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Friends, or Foe? Help ME PLEASE!!!!!! I'm DEVASTATED!!!!!!Category: (general)
Tuesday, 13 February 2007
10:43:15 AM (GMT)
Someone help me plz.  I have this friend, and her nickname is Joanna, well. She is
always coming to our house. WHen she id their she is always mean. When my mom asks
for my help, She just says " No. Wait. i will do it. me!" She is spending more time
with my mom then hers. And jut because she owns a jewlery shop, doesn't mean she has
to swhow them off. Her mom gives her free jewlery, and she show them of at our house.
She thinks she's rich. She like, i got diamond rings, oh, my mom gave me these REAL
GOLD NECKLACES. I hate it whe she does that. She loves dogs too. I said i will give
her my dog pictures so she can make it into a colage. Now, its been 1 year and 1
month since she never gae it back to me. Everytime i ask for it, she neithers ignores
me, or makes up an excuse. i also have this cool dog book. And she aska me where i
get it and how much it costs. Next thing you know, she buys the same thing. ANd when
we start talking about our proms, she like,, "oh my mom is going to buy me this
Aesome dress and for my 15th birthday, she is going to buy me a lamburginy with a
revolving door. And my prom dress, my mm said the total cost of it will be
$100,000,000. I'm sick and tired of her saying things!!! Then, when i show her that i
got a cellphine, ipod nano, and laptop, she's like. " Oh, i think my sisters r
getting me that cellphone for X-mas. The on e that's a flip phone and text messages.
And my mom is getting me a flat screen computer, and I will ask my dad to buy me an
iPod." I didn't beleive. And i was right. instead, she got a nintendo DS, and she
sowed it off to my famile. She LIES A LOT!! an average of her lies a day at my house
is like 1,000,000!!! On Bears day, i painted my nails blue with orange paws and
sparkles. you know what she did. She said this. " Hey, can I borrow your phone. And i
said yes. So she calls up her Mom. AGAIN, and says tis IN MY FACE. Hey, mom, can you
buy me a Bears shirt and Bkue and orange nail polish, h, AND RHIMESTONES!!!!!!!!! In
my mind i'm like. That little. UGH. I hated her so much that i couldn't even finish
my sentence. She is always showing OFF. i hate hate hate it when she does it. Oh,
their is a lot MORE lie stories that she did that I could tell u, but im tired of
this Whole About HeR thing. AGAIN! plz give me advice on what I nee to do. PLZ!!!!!!
ifnot. Then im going to PUNCH HER!!!!!!!! Im going crazy! ahAHAHAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! help
me!!!! my brai is fried!!!!!! plz write back. thx! lol.

CookieDough says:   13 February 2007   982655  
She doesn't seem like a real friend to me. I think you should just
ignore her and find other friends that don't show off, eventually
she'll get the point. And if she doesn't you'll have to say it to her
florrosada12 says:   13 February 2007   817678  
Woah! You do NOT deserve to be treated that way if u want her as a
friend talk to her but if u don't  stop seeing her altogeather.
florrosada12 says:   13 February 2007   156628  
I mean... u do  not deserve to be treated like crap!
seamonkey8844 says:   13 February 2007   649435  
if she treats u lik that, she isnt relly ur friend. i mene, u can
find better friends almost anywere. i can be a very good friend if ur
looking for another one
Ayu says:   13 February 2007   385867  
whoa, ditch that bitch!!! 
I would've punched her nose off a long time ago... -.-
judobabe_1995 suggests :   13 February 2007   638586  
why dont you tell one of your other mates to have a word with her if
that dosnt work tell her to fuck off


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