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The Mirror of Memories: Part ThreeCategory: (general)
Friday, 6 April 2007
12:52:18 AM (GMT)
"What's going on?" I questioned. Nera turned her head around at me, frowning.

    "This mirror..." she murmured, looking back at her reflection. "When I was a kid,
I used to play in this attic all of the time, and once I remembered that I was
running away from my brother, not paying attention to where I was going, and I ran
straight through this mirror. Then, somehow, I fell through another mirror, a
different mirror. I had transported to this strange place, and had appeared in
someone's room! I had no idea how it had happened, but I remember seeing these
people, and I was so terrified that I ran straight back through the mirror, and I was
in this attic again."

    I cocked my eyebrow, looking up at Lawne, and giving her a weird look. Was Nera
telling the truth? I suspected that she was, because Nera was an extremely honest
person, and I had never known her to lie or make stories up. Besides, who would make
up a story like that?

    "Are you serious?" Lawne asked suspiciously.

    Nera nodded her head. "I'm totally serious. Why would I lie to you guys?" She was
grabbing onto her long white dress, pulling it up a bit so it wouldn't drag on the
dirty attic floor. There were already brown stains on the bottoms of the gown from
dragging across the floors of the house, anyway, so it didn't really matter.

    "I dunno," the boy said. "That's really weird though. So you can't get it to work

    "No..." Nera murmured, sounding disappointed. "I don't know, maybe it was just my
imagination, or a dream or something. But when I was young, it all seemed so real.
After that one time I went through the mirror, I got so frightened that I stopped
playing in this attic. I sort of forgot all about it until now. This is the first
time in years I've been up here," the girl explained.

    "Let's go do something else," someone said. "I'm getting bored of this."

    So all of us filed out of the attic, but I stayed behind, just staring at the
tall mirror. I dusted its wooden frame off with my hand, looking at my reflection. I
grimaced at the sight of my hideous orange coat. I tapped the glass mirror with one
of my sharp nails, wondering if it was really magical like Nera said it was.

    I didn't really believe in magic at all, but it was intriguing. For some reason I
believed Nera when she said that this mirror could transport you places, and a little
light bulb went off in my head after I had been staring at the mirror for long
enough. I remembered reading about a mirror like this in a random book I had been
looking through one day while I was at the library. Now, I hate reading, but I was
looking for a book because I needed to get one for English class, and well, that's a
different story.

    Anyway, in this book I had just grabbed from the shelf, I was reading about a
mirror called the Mirror of Memories, and there was a picture of it in the book. The
mirror looked exactly like this one, and I mean exactly. The frame of the mirror was
the same color of wood, size of the mirror was the same, and everything. A
full-length oval-shaped standing mirror, whose frame was made of dark ebony wood.
There were tons of details carved into the wood frame. Little swirl patterns, some
words in another language, and some other things.

    In the book, it said the mirror had once belonged to someone a long, long time
ago. Hundreds of years, probably. But it was stolen from them, and it fell into the
hands of a commoner, and was eventually sold, and now no one knew where it was or who
owned it. The book explained that if one concentrated hard enough, they could walk
through the mirror to any place or any time they wanted to.

    My train of thought was suddenly interrupted when I heard someone calling my

    "Aina! Aina! Where are you--?"

To be continued...

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