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We must save Kari! Part 3 (a roleplay with kari!)Category: (general)
Tuesday, 24 April 2007
05:02:05 PM (GMT)
Gatomon: ill explain later

we need to go now! 
*grabs your left hand and runs towards tai's room*
Kari: Woah!
Kari: Tai!!
Gatomon: *hears tai rustle*
TAI GET YOUR *censored* *censored* OUTTA BED RIGHT NOW!

*turns to kari*
learned it from matt...he's got a "dirty" mouth....
Kari: *grabs tai and pushes him off the bed*
Gatomon: "AHH! WHAT??"

"Tai! get out of bed! your sister is going to die if we dont help her!"


"I'll explain later. now GET. OUT. NOW!!!"

*he gets out of bed* "you lead the way gatomon"

"come on. we need to go find matt, tk, sora, mimi, izzy, and joe. but no davis.
heh....we dont need him distracting us."
Kari: I'm with the last part! Lets go!
Gatomon: *we run all the way to matt's house. tk is staying the nite at matt's

Kari: *grabs my and tk and pushes them both out of the bed* Come on! Get up!
Gatomon: *giggles when sees you taking TK*
Kari: ......are they up...?

(tai "erm lets see.... MATT ARE YOU UP!?!"

"I'm up, i'm up! Gawd what do you guys need?"
Gatomon: "come on! you've got to come!"
*rushes over to TK* "you've gotta come TK. kari will die if u dont!"
Kari: *yanks matt by the arm* GET UP ALLREADY!! 
Gatomon:"what? what do you mean she'll die?"
"JUST *censored* GET UP ALREADY!"

"ok ok im up! lets go matt; we've got business to do!"
Kari: Gatomon, what .. can you at least tell us while we're running?
Gatomon: "no time. come on; we've got sora, mimi, joe, and izzy to get"
Kari: *calls sorra and mimi*
Sorra, mimi, get out of your beds NOW!"
"Whats wrong?"
"I dunno, just get outta bed sorra!"
"Ohhh, five more minuiets!"
Gatomon: *eventually we got them all and we're in the digiworld*

tai: gatomon...plz tell us why we're all outta bed and HERE at 1:00 in the morning.
Kari: *rubs eyes* Please?
Gatomon: *nods*
me: ok. here's what happened: i had a dream. wizardmon's ghost came. he told me i
needed to get away from kari...that i needed to leave her. because myotismon is
going to take over her body and control the digiworld and then take over earth. but
im not going to leave her. we need to protect her. or kari as we know it will be
gone. dead!
Kari: What? *steps back* Him..take over me..? No...no no no no no.
Gatomon, please, please tell me thats not going to happen, please!
Gatomon: me: it will. but we can stop it. first, we need to find myotismon's
lair. where he's
hiding. come on, i need ALL of you to help.
Kari: Well, i guess it woudn't be that obviuos...under a rock prehaps?

TK,your sarcasitisem would be awesome in hail and rain but on a bright, sweet day,
your sarcasitisum ..not so good
Gatomon: *blink*
Kari: >>no, really.
Gatomon: *cracks up*
tk and kari
sitting in a tree
Kari: Whaa~ no!!

"carii..what did you tell them?"

Nothing! -.-ll
Gatomon: *still laughing*
i saw you two yesterday...man you were REALLY into it!
Kari: "We were not! CARII ><"

<b">Gatomon: "you didnt tell me anything. i SAW you!"
Kari: i-i-i-i...

"................carrii.. o-o;;"
Gatomon: *laughs non-stop*

"uh..." Tai says.

Izzy goes "Can we PLEASE just get back to the mission?"

Me: "No Izzy. These two are going to confess their love for us for once and for
Kari: Tai: This'll never stop..

Me: Come one gatomon its 1:00 in the morning.. *yawns* Lets just go kay?

TK: Carrii..?

Me: What?

TK: I think...i tihnk a digimon is sleeping on your foot..

Me: What?! *shakes foot rapidly* ITS STUCK!! >< *trys to pull it off

Kari8899 says:   27 September 2007   917214  
Gatomon says :   27 September 2007   381819  
who are you?


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