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Monday, 8 August 2016
10:08:29 PM (GMT)
It had been four years since she had become Wonder Woman's sidekick and in that time
18 year old Cassie Sandsmark had done a lot of maturing and growing, she was a much
different person than she had been four years ago.She had gone from being a reckless
and inexperienced 14 year old kid to a young woman with leadership skills honed to
adequate efficiency and was now much more competent when it came to using her powers,
the same powers she requested from Zeus those four years ago.It was clear enough that
Cassie was a different person on the inside but more readily apparant that she was a
different person on the outside as well.When Cassie had first started out as Wonder
Girl, she had often felt insecure about her outer appearance and had been concerned
that because of it, she would never have a chance with someone like Superboy, Conner

She had been a tomboy with short blonde hair and no fashion sense, and being mistaken
for an actual boy wasn't uncommon for her.But not long after becoming Wonder Girl,
Cassie started to undergo physical changes that continued as she got older.Her hair
started to grow longer and was now midback length, her face became more feminine and
in line with typical beauty standards, she had even received a generous endowment in
the chest area.No longer did she wear her original black wig either, she now allowed
her blonde hair to be visible and learned to be confident with her natural hair color
instead of wishing for the jet black locks of her idols Donna Troy, the original
Wonder Girl, and Wonder Woman.Cassie tended to think that it had just been puberty
but also knew that being a daughter of Zeus likely had something to do with the
admittedly extreme change in her appearance.

Cassie was sitting at a table in the lunch area of Titan's Tower, she was studying
for a chemistry test she had for fourth marking period, it was the final chemistrylu
test she'd be taking and high school was almost over, she knew she wanted to go to
college but wasn't entirely sure of what her plans were post high school.Cassie had
thought about studying to be an archaeologist like her mother, Helena Sandsmark, but
strongly wished to forge a path for herself into the future that was all her
own.Sometimes she wondered if there was any chance of her ever ascending to the
Wonder Woman mantle and doing that full time but for that to happen she knew that
would mean something would have to have happened to Diana and she of course she
didn't want anything happening to her idol and mentor.

There had been a time when she thought she would seriously end up loosing Diana.She
had been badly beaten by a powerful opponent she was facing, Genocide, the creature
as was most apt to call it had left a deadly trail of destruction in it's wake kiling
tens of thousands.Genocide had left Diana in a state Cassie never thought she would
see her in when herself and Donna had arrived to get Diana somewhere she could
receive medical attention.It was a day Cassie knew she would never forget and always
hoped that a threat on that scale would never emerge again after she had seen her
mentor in such a deplorable state of defeat.

At that moment, Conner walked into the Titan's lunch area where Cassie was sitting
and memorizing as much of the periodic table as she could something she knew she had
to do if she wanted a shot at passing but found to be fiercely boring as well."Hey
Cass, what are you studying for this time?", asked Conner as he picked an apple from
out of a fruit bold, tossed it from hand to hand then proceeded to take a bite out of

Cassie's relationship with Conner was something that had developed and blossomed over
time.When she had first encountered him it was most definitely love at first super
sight and Cassie still in her awkward phase had most definitely come off like a
raging fangirl.She had swooned in his presence and often found herself thinking about
or admiring the super teen from afar Eventually, she had even tried wearing make up
just to gain his attention when she had done this she admitted to him she was wearing
it so he'd notice her and also admitted how stupid she felt to think he'd ever be
interested in someone like her and even went as far as to say he was probably dating
justice league member Black Canary.

Superboy, however, surprised Cassie by telling her he didn't think she was stupid at
all and was then that they had their first kiss as they both got caught up in the
emotions of the moment This wasn't what had actually started their relationship
though as the two decided to pretend it had never happened.Cassie had come away from
the moment with the lesson to just be herself and also decided to keep her options
open in terms of prospective love interests.

Two years had gone by and indeed Wonder Girl had changed a lot even just by the time
she was 16, she allowed her natural blonde hair to be free of the confines of the
black wig she use to wear and was sporting a more style conscious outfit that
although not revealing showed the attractive young woman she was becoming as she grew
prettier and she was also a much more confident and capable person.It was during a
mission when it was just Cassie and Conner, that Superboy admitted his feelings to
Wonder Girl and they kissed each other even more passionately then they had the first
time around.It was this moment that finally started the relationship between the two

The relationship was one in which they enjoyed spending their time together but it
had taken some rough turns as well.Conner had found out that one of the DNA donors
responsible for his existence besides the Man of Steel himself was none other than
Lex Luthor.This information triggered something and caused him to go temporarily
insane.He had shaved all of his hair and attacked all of the Titans leaving them in
bad shape especially Robin who's arm he had broken.But most dispicably of all for him
he attacked Wonder Girl and beaten her into a bloody and bruised state even as she
cried and begged for Conner to come to his senses, remember their relationship with
one another and just talk to her.Something Cassie wanted to leave behind in the past
and Conner would never forgive himself for.

The other bad turn in the relationship was when Superboy had died defending the Earth
from a rogue superman android that had already killed Cassie's idol and occasional
mentor, Donna Troy.She mourned the loss of both Donna who she emulated and Conner,
who she loved immensely In the time following his death she had vowed to avenge his
death during his funeral and became increasingly more violent and erratic as time
went on.This behavior culminated in her joining a cult called The Cult of Conner, the
cult had an emphasis on Kryptonian culture and believed it could use magic to
resurrect Conner from the dead.When the cult had failed to do what it had set out to,
Cassie left them and went back to devoting her time to being Wonder Girl.

Then something unexpected had happened, Conner had come back, she wasn't sure how but
Conner had been successfully revived from the dead and showed no signs of the beat up
state he had been in when he fought the rogue superman android to the death.However,
Cassie hadn't immediately welcomed him with open arms as she wasn't sure how to take
his sudden return and then he invited her for what was essentially a date so that
they could spend some time together and catch up with each other to make up for loss
time.They were in the air up above the Kent Farm, with Krypto supporting the table
they sat at during the knight of a full moon which had given the atmosphere a
considerable romantic touch.Cassie had explained her emotions to Conner and couldn't
hold back the tears when she admitted she felt perhaps she hadn't been as kind to him
as she should've been in recent days, with the sentiment clearly being that she
didn't deserve him.Conner assured Cassie that everything was alright and made clear
he could see the sincerity that was so evident just by looking into her eyes.What he
wanted most waa for them not to dwell on the past and to focus on the here and now,
and in the here and now they were together and things were finally stable again 

"I'm studying for a chemistry test Conner, now if you don't mind, I really need to
focus", replied Cassie but with an air of light heartedness 

"Alright, Cass, I'll let you focus, I'm sure you'll be knocking that chemistry test
dead", came Conner's encouragingly reply as he went to watch TV in the living room of
Titan's Tower.

Yeah, things were finally stable.
Last edited: 18 August 2016

‹Dragonborn› says:   8 August 2016   658205  
Hmm it seems to be going places. And it is definitely your own story.
‹The Grim Hamster Sleeper› says:   8 August 2016   146785  
Thanks and it's still being updated.Trying to stay committed to
writing a new chapter everyday once I finish this one. 
‹Dragonborn› says:   8 August 2016   148269  
Your welcome. I see that. Of course. But it can be a hassle at times.
So peck away at it when you can and ponder on it when you need to. 
‹The Grim Hamster Sleeper› says:   8 August 2016   891267  
Advice taken and as for what I see to be the title of your last diary
entry, that's what she said. 
‹Dragonborn› says:   8 August 2016   952367  
Good. Haha, good one. 
Keep up the good work. 
‹The Grim Hamster Sleeper› says:   18 August 2016   863545  
 Brah, get your ass back here and review the completed chapter
‹Dragonborn› says:   18 August 2016   590204  
It looks good. Besides needing a spell check. It's perfect Tana.  
‹The Grim Hamster Sleeper› says:   18 August 2016   900445  
I know there are spelling errors but they're a pain in the ass to try
to fix on my phone and thanks 
‹Dragonborn› says :   18 August 2016   124378  
Ok, your welcome. 


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