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Kupika InternationalCategory: the Kupika newspaper
Monday, 5 February 2007
03:48:21 PM (GMT)
Welcome 2 the first ever Kupika International, here u can c the latest news, get
cool pics, read submitted poems and stories,( u can submit 1 2)take penpal
polls,(using ur answers i will match u up with the perfect penpal)get info if ur a
newbie, and we'll even have occasional kp contests! :^) i'll change the Kupika
International every week(and if u tune n 2 Kupika International 4 five weeks u get
5kp points!)

                                        Latest News: kalieghrocks101 has been
blacklisted!! stay away from her!!
(answer truthfully 4 ur answers will determine ur penpal!)  Penpal poll: 1. ur friend
is failing math, do u-
         a: do nothing b: help her enough, but dont do the work 4 ur                 
            c:do the work 4 him/her. d: let friend cheat of ur paper

                                     Newbie info: if u didnt type n ur real email and
typed in something like none@none.net,
                                     the site wont let u talk 2 people, so find the
button, and delete the fake email so there is nothing
                                      in the box. :^)

                  4  2 days pic: look up Sabriesk and ask me 4 it! ;^)

girlygirl_4_life says:   5 February 2007   644539  
b-definetley b.
girlygirl_4_life says:   5 February 2007   149566  
and can i mail u and give the newbies advice?
Sabreisk sings:   5 February 2007   593572  
Sure u can!!
girlygirl_4_life says:   5 February 2007   638452  
are you there?
girlygirl_4_life says:   5 February 2007   433822  
ok ill mail u and tell u what it is
Sabreisk says:   5 February 2007   328992  
ok if any1 else says b, ill let u know!
girlygirl_4_life says:   5 February 2007   496223  
ok thats cool
Sabreisk asks:   5 February 2007   912878  
ok u want this weeks pic?
sweetangelgal says:   5 February 2007   112689  
I want to enter! Also a story! It's in my web pages called "Erin and
Adrianna, secret spies"
Sabreisk says:   5 February 2007   222585  
okay, go ahead and type it in the comment box, it sounds exiting!!!!!
Dead_girl says:   5 February 2007   244741  
Sabreisk says:   5 February 2007   963635  
or u can get me 2 type it n the actual paper by sending it 2 me. :^)
Sabreisk asks:   5 February 2007   739985  
hey do any of u guys want this weeks pic?
sweetangelgal says:   5 February 2007   775397  
Here is my story.


Chapter 1
  Erin and I just got off the phone with the Italian government. There
had been many famous paintings stolen. I put on my spy gear and
started heading out the door. "Wait a minute!" Erin said. She showed
me a picture of the robbers. "The only place in Italy they haven't
robbed is a small showcase on the beach," she said. My face lit up. In
my head I was screaming for joy. I knew we still had to do spy
business, but the beach excited me. I quickly packed and made
reservations. I rushed Erin out the door and onto a plane. 
  We got off the plane and went to our hotel. The government payed for
us to have a gigantic suite!! It was facing the beach with a balcony.
I almost shreiked, but managed just to do a sly smile. We went out on
the beach. It was freezing. It was, well, Febuary. "Let's get to the
museum!" I said, remembering out real reason to be here. 
  We started heading to the museum, when peices of bread or chips fell
from the balcony above and a bunch of seagulls landed all around us. I
tried nudging them away, but they were starving and bit me! The
seagulls started flying away. I looked up and knew why. Three balcony
chairs were falling right on top of us! (Then a duck, for some reason,
but that's not the point.) We got out of the way and from the next
balcony over came falling 10 pound rocks!

Chapter 2
  We quickly jumped out of the way. One rock fell on Erin's arm and
broke it. "If they are that desperate to kill us, we better keep an
eye on our drinks!" Erin said. I nodded and started walking on after
helping Erin up. I had a very grave look on my face and watched the
balconies. The tide was very high, almost up to where we were walking.
I quickly rushed Erin to the museum.
  We arrived at the Belle Toddan Museum and quickly set up our plan. I
grinned as I put the last part of the plan into place. I set our
hiding place and waited. And waited. And waited.
  Around midnight we heard something. There were the theives. A man
and a woman. They slid the paintings out of the frames and finally
spotted the one thing the museum was famous for. The Jade Green
Diamond. I watched as the woman slid past the security beams. I
wondered where the man went. I heard Erin give a cry and turned around
when I was hit with a rock by the accomplice!!
Chapter 3
  I woke up 6 hours later and shreiked. It woke Erin up. Erin's jaw
dropped. I finally regained my ability
sweetangelgal says:   5 February 2007   881531  
Chapter 3
  I woke up 6 hours later and shreiked. It woke Erin up. Erin's jaw
dropped. I finally regained my ability to speak. "Well, looks like we
didn't do much good here," I said. The painting were missing, and more
importantly, the JG Diamond. "Well, let's go back to the room, I'm
starving" I said cooly. Erin gave me a look. "We just failed the
entire country of Italy, and you're hungry?" Erin said. "Yes, I didn't
eat last night!" I snapped back. I walked away.
  Back at the hotel I was very cheerful, while Erin was miserable,
mumbling certain things about the mission and me not acting
professional. I called the concierge and found out there was a Mardi
Gras Ball that night. Erin was shocked I could even think about
parties at a time like this. I just smiled and put on my red dress. I
kept nudging Erin to get ready. She finally did and we headed out.
  We arrived at the ball and I immediatly rushed off to a tarot card
reader. Erin walked leisurly to the punch and waited there, still
mumbling something about me. I was walking over to Erin when I noticed
something. I ran to Erin and said, "You know how you keep mumbling how
we're never going to get any development in the mission?" "Yes," She
replied. "Stop mumbling it!" I said as I pointed to the robber and her
accomplice who were staring straight at us!!!

Chapter 4
  I started across the room and almost dived into the bathroom. Erin
and I talked under our breath. We asked each other why they would be
here. "Are they following us?" Erin asked. I shrugged. I heard the
door squeak and pushed Erin inot one of the stalls and got in one
myself. It was one of the robbers. She was on the cell phone talking
to someone almost indestinctly. I heard "painting" and something about
"forgeries" and a few words about "spies."
  She walked out and we came out of the stalls. I grabbed Erin's wrist
and rushed her out of the bathroom. I noticed she had dropped her cell
phone. I bugged it and brought it to the front and told them who it
belonged to. I waited outside and saw her come out and drag the man
along. I followed her. She finally stopped and went into a cave after
looking around. 
  A half hour later she came out. We walked in to investigate. I
quickly spotted paintings set in the corner and went to look at them.
I picked one up and studied it. "Cheap forgery!" I cried. Then, a
split second after I said that, the cave roof started to fall in and
stalagtites started peircing t
sweetangelgal says:   5 February 2007   355955  
the cave roof started to fall in and stalagtites started peircing the
ground around us!

Chapter 5
 I dived under a rock shelf with Erin at my heels. It stopped raining
sharp rocks, and we climbed out. I looked at the cave ceiling, the
walls, and the rock shelves. "There is no way the ceiling fall by
itself, Erin!" I said. I gave a stern look to Erin. She knew what I
meant. "The accomplice!" Erin said, almost with a shriek. "But where?"
I asked. 
  I knocked on the cave walls. *bong* *bong* *bong* *bing* (for those
of you who don't know, the bing is a hollow place) I got out an ax
that was there, probably for destroying evidence. I gave a few hard
swings at the wall, and  it burst open! I priend away a foam-like
substance that looked and hardened on the outside liked rock.
  I looked inside. It was a large room. In there was a chest, a bed, a
nightstand, and a small kitchen and bathroom. I looked around the
cramped room. "If the woman was there, and the bedroom is here-" I
started. Erin gave me a look of confusion. 
  I went over to the nightstand and opened the drawer. A map, three
tickets to Spain, and a phone number scribbled on the back of a
grocery reciept. I looked under the bed and found a box of photos,
some with X's over them. Finally, I looked in the chest. I cried out. 
I called Erin over. The accomplice was in the chest, DEAD!!!

Chapter 6
  I was shocked. I almost flew out of the room. We weren't just spies
anymore. We would have to be detectives. I took the photos, wrote down
the phone number, and took pictures of everything. I rushed Erin out
of the room and back to the hotel.
  I opened the door, and just like I thought, the room was trashed. I
made sure my jewelry was still there and threw out the food we had,
thinking it might be poisoned. We cleaned up the room and sat down on
the bed. We went over the evidence.
  The next day I went back to the room in the cave. The body had been
removed from the chest and the tickets and the map were gone from the
drawer. I grabbed Erin and rushed her to the airport. I hoped we were
in time. I heard a cry from Erin. I turned around and she was gone!

Chapter 7
  I sent people to look for Erin. I started looking too. Finally, I
stumbled into a luggage storage room. I listened closely. I opened a
piece of luggage and there was Erin! "Man, was it stuffy in there!"
she cried out. I dragged her from the room and she showed me where the
robber was.
  I slid up behind h
sweetangelgal says:   5 February 2007   125118  
  I slid up behind her and pushed her down. I held her at gunpoint
while Erin handcuffed her. We took her to the police chief. "Good
work, girls, but we don't have the paintings, or the diamond, or any
evidence the accomplice was murdered!" he said. I grinned and said,
"That's what YOU think!" I replied. I dumped my bag out on the
counter. It contained pictures of the body, the paintings, and the
  The chief stood speechless. Erin did too. Erin finally managed to
say, "Oh my gosh!" I smiled. They took fake paintings and the diamond
I planted. I had outsmarted those crooks yet again. That wraps up the
Adventure of the Italian Painting Heist!

  The body of the accomplice was found by a deep sea fisherman 8
months later. The robber is serving life in jail. As for me and Erin,
let's just ay we won't be bored for a while. Keep checking back for
more stories!
Sabreisk sings:   5 February 2007   181628  
ohhhh exiting, suspensefull ooooooooh aaaaaaah!! :^)
sweetangelgal says:   5 February 2007   642456  
Thank you! Here is the poll I filled out.
1. b
I love math, sometimes.
Sabreisk says:   5 February 2007   358658  
did u c the others who answered b? u should talk 2 them.
kewlchick101 says:   5 February 2007   338259  
B would be the answer and that is so cool!
keyshia says:   5 February 2007   864976  
b would be the answer that is so cool
skarlitstardust says:   5 February 2007   883972  
b is the anser
Pinkwink9 says:   5 February 2007   689499  
b, wat else??
Pinkwink9 says:   5 February 2007   781873  
can I have this weeks pic??
Sabreisk says:   6 February 2007   891539  
kittylol6 says:   6 February 2007   411279  
sooo how do u get the 5kps a week write me back
Savannah says:   6 February 2007   657264  
i would have to chose b!!
Sabreisk says:   6 February 2007   616788  
does any1 want this weeks pic?
Inuyashima says:   6 February 2007   322326  
B ^_^
Sabreisk says:   6 February 2007   355157  
i like ur outfit Inyashima! :^)
animelova says:   7 February 2007   627522  
B of coursh !!
Sabreisk sings:   9 February 2007   448733  
ok, since i wont b able 2 change it on sunday, im changin' it 2day!
lillytheleapfrog22 says:   24 March 2007   935991  
Sabreisk says:   24 March 2007   251817  
okies, u have 2 know this diary is, like, soooooooooooooo old
Oroborus21 says:   22 April 2007   586648  
I do Sabriesk, want this weeks pic..
‹Katie_Did› says:   29 July 2007   487455  
hey i pick b for the poll
MissDori says:   28 October 2007   475586  
Letter B all the way. 83

Good luck with your newsletter. :3
Sabreisk says:   29 October 2007   664941  
callie11 says:   11 December 2007   337697  
Mardi Gras doesn't happen in Italy. In Italy they call it Carnivale.
The name Mardi Gras is French, not Italian!
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   26 September 2008   181943  
b definetly b
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   29 September 2008   614767  
sry to advertise here. but it's for a good cause. btw cool newspaper.
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   29 September 2008   969135  
Fire_Lord_Zuko says:   21 November 2010   726118  
I think it's a really douche-y move to tell people to avoid someone
that you/another person don't like.
Sabreisk says:   21 November 2010   285043  
What are you, a necromancer?
This post has been dead since 2008, I just haven't bothered to take it
down yet.
Fire_Lord_Zuko says :   21 November 2010   309735  
I didn't bother to look at the dates.


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