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Satan Is Something To Fear, Not To EnjoyCategory: Christian Truth
Saturday, 13 January 2007
09:24:23 PM (GMT)
My mom does not allow us to dress up as satan on halloween, for we know that Satan
isn't a cute little boy with hrons and a tail, but he is like a beast. Soon after
jesuse comes, Satan will come to power. He will be handsome, kind and caring to those
who have not been saved. He will claim he wants world peace. But he is going to
destroy the earth, kill all people, exept about one. They will be able to be on the
earth when Satan gets thrown back to hell.
 Some may wonder, why did God make Satan? Some of you may not know that God did not
create evil. He created a angel, that ruled the universe. Satan used to have robes
covered with the most expensive gems. He was the highest of the angels, but then one
day he decided he wanted the angels to bow to him, not God, and the second he thought
of that. God threw him out of heaven. And Satan was put into the world, where sin
takes over.

Some of you may think im crazy, or a freak, or nuts, some might even hate me. But if
you want to post something, a lie, don't.
This is what i believe and im proud of it!This probably isn't exactly how it went i
think, but its very simaler, its what my mom said atleast!

qunshalla says:   13 January 2007   259376  
u r right andi believe too
crush_hard_on_ryan says:   13 January 2007   991316  
of course, That's what all christians believe that.
wizardess says:   14 January 2007   328871  
yep, so i was never ever ever ever ever ever EVER aloud to dress up
as a monster, witch, or anything Devil related for halloween!
Satan says:   26 July 2009   788886  
bullshit. there is a holy war (i have seen this epicly in my
thoughts.. i was.. "entered" by many beings) this war is seen on earth
through terrorist attacks, conflicts etc. basicly what will happen is
this god believes the only way to heaven from hell is earth, so when
satans army is complete, and god desides its right, he will send jesus
back to take his own, and he will carry them through the gates of
heaven, at the same time, the angels will destroy earth, "stopping" my
beloved lucifer. but there is much you dont know.
Satan says:   26 July 2009   921747  
and i found another load of shit. lucifer was thrown to his beloved
pits for he did not want to bow to man, so he called fellow angels
that followed him, and started an uprising, but of course god wanted
to remain all powerful, so he took his selfish ways and created the
fallen angels, the first demons. and they will soon return, and take
what is rightfully theirs
Satan says:   26 July 2009   398636  
and just to be clear, i dont wish to come off.. rude. however it is
among my ways.if you knew you would understand. but the truth is that
all i wish to spread is the truth. no harm ment towards you. or anyone
else. i myself was raised in a christian family.

if you are christian and dont wish to be like all the other
christians, and look down on me because i dont follow what you
believe. the choice is yours.
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says :   3 September 2010   881681  
I agree with above person.
Lucifer didn't want to bow down to filthy creatures of mud.
And by the way, Satan is way more kinder than your Tyrant god.
God kills millions of people in the bible and constantly breaks his
own rules.
Satan just made one guy miserable because god told him to.


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