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Gemini's Curse (Chapter Four)Category: (general)
Sunday, 25 March 2007
01:47:25 PM (GMT)
The chest! It was open, and the skull was staring right at me! I screamed and ran,
like Mrs Honeyberry had said. I saw the creature staring at me and grinning at me as
he stood there. He waved casually, a cruel look spread across his face.
I ran and ran through the town and stepped into a fast food restaurant. I walked up
to the counter and leaned on it to get my breath.
"Hi," said the worker. "Would you like to order something?"
"Yeah, okay." I fingered my pockets and found a fiver.
"Would you like the death burger?" he asked.
I looked up. "The what?"
"The death burger," he repeated, and raised a knife. "It's perfect for you, Gemini!"
I screamed and ran out of the restaurant. I dashed into a ladies toilet and locked
myself in a cublicle. Suddenly, the door of the ladies toiletscame crashing down and
I heard the sound of a chainsaw. I peeped through the bottom of the cubicle door and
saw the creature's legs. He suddenly looked down and saw me.
"Hi, Gemini," he said. "Meet my new friend, Chainsaw."
I screamed and backed up against the cubicle wall. He was bashing at the door, trying
to come in. I kept as quiet as a mouse and then slipped under the wall into the next
cubicle. I heard him bash the door down and look around the cubicle next to me. Then
I saw his face over the top. I screamed again and sprinted out of the ladies'
toilets. He was quite a way behind and I knelt down under a hedge, breathing heavily,
and scared stiff. I heard the tapping of his feet on the pavement. I held my breath
and then made a run for it. He saw me and shouted, "Bad things, Gemini! Bad, bad
I took off my shoe and threw it at his head, but he ducked and laughed. "You wouldn't
get me that easy," he grinned. "There's no point running, I'll get you sometime, and
it wil be soon."
"No you won't!" I screamed desperately back at him. "I will keep running from you
forever if I have to."
"You will slow down sometime," said the creature, laughing. "There's no way you can
keep this up."
"Who are you?" I shouted, still running down the pavement, even though we were still
in hot pursuit.
"Why, I'm the leader of the world," replied the creature, who wasn't even out of
"No you're not, I haven't even heard of you," I replied, determined to run faster.
"That's because I'm not leader yet. When I have you I will use your knowledge to rule
the world. You have travelled nearly everywhere, and when I have hold of your
friends, and all their knowledge of the world, I will surely win!"
"You will never win!" I screamed, and ran faster.
"That's where you're wrong, Gemini."
I ran faster and faster until I had to slow down and admit I was lost.
"Ok," I said breathlessly. "Please, don't hurt me."
"It will only hurt a lot," said the creature, and suddenly he screamed.
I looked back and saw he was gone.
But there was no one there and I was in the middle of nowhere...

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