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Monday, 27 May 2019
02:45:22 AM (GMT)
1.	spotify, soundcloud, or pandora? 

2.	is your room messy or clean?

3.	what colour are your eyes?

4.	do you like your name? why?
i do. it's welsh, it's cute, i'm almost called telephone.

5.	what is your relationship status? 
very happily in a relationship

6.	describe your personality in 3 words or less
cool funny edgy

7.	what colour hair do you have?
dark brown

8.	what kind of car do you drive? colour?
i don't have a car, i don't drive.

9.	where do you shop?
supermarket, or online if i can avoid that lmao

10.	how would you describe your style?
shit. i don't have any style. emo, i guess. shitty emo.

11.	favourite social media account?
probably my tumblr because it's gorgeous, or my side fb because i love shitposts

12.	what size bed do you have?
a double. its comfy but i have no space in my room because of it.

13.	any siblings?
sister, half brother, three step-siblings

14.	if you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why?
i would like to live in australia because its where my girl is

15.	favourite snapchat filter? 
don't use snapchat

16.	favourite makeup brand(s)?
don't wear makeup

17.	how many times a week do you shower?
i shower every other day so idk

18.	favourite tv show?
i love doctor who

19.	shoe size?
a uk 5 or 6, depends on the shoe

20.	how tall are you?
somewhere around 5'3

21.	sandals or sneakers? 
sneakers? trainers, luv x

22.	do you go to the gym? 
i used to, but ill be getting back into it soon when i can afford a subscription

23.	describe your dream date?
visiting the beach in late evening and watching sunset wit some ice cream and good

24.	how much money do you have in your wallet at the moment?
£5 note and some loose change

25.	what colour socks are you wearing? 
i am not wearing socks, but i was wearing white ones earlier

26.	how many pillows do you sleep with?
four lmao

27.	do you have a job? what do you do? 
i don't atm

28.	how many friends do you have? 
a lot of friends but only two close ones

29.	what’s the worst thing you have ever done? 
cheated on my gf/sliced my own face

30.	what’s your favourite candle scent? 
probably cotton

31.	3 favourite boy names
taran, brynn, defi

32.	3 favourite girl names
angharad, myfanwy, seren

33.	favourite actor? 
james mcavoy

34.	favourite actress?
charlize theron
35.	who is your celebrity crush?
there's a lot. sophie turner, milla jovovich and michael b jordan jump to mind.

36.	favourite movie? 
filth or infinity war

37.	do you read a lot? what’s your favourite book? 
i do not read a lot but i used to. my favourite book ever is the magician's nephew.
idk what it is i just love it.

38.	money or brains? 

39.	do you have a nickname? what is it? 
uncle mark, it's a shitty inside joke with my friend lmao

40.	how many times have you been to the hospital?
for myself, only twice. visiting others, many times.

41.	top 10 favourite songs
fookin hell, i'll do atm favs
time in a tree - raleigh ritchie
blush - jeffree star (judge me)
undead ahead 2: tale of the midnight ride - motionless in white
brand new numb - motionless in white
the four seasons (summer, iii - presto) violin concerto in g minor, pp. 8/2, rv 315 -
vivaldi (this took forever to look up the title of)
don't overdrink it - danny worsnop
millennia - crown the empire
blame it (jamie foxx cover) - of mice & men
i kissed a girl (katy perry cover) - attack attack!
moving mountains - usher

42.	do you take any medications daily? 
no but i should

43.	what is your skin type? (oily, dry, etc)
combination );

44.	what is your biggest fear? 
not being able to be with who i love

45.	how many kids do you want? 
maybe one idk

46.	what’s your go to hair style?
make it damp so it curls nicer

47.	what type of house do you live in? (big, small, etc) 
fuckin small

48.	who is your role model? 
lenny mclean, charlie salvador

49.	what was the last compliment you received?
my gf called my cute and my bff called me sugar tits

50.	what was the last text you sent?
"i still love it tho"

51.	how old were you when you found out santa wasn’t real?
idk, young. 7 or 8 maybe.

52.	what is your dream car? 
i don't have one

53.	opinion on smoking?
it's whatever, don't blow it in my face and dont whine if i call u smelly

54.	do you go to college? 
i do

55.	what is your dream job? 
public speaker or funeral director

56.	would you rather live in rural areas or the suburbs? 
i live in a suburb in a rural area and both are shit

57.	do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels? 

58.	do you have freckles? 

59.	do you smile for pictures?
i mostly screech and hide

60.	how many pictures do you have on your phone? 

61.	have you ever peed in the woods? 

62.	do you still watch cartoons? 

63.	do you prefer chicken nuggets from wendy’s or mcdonalds?
i don't like chicken nuggets

64.	favourite dipping sauce? 
mayonnaise, idk if that counts. if not, burger sauce.

65.	what do you wear to bed? 
nothing, sometimes my knickers but mostly not.

66.	have you ever won a spelling bee?
those are not a thing here but i'm really good at spelling

67.	 what are your hobbies?
reviewing films and drawing

68.	can you draw? 
yes, i think so

69.	do you play an instrument?
i used to play the drums but haven't for 3 years now. all my kit is in the attic.

70.	what was the last concert you saw? 
i saw make them suffer nearly 3 years ago?? i don't go to many anymore

71.	tea or coffee?
coffee, iced

72.	starbucks or dunkin donuts?
we don't have either but i'd say costa

73.	do you want to get married?
yes and no. it's complicated.

74.	what is your crush’s first and last initial?

75.	are you going to change your last name when you get married? 
fuck no, i love my surname.

76.	what colour looks best on you? 

77.	do you miss anyone right now? 
yes, my gf, wake up soon gorgeous x

78.	do you sleep with your door open or closed?
closed, only fucking weirdos sleep with their doors open

79.	do you believe in ghosts?

80.	what is your biggest pet peeve? 
chewing, mouth noises in general. makes me shriek.

81.	last person you called?
my sister

82.	favourite ice cream flavour? 
coffee or vanilla

83.	regular oreos or golden oreos? 

84.	chocolate or rainbow sprinkles? 

85.	what shirt are you wearing? 
not wearing a shirt

86.	what is your phone background?
an excited stuffed bear surrounded by hearts

87.	are you outgoing or shy?
outgoing af

88.	do you like it when people play with your hair?
yes and no. again, complicated.

89.	do you like your neighbours? 
i don't really know em well

90.	do you wash your face? at night? in the morning?
in the evenings mostly lmao

91.	have you ever been high? 

92.	have you ever been drunk? 

93.	last thing you ate? 

94.	favourite lyrics right now
"crimson coagulates, severed head bouquet, body incomplete, sealer of your fate."
nothing particularly special but man it bops.

95.	summer or winter? 
s u m m e r. anyone who says they prefer winter is a liar.
96.	day or night? 

97.	dark, milk, or white chocolate? 

98.	favourite month? 

99.	what is your zodiac sign?

100.	who was the last person you cried in front of? 
i cried in front of my mum and stepdad on friday but they didn't notice

Grizzlies says:   27 May 2019   407730  
72.	starbucks or dunkin donuts?
we don't have either but i'd say costa

we don't have starbucks???????
pussydestroyer says:   27 May 2019   953684  
u know what i meant bitch
starbucks overrated & overpriced af, at least costa pay their taxes 
crazyhot says:   29 May 2019   982789  
you spelled color wrong
pussydestroyer says:   29 May 2019   708215  
you cant spell in general 
crazyhot says :   29 May 2019   812582  

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