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the silk childCategory: story
Friday, 29 December 2006
01:19:29 PM (GMT)
once upon a time, in a little town in Japan, there lived a woman. this woman was
aging, and lived in a cute little cottage with a cute little garden in a village with
plenty of children. although she was well off,she was not trully happy,for she wanted
nothing more in the world than a child, but she could not have any. her desire for a
child grew stronger as the days went by, until she could no longer could bear it and
was crying on her front porch on a beautiful spring day. that very same day, a kind
old witch was taking a stroll in the village where the woman lived, for the witch too
loved children and the day was especially beautiful in that particular village. she
was merrily humming when she saw the woman, crying."kind woman, is there anything i
can do to make you happy?" the old witch called out. "No, noone can make me happy. i
want a child, and the gods cant even give me that." the miserable woman replied. "oh,
you have underestimated my capabilty. i can give you a child." the kind witch stated.
the womans head shot up at those words."oh, please give me a child!i want nothing
more in the world than that!ill give anything your heart desires, ill do anything!"
the woman cried . the witch lauphed at the womans desperatness. "oh no, kind lady. i
want nothing more than the sight of the happiness in your eyes. i now give you magic
silk, which you must weave into a doll. then you must come to me, into the little
light yellow cottage in the next village. i will resight a spell and the doll will
come to life. amd she will be a beautiful child. but no matter what, you must  keep
her in the house until she is at least 15 years old. otherwise a horrible fate will
befall upon you both. this is the rules made by sico, the evil witch, not me. if it
was my decision , id just have you two live happily."the witch warned. "oh,i promise!
i promise!" the woman vowed. "ok," the witch said, pulling the most beautiful silk
one could behold the eyes with. the woman was astounded. "Now go ahead, go make that
doll!"the witch exclaimed. the woman ran back and made a lovely little doll, not even
stopping to eat. the woman then took the lovely little doll and went to the witches
cottage. it was very late.the witch opened the door before the woman even knocked and
smiled. "ah, i was expecting you. do come in and have a cup of tea." after the tea,
the witch recited a spell in a language the woman did not understand. and the doll
began to grow into a beautiful baby girl."oh, she is lovely!" the woman marveled at
the childs beauty. she had black hair that felt like silk, beautiful soft skin that
looked as fine as porceline, and gorgeous dark, rich brown eyes. the woman decided to
name her Kiniko, which means silk child in Japenese. the witch served them dinner,
and the woman took her home.
as the child grew older,she grew more and more beautiful.another good thing about
having a child was that the woman could spend her money on someone besides
herself.the little girl was wearing the most beautiful clothing and playing with
dolls with beauty almost equal to her own. But she was unspoiled, always helping her
elderly mother around the house. those invited to the cottage were astounded by the
young girl's beauty. so as you can geuss, people wanted to see the child. people
would line up at the door to see her.and the children naturally wanted to play with
her. but the poor child was warned never to go outside, so she grew up without other
one day, a week before the girls 15th birthday, the young girl was singing by the
window while her mother was making plans for the girls lavish birthday party, when
the evil witch sico heard the girl singing. she knew no singing so beautiful could
come from a child made naturally. and the witch was so evil, she hated happily ever
afters. she did not want to be defeated by letting them follow the rules so she went
to the window of the cute little cottage and said to the girl."child, you sing so
beautifully!like the hevens have made a nightengale more talented then one could hope
for!do come out, for i have a bird that sings almost as lovely as you!" the girl knew
better,  for her mother had warned her not to go outside, and not to fall of the
tricks by the evil witch."i'm forbidden to go outside, kind lady." Kiniko answered
politely, yet firmly."oh, but it is especially beautiful today!please do not regect
me, for i do not take no for an answer." the witch said, raising her voice."but miss,
i am forbidden. i will be allowed in a week, for it will be my birthday. but not now.
no is the answer, and i will not change my mind by simple trickery!" the girl
answered, getting annoyed. the witch was getting annoyed too."I WANT YOU TO COME OUT
NOW!!!" the witch yelled. inside, Kinikos mother heard the shouting. but by the time
she came to get her, it was too late. sico had alredy pulled her out of the window
and had ran off. "No!!!" Kinikos mother cried. 
              to be continued...

jennin217 says:   29 December 2006   747537  
awsome dude  its really long lol : -D 

i like storys lol
alexis1234 says:   29 December 2006   539273  
cool story i love japan so any more stories i would love to read
Mariah_pie_starbucks says :   29 December 2006   243686  
Wow! This is really cool! ^^ ♥


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