the start of Gig On The Green
in Glasgow) 
122.	were you filming my bum?? (greatest hits DVD) 
123.	"I stroked a tiger and I made a connection- I'm the year of the tiger and my
name is Tony!" (Anthony) 
124.	"There is something quite humorous about watching the world crumble,don`t ya
think,Flea?" Flea:"BURRRP"yEA,WHATEVER! 
125.	"Lifes cooler when you don't know any better.." 
126.	to anyone whos listening- today it rains. tomorrow who knows. today im sad.
tomorrow who knows. shuttled 'round in london town befuttled by a single frown i own
my lonliness. im going down. tomorrow who knows. anthony, 
127.	i think im gonna be needin new sox for my birfday... 
128.	"I fuck em...just to see the look on their face - I fuck em just to see the look
on their face!" Freaky Styley 
129.	pain is part of life don't hide it behind your false pride 
130.	i don't want to live somebody elses life
131.	i could never change just what i feel my face will never show what is not real-i
could have lied lyrics 
132.	'i just look over at my dog and remember that Buster's never seen me high'-
Anthony Kiedis, Scar Tissue!!! 
133.	All what Scar Tissue contains is just beautiful, everybody should read it (sorry
thats not anthony saying) 
134.	Fuck 'em, just to see the look on their face! 
135.	like you put it out there it's coming back at you...from the off the map dvd. 
136.	this is not john frusciante, this is not flea, this is not chad... this is
anthony kiedis in my on tour voice 
137.	and i want you to know, most sincearly, this is anthony kiedis on his on-tour
138.	"What doesn't kill you only makes your book longer" - Anthony talking 'bout Scar
Tissue! x)I love Anthony ! =) 
139.	everything,what u do or say,it s always coming back to u!-i think so 2 
140.	"what doesnt kill you only makes you book longer"
141.	"I liked Christina Aguilara's song 'genie in a bottle' for about 8
seconds........but that's just cos i have hormones" 
142.	"I`m stupid fucker and its true..." 
143.	"finding what you're looking for get end up being being such a bore..." 
144.	a butterfly that flaps his wings, affecting almost everything; the more I hear
the orchestra the more I have something to bring; and now I see you in a beautiful
and different light, he's just a man and any damage done will be alright... 
145.	throw me to the wolves because there's order in the pack. 
146.	I ask the singer from grape77 to marry me once what did she say? No,she was
already married to the guitarist. (hyde park, in between song banter. I'm pretty sure
that's what he said i was right at the front.) 
147.	everybody b cool u b cool ak 
148.	I dont want to be like my dad, seeing women as sex objects- In Q Magazine May
149.	No one´s ever accused me of having a set of pipes- Spin Magazine may 2006 
150.	"My tie says lesbian, incase your wondering. Its an old tie." Ipswich, Portman
Road Stadium, 30.06.06
151.	Finally you have found something perfect and Finally you have
found......yourself -(Hard To Concentrate) 
152.	"Aw baby do me now, do me here, I do allow !" /Suck my kiss/ 
153.	"oh, so now your talking shit about the weather, most beautiful day on earth and
your talking shit about the weather". DVD Live At Slane Castle. 
154.	"oral sex and bird migration!". 21st Century. 
155.	i may look tough, but im a big pussy in my heart. Off The Map DVD 
156.	I feel that woop ditty RULES!! Good god wheres my slinky. 
157.	"i'm not trying to sound like a tough guy or narley stunt man, i'm really just a
teddy bear but Flea and I did grow up doing stuff like this for the hell of it for
158.	id like to think that im your #1-desecration smile 
159.	"I'm a vegatarian. I start every day by drinking water, then a enzyme protien
powdered thing, and then a pot of green tea. I try not to eat late at night, James
Brown once said the secret to his success was not to eat after 6:00 p.m." 
160.	if you have to ask youl never know
161.	All the best, God bless" 
162.	"The concept is rock out with your cocks out!!!" 
163.	"Whether I'm in jail or in a rehab or just half-dead somewhere, I always have an
innate sensation that says, 'You're going to get out of this mess.' That can be a
good thing or a bad thing; it gives you carte blanche to explore areas you have no
business going into." - Anthony Kiedis (Rolling Stone, April 2000) 
164.	"oh in case your wondering popi lives in motown" 
165.	"We´re not just cocks in socks" 
166.	"Life is full of beauty and ugliness and love and hate." 
167.	"Sex is the main inspiration of our music" 
168.	"Flea coming up to me and crying with his beautiful little blue eyes and saying
"I love you and I don't want you to die" ... That was helpful" 
169.	its all about spreading he love 
170.	"Ask me again''It's not for me to decide. That's between God and technology. As
an artist, I'm way more concerned about making good art than the commerce of
it.''-Anthony Kiedis (his opinion about napster) 
171.	"To all of our beautiful fans out there, we love you, and get ready cause' were
far from done, we beleive the future holds bigger things than the past"- Anthony
Kiedis to V music news 
172.	"If anybody thinks that i rehearse what i do or say, well this person doesn't
know me well." 
173.	"I'm a sucker about the notion of monogamy and having a family." 
174.	"...somewhere in Mexico..." 
175.	"Do you fondle your nipples when you masturbate? It's just a question." 
176.	"If I could, I would fuck all of you." 
177.	"Blood sugar baby, she's magik, sex magik, sex magik" 
178.	In order to do what we do you have to be able to do... everything. Live, life,
studio, stage, sitting here talking to you... (From Channel V Speakeasy) 
179.	"We just go out and try to do whatever feels natural. It's not scripted, but
it's not disgusting, hey lets go have a great time and be extra spontaneous and be
Mr. Party-party-party-party-party-party all the time." (Channel V Speakeasy again)
-Love TriggerHippie
180.	, I'll tell you the same"- I THINK that this was said by Anthony, however I'm
not positive!
181.	I love all of you Hurt by the cold So hard and lonely too When you don't know
yourself /It's a part of one of my favourite song "My friends" on the album "One hot
minute". I love it. /Linn 
182.	"It's all about light and colour" on the making of Around the World" 
183.	"Hello young woman that I love pretty punk rock mamma that I'm thinking of hold
me naked if you will in your arms, in your legs, in your pussy I'd kill to be with
you, to kiss with you,I do miss you I love you "From "Sir Psycho Sexy" 
184.	"I don't know what, when or why. (in Breaking the Girl)" 
185.	"It would be a waste of time" (in 'Point Break')" 
186.	"this world is just a experiment for the next world" 
187.	"Everyone of you has the right to trust in a god of your own belief" He said
that in Sacramento this past year while on tour... I wouldn't have remembered it, but
I wrote it down since it hit so close to home... 
188.	''Everyone hated me for not being at (Hillel Slovak's) funeral. They were like,
'His best friend and you weren't there'. And I was like, 'Yeah, but I was dying
too..' '' 
189.	"does anybody really care what anybody thinks?" (at much music about people
loveing or hating rhcp) 
190.	"shit shit we're fuct"(point break) 
191.	"actually..im on the toilet"(to a reporter in an over the phone interview) 
192.	"we feel good to b around we feel good to play music,,u know...with john commin
out of the the dark assholes of black reality.."(about the return of john and the
condition of the "NEW" band) 
193.	"If you have to ask, you'll never know" 
194.	"Always be the first to smile" --In reference to the September 11th terrorist
195.	"Don't worry man, it's nuthin'" from "point break" right before a can o' whoop
ass was opened 
196.	"Hey Blondie! (Off The Map)" 
197.	"AK: you know what I wish for my fans? reporter: no. AK: a lot of love!" 
198.	"Music transcends the bullshit and suffering of life." 
199.	"Some people think it's an asterisk. It's...it's actually an angel in heavens
asshole...as viewed from earth...of course." (When asked about the Peppers emblem's
200.	"It was good, I enjoyed it but, made me reflect on my own life and how I haven't
had a girlfriend in about a year..." Interviewed at the "Singles" premiere by Rikki
Rachtman who responded "You know this is working right, just look into that camera
over there.
201.	" Wherever you are Eddie Vedder you're a genius... the Ramones songs may have
been three minutes long but, that speech was not." At the R'N R Hall of Fame after
the Pearl Jam singer's 27 minute ode to the Ramones 
202.	"When Flea smiles I smile, when Flea cries, it makes me cry." 
203.	"What is soul, i dont know. Soul is: Roaming the streets at four in the morning
catching your friend making out with a transsexual at an all-night diner in
cleaveland in 1986... I never knew a soul like that before" 
204.	"I listened to Talking Heads and it made me feel smart. . . . Talking Heads also
made me want to dance like a maniac" 
205.	'distruction leads to a very rough road but it also breads creation'(from
206.	"Once you know you can never go back"-Otherside 
207.	"You can die,but you're never dead"-Parallel Universe 
208.	"somebody better save my soul"-search and destroy 
209.	"ok i need u all 2 do me a favour.i want all of u...girls boys kids
watever...just take off ur shirt and swing it around like a hellicpter for this next
song."-he said this at tha concert in sydney on nov 29 just before they played 'me
and my friends'. 
210.	"It's good to be in a ro"For every one once of love you give us, we will give
you two onces of love in return" 
211.	"Let's all take a moment to reflect on how handsome we all are" 
212.	Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner 
213.	"well that's better than smelling like the reproductive fluids of old dirty
bastard!" Anthony! 
214.	"Every stupid thing I did, I'm proud of it!" 
215.	confusion is my middle name ask me again and ill tell you the same... that was
the quote 
216.	"This is a minor thing and I'm a minor king..." 
217.	"Another southern fried freak on a crucifix" also "Hicks don't mix with
politics" - both from Apache Rose Peacock 
218.	"Thanks for the fish and chips!" (March 9th London Docklands Arena) 
219.	"pop corn peanuts lookin at big butts!"
220.	ck band"
221.	14 Mohawks were given backstage... (off the map) 
222.	"I believe in God, but I don't believe in religion"--Anthony 2002 
223.	reporter: -do you still live the sex, drugs and rock n`roll cliché? Anthony:...
i still like fucking! 
224.	"Meet me at the coffee shop. We can dance like Iggy Pop!" ~Coffee Shop~ One Hot
225.	'first born unicorn, hard core soft porn...!' 
226.	"Hes a fan, but hean obsessive, compulsive, Phsychologically misaranged fan" ant
talking about taxi driver in by the way videos 
227.	me and my me and my me and my me and my me and my friends 
228.	Reporter:who is the greatest living englishmen? Anthony:Harry Potter. Can you
think of anyone better? 
229.	[ Singing to the tune of “Scar Tissue” ] "Mike Jordan, man I wish I saw You
play longer with the basketball Stick your tongue out slamming the ball cuz The
Wizards need the Air With Airman the Wizards will win it all With Airman the Wizards
will beat them alllllll… " NV 
230.	Do you know what I have for my fans? Nothin but love
231.	'Don't expect anything and you will be pesently surprised with everything'.
Anthony on virgin radio at the V Festival 2003. 
232.	" We're gonna drink all your beer, we're gonna eat all your sandwiches... we're
even gonna eat your steak and kidney pies... oh, and we're gonna do some other stuff
too" V fetstival, 2003 (was it Flea or AK?) 
233.	"inside-out and feeling weird" lets make evil (my friends b side) 
234.	"love and music can save us"- deep kick 
235.	''Can I get another kiss from you? kiss me right here on my tatoo..'' 
236.	Antwan the Swan From the pretty fish pond, was a bad mothet jumper you could
tell he was strong. He wore a cold paisley jacket, and a hellified ass, and between
his legs a sweat young lass. 
237.	Two of us were made of angel's dust 
238.	in some ways i'm grateful for the struggle that we've been through - anthony
239.	tonight let your girlfriend fuck you for a change!(off the map) 
240.	we.. love.. all.. of.. you.. ! x4 times A.K (somewhere live on stage to the
241.	"To eat a sad cow is to eat another you!" 
242.	love and music can save us 
243.	I love certain ideas about school. I love what it does to your head to be forced
to read and write. 
244.	"Looking in my own eyes, I can`t find the love i want... (One hot minute-
245.	"We are not the center of this funny universe..." (One hot minute - Shallow be
thy game) 
247.	life is full of beauty and ugliness and love and hate 
248.	"So I zipped and I slipped Ooh, that's tight..." 
249.	They call me the swan, because I wave my magic wand, and I love all the women to
death, I've partied hard, pack a mean rod, and I'll knock you out with a right or
250.	"Until we meet again" Anthony says that at the end of each show. p.s I love rhcp
and swan
251.	"I like pleasure spiked with pain." Aeroplane 
252.	"This is not a capper for us this is... is just a.. just a little insert!" yahoo
exclusive interview about by the way 
253.	"never mind the consequences of the timeless time my fortune faded!" fortune
faded song 
254.	"You know, that thing where he[Anthony] does like he's outting his hand in a
womens vagina and then he goes up like that...that's funny" I think it was actually
flea but its a great quote 
255.	AK: "I hate to disappoint the people, but Im not bisexual" Chad: "Im not
bisexual but I do like to buy sex" I think that was it its on the greatest hits dvd 
256.	you are my god you are my god you kept me close love never lost I called you
hippie you said fuck off said your brother`s a real punk socker [TRANSCENDING (one
hot minute)] 
257.	Flea: "I saw, in one of the cubby holes backstage, where your hockey team gets
ready, an envelope. I opened it and inside was Mark Mesiaih's tooth. I put it in my
pants, maybe it's good luck" AK: "Really? Can I see it?" 
258.	Come on god do I seem bulletproof... (Fortune Faded) 
259.	Everything happens for the best (think about what that means) 
260.	To finger paint is not a sin , i put my middle fin'Ten more reasons why I need
somebody new...just like you' - Can't stop 
261.	"An orgasm... (to me is).. like your ass being this giant cacoon and the most
beautiful butterfly in the world hatching out of it." 
262.	(In an interview on channel V, Anthony describes the latest album, By the Way
as "..an eclectic multitude of configerations.." (as cute and talented as he may
be, if you are to simplify the words, the sentence becomes rather vague, meaning 'a
wide variety of stuff'. Maybe AK didn't really know what to describe it as at the
time? who knows..) 
263.	In an interview: (asked when Anthony just cut his hair) ''where is your hair''?
Ak: I was to near by a fan.. 
264.	were gonna bring tubs of love and spread it all around to all you people 
265.	"To all the people of Austraila, bring the bowling ball and the whipped cream,
I'll be there at two-don't be late!" Anthony 
266.	"Be good to each other. Have a nice ride home. I'll see you at the Coffee Shop
267.	"It's time to get pregnant"; Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland (12th June '04) 
268.	i'm signing just as fast as i can man !!( greatest hits DVD) 
269.	"something that lives under water would be a bold change. the grace and mobility
of a killer whale are very tempting but i don't think i could handle baby seal brains
in my teeth, so i'll say a female human." — AK (When asked what kind of animal he
would come back as when he dies) 
270.	ger in , your monthly blood is what i win, im in your house now let me spin !
Purple Stain vince jones
271.	-"don't be afraid to show your friends that you hurt inside inside pain's part
of life don't hide behind your false pride" knock me down song -"I don't think the
lyrics deserve any censorship. It's very honest. Flea wrote the lyrics." about the
song pea in one hot minute album 
272.	Aeroplane' is a song about finding something that gets you closer to God in a
way." -"Whenever I have a dream about him (hillel slovak), it's like our relationship
continues. We meet in the world of dreams." -"the only hope I really have is to make
music. And that it gets heard. It (this album) is something that took so much time
and struggling and working and exorcism. If they don't like it, that's okay. As long
as it's heard." 
273.	-"I'm afraid of marriage ... because I'm a little afraid of myself. I don't know
how to relate to people in a loving way." -"When I'm finally ready to be a father,
I'll be full of love and support. I relate so much easier to children than I do
grown-ups. I look forward to being a father." -" I think that people choose their
parents before they are born. You select your parents, you pick the ones you think
are going to take care of you." 
274.	-"reporter: Wow, we've been talking a long time. Am I wearing you out? AK: No.
But I have to go in a while. And I am paying for this call. reporter: Oogh! Oh no,
I'm sorry! Will Warners reimburse you? AK: (laughs) I was just kidding ya. Don't
worry about it." in an over the phone interview -talking to japaneese girls wearing
very high heel boots : " do those shoes come with walking instructions ?" in greatest
video DVD 
275.	Camera man: "It matches your eyebrows", Anthony: "is that a pick up line? ; I
didnt think so". - From the Greatest Hits DVD 
276.	somebody must have been born today, cause i'm wearin' my white suit, it's a lets
get reborn suit - hyde park june 25th 2004 
277.	"Its A Blank Canvas, You Can Make It Wherever You Wanna Make It.. Its Fresh
Stuff, Dont Piss In It! This Is Your Fuckin Life! Thank You For Coming To The Show,
We Love All-Of-You! We Love All-Of-You! We Love All-Of-You! We Love All-Of-You!"-
December 31, 2002. Las Vegas, NV. At A Concert At the end of the Nothing To Lose
278.	"I don't want to do it like my daddy did...I don't want to give it to my baby's
kid" [from the song "This Is The Place" 
279.	"Now you're talking shit about the weather? It's a beautiful day and you're
talkin'shit about the weather?" 
280.	"Did you all get your James Brown on today Whoa! Whoa!, I got to meet the man
today, it was was HUGE!" (during Hyde Park show on the 20th June 2004)

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