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The End of KupikaCategory: kupika development
Monday, 13 July 2020
09:04:38 PM (GMT)
Dear Kupikans,

I created Kupika in 2006. The first few years were the golden years. Then lots of
things happened, and now here we are. I think it could be said that Kupika half-died
many years ago. But I really cannot bring myself to bring the site down. It has too
much sentimental value for me (and for you too, I suppose).

But now, I realize some things are better kept as memories. Those golden years; they
feel super sweet now because they have become memories. Now that we have become
older, our life changes, and it is time for Kupika to end.

It’s now 2020, there are many other websites and apps to accomplish everything that
Kupika ever wanted to in the past. I will keep accessible for some time,
but just in case, please make backup of your letters/messages, and more importantly,
reconnect with your friends through other platforms.

My suggestion is to edit your profile, put some info so people can contact you
elsewhere. Since Kupika is originally an anonymous platform, I recommend that you
create a new Gmail account for this specific purpose. Do not post your real name or
specific info; just put your new (anonymous) email address so your friends can
contact you. Keep your Kupika profile separate from your real life profile.

Kupika was a big part of my life back then, but now it is time to move on. I think
you should do the same. Thank you for the amazing journey so far, for all the
memories, for everything… 

Life goes on, let’s move on and have the best times of our life elsewhere!

crazyhot says:   14 July 2020   746243  
well fuck
crazyhot says:   14 July 2020   868836  
at least we know it's completely your fault
‹Darren Wolfgang› shouts:   14 July 2020   537603  
Yeah it was good while it lasted , I just wished i found some friends
on here who would have not ghosted me and just vanish , Sure if i
mention the name "Darren" they would know whom I am but lets enjoy
Kupika for the days it got left .Best Wishes , Darren
pussydestroyer says:   14 July 2020   174342  
thanks for giving us time to go our separate ways before it
disappears entirely
and thanks for making this silly little website, and putting up with
all the trouble its caused you over the years
crazyhot says:   14 July 2020   891752  
still the worst username 
‹Darren Wolfgang› says:   14 July 2020   752072  
Crazyhot sounds like a inbreed name
IntelligentBeauty says:   14 July 2020   511429  
Can't say I'm not heartbroken about this, but I knew it had to happen
KYREDERF says:   14 July 2020   962909  
WOW! This is WILD,  WEIRD,  WACKED.  I can't say, I blame Hina.  He
brought a LOT of PEOPLE  together. That is AWESOME.  Well, I will say,
"Good bye to my friends" and "SO LONG SUCKAS!"to the rest of you.
SanstheSkeledemon2034 says:   14 July 2020   657929  
to be honest,i'm really gonna miss you all and i wish this site can
still stay around because it keeps me sane from my terrible
Grizzlies says:   15 July 2020   185788  
crazyhot says:   15 July 2020   571229  
faggot hasn't even logged back on after he posted this
KYREDERF says:   16 July 2020   828418  
My Gmail is KYREDERF.BLUE@GMAIL.COM. There you can ask for my
Grizzlies says:   17 July 2020   501430  
why email to ask for your discord when you can simply join the server 
SanstheSkeledemon2034 says:   17 July 2020   508769  
imma miss you all tbh
‹Monkey boy› says:   18 July 2020   614649  
Was back there during the golden age of kupika. Will miss it and all
the friends along the way. Many left a while back. But hey it's cool
love this place.
PuddingCakes says:   20 July 2020   200526  
Thank you for the memories Hina.
Thank you for keeping the site going despite it being half-dead for
the past years.
It kept my younger self entertained and I have met many great friends
I don't come online as often as I did back then but it was nice to
have the option to check back from time to time.
All the best to you and the rest out there!~
‹Hugs4Drugs› says:   20 July 2020   704721  
thanks kupika for raising me when my parents didnt want to 
‹Darren Wolfgang› says:   21 July 2020   592298  
Awww how sweet and sad 
‹Sweet Summer Storm› says:   21 July 2020   807339  
I'm just here to second that everyone should join the Discord server.
It's got the same chaotic energy as here already.
IntelligentBeauty says:   21 July 2020   918499  
‹TastyGreens!› says:   21 July 2020   436650  
I come back to read things a friend who died sent me. It's a lot of
stuff to save. I don't want to lose it but I don't know the best way
to save it all...
crazyhot says:   21 July 2020   616697  
wayback machine unless its letters than screencap 
xExotic says:   27 July 2020   415336  
Man, I haven't logged in here for probably close to 10 years, but
this is still sad to hear about. Thank you Hina for creating the
website that defined much of my pre-teen and early teenage years. I
had a lot of fun on here and I'll always look back on this website
Dark_moon says:   31 July 2020   817656  
I can't believe it. But this is a new beginning for many of us.
Farewell to you all! Kupika will always be in our hearts and memories
for years to come. This is our own secret cool club. 
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   5 August 2020   468680  
Thank you for keeping it around as long as you have, Hina. Best
wishes, and thank you for bringing this site into our lives so long
‹♥♠~Bloodwolf<3 Littlewolf~♦♣› says:   6 August 2020   202955  
I was here during those golden years and its bittersweet to know that
this site will no longer exist. I've made countless friends through
this platform. Some have come and many have gone but this place used
to be a safe zone for the night owls, the depressed and lonely. I
guess we all found a sense of community through this site and while
towards the end Hina wasn't really present i still have to say thank
you for bringing us together. i guess this will be the last time I
write anything on these boards so as always... keep smiling, keep
laughing and live each day as if it were your last. You're all made of
something far tougher than you'd expect. 

~ Wolfie
‹COL♥SSIANS› says:   13 August 2020   673687  
I don't think you will ever realize the impact your website has had on my teens and tweens Mr. Hina. For better or for worse this site has hosted alot of people of every creed, belief, trade, and fancy! Some epic memories are here for me. But it's all bitter sweet because I remember i was going to kill myself because i felt like i didn't have any friends. I was a sad lonely girl that joined because I wanted to make friends. My account name says it all, "Jinxed Expressions". I felt like a cursed or black sheep compared to the other people who had "normal" "perfect" "beautiful" things that i didn't. I was just angry and jealous because i watched too many episodes of Degrassi and thought my life should be as exciting and fun like that. I wasn't poor, but just constantly needed validation and life got really difficult in my teens and tweens when no one would be my friend because i was "fat" and "Weird." I felt like the fatter uglier Jinx character on Teen titans. So i made this account to be like her? Finding my own niche or team to command? Roleplaying, art, messaging, clubs, were my major uses for the site. I finally felt validated and popular as i became more invested and... obsessed with creating stories and characters online. It was not healthy. But it helped me cope. I got me through elementary, middle, and most of highschool because of the writing community here. My my, things are really different now. I'm 22. a vocalist, children's consular, and outreach assistant at my local church. I have a car paid in full. I graduate college THIS WEEK. I join the military in 6 months. Jesus is King. lol This world is not perfect, but I'm not scared to face it anymore. This life is one hell of an opportunity. "When the winds of change blow, some build walls. Others build windmills." - Chinese Proverb RIP Kupika Thanks Hina Cheers everyone
IntelligentBeauty says:   13 August 2020   715633  
I love this. Thanks for sharing. 
‹*Expired*› says:   15 August 2020   193292  
Every once in a while I'll think about this site, and how important
it was to me, and I'll log back in just to see it's degraded even
more. Glad I checked in time(ish) to see this, I guess.
Unfortunately I never connected with my close kupika friends on other
platforms, so all I'll have are the memories of being dumb with other
cringey weebs lol.
‹COL♥SSIANS› says:   15 August 2020   815148  
xD tysm! 
Ah, I enjoyed reading your goodbye/farewell address as well!~ 
I think yours and mine are really similar.  I hope before the site
closes we can see more people write on this diary and Hina sees the
impact he's had. It would be a nice closing to the Kupika Saga, no? 
‹djdave10109› says:   15 August 2020   242964  
Can’t you keep it? Or give it to someone else to look after? I’ve
been on here a while I don’t come on often but I’ll miss it when
it’s gone
crazyhot says:   15 August 2020   327397  
YoungDumbAndFullOfCum says:   20 August 2020   527169  
How much would it cost to keep kupika up and running?
Would you be willing to sell the domain, the hosting information, and
everything associated to kupika?

I don't want this website to die. Not yet, at least..
crazyhot says:   21 August 2020   985442  
doubtful he'll answer 
YoungDumbAndFullOfCum says:   22 August 2020   514517  
I know, but it's worth a try...
crazyhot says:   27 August 2020   891615  
when the fuck are you shutting this shit down
‹Jazzy ♡› says:   29 August 2020   810570  
bruh i’m glad i logged on now or it could’ve been gone and i
wouldn’t have even realised
angela_zach says:   2 September 2020   574718  
thank you for an amazing website that allowed us to connect
throughout the years. i remember being addicted in 2006 and the
nostalgia it continues to bring whenever i log in nowadays. i'm going
to really miss it <3
DarkPhotography says:   10 September 2020   556646  
‹×China♡White×› says:   7 October 2020   991321  
holy shit, kupika is actually going away? i’ve been on this site
since i was 13. i had so many good times on here. if anyone wants to
stay in contact with me, add my snapchat: misspiggypiee. y’all were
great, minus the older men who groomed me on here as a child back in
2012. also, e-mail me if you wanna stay connected.
TheFameMonster says:   8 October 2020   931830  
bye everyone. thanks for the memories.
‹► Asim ◄› says:   12 October 2020   928014  
I was here during those golden years (member since 2007). Sad to see
it go now, it was a big part of my internet life during then.
Unfortunately, it seems the website just died and no effort was made
to revive it... oh well, I will miss it.
Rugrats says:   21 October 2020   933038  
Bye everyone  This is Erykah for whoever recognizes or once knew
hatemetoday says:   6 November 2020   153904  
I’ll miss you guys. Add my snapchat sxthewolfkingxc. So we can stay
in contact. I love you guys. Y’all have been my family for well over
a decade.
‹Hushpuppy› says:   3 days ago   829583  
I've used Kupika on different accounts since 2008.
 I've been here through so many scandals and beefs. I remember people
using FT to "cyber" and have virtual sex. I remember people pretending
to kill themselves and posting diaries as their "mom."
I got groomed by Eddie and I was bullied by Andrew lmfao.  
I've watched it thrive, and I've seen it as has dwindled.
It's sad to know that a piece of my childhood really is finally going
to die.

Add me on Snapchat: shootingstarr73
Eelyak says :   14 hours ago   740912  
woah.. thank you hina for everything. this was such a huge part of my
childhood. wow i’m so nostalgic haha


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