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1000 questions part 1Category: (general)
Wednesday, 23 March 2016
01:16:06 AM (GMT)
So, I'm gonna be answering 1000 questions :D This is gonna take a while, but I'm bored soooo. I don't even know how I found this tbh... The Basics: 1. First name Taylerina/Tayler/Tay 2. Age 16 3. Gender Female 4. Happy with it? Uhm, yeah..? 5. The current time is? 7:39pm 6. Eye color Brown 7. Happy with it? I guess. 8. If no, what would you change it to? no sé 9. Hair color Brown/Black... 10. Happy with it? Yes 11. If not, what would you change it to? Probably red or blue again. 12. Hair length Past my shoulders...(I needa haircut!) 13. Hair style All over the place! 14. Have you ever dyed your hair? Yes 15. What color? Brown, black, blue, purple, red. 16. Do you dye your hair frequently? No. 17. Has it ever gotten damaged? Never. Why is there no 18? Eh, whatever. 19. What's your body type? Idk... Curvy? 20. Are your fingers long and slender, short and fat, or somewhere in between? In between. 21. Thin or full lips? Very full. 22. Thin hair, thick hair, or somewhere in between? Very very very thick. ugh. 23. Have you ever had lice? Nope. 24. How old were you? Look at previous question (: 25. Nicknames Tay? 26. Happy with them? Sure... 27. Aliases N/A 28. What made you choose them? Erm... 29. If you were born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name be? Chase. 30. Think of the situation above. What would you want your name to be? Justin? Lance? Chris? JC? Joey? (Lol. Boyband reference c; ) 31. If you had a choice, would you drop your last name? No, idk. Maybe? 32. What heritage does your first name imply? I'd rather not say. 33. Middle name LOL nope. 34. Last name LMAO 35. Place of birth A hospital in Los Angeles, California. 36. Date of birth February 5th 37. Nationality Dad: Mexican Mom: Afro-German(black) and Japanese. Ew. 38. Were you named after anyone? No. 39. Who? See above. 40. What side of the family does your name come from? Neither. 41. Did your parents immigrate? No. 42. How about your grandparents? Yup. 43. Your great grandparents? Yes. 44. Farther back into your family? I guess? 45. Where did they emmigrate from? Asia, Europe, and Mexico. 46. Where did they immigrate to? Is this a rhetorical question? America. 47. Skin color Brown. 48. What's your facial structure like? I'm cute, soooooooo. JK. Idk 49. Height 5'4? 50. Happy with it? Sure. 51. Weight Woah. 52. Happy with it? Mmmmm 53. How old are your parents? Mom:35 Dad:44? 54. What's your father's name? Esteban Julio Ricardo De La Rosa Ramirez Jk. His name is Jason. 55. Your mother's? Lia 56. Do you have any siblings? 5 sisters, and 1 on the way. 57. How old are they? 0,2,3,8,11,17. 58. What are their names? Maria, Daisy, Sam, Ana, Alexis 59. Do you get along with your family? Eh... 60. Do you wish they were different? Not really. 61. Were you ever abused by any member of your family? LMAO, I wish one of them would hit me. 62. Were you ever betrayed by a member of your family? No. 63. Did your family ever disown any other member of your family? Not that I know of. 64. If so, why? I don't know. 65. Who do you get along with most? Myself. Favorites 66. Color Blue? 67. Month February 68. Year 2000 :P 69. Decade IDK. 70. Century I dunno. 71. Millenium This one. 72. Animal Dolphin 73. Movie Idk.. 74. Book The Outsiders 75. River Uhm... what? A river? 76. Lake I don't know! 77. Ocean Pacific Ocean cx 78. Country Not America. 79. City Vegas? 80. State Cali? 81. Province I don't know 82. Place to go in your neighborhood Anywhere with food. 83. Person Nick<33 84. Relative My unborn baby sister. 85. Pet My little boyyy <333 86. Actor I dunno? 87. Actress Idk. 88. Celebrity N/A 89. Musician Don’t have one 90. Singer (; Guess. 91. Band Hehehe c; 92. Movie genre Action, Comedy, Horror. 93. Book genre N/A 94. Play genre N/A 95. Play N/A 96. Musical High School Musical. Kiddingggg! 97. Poem Idk. 98. Writer N/A 99. Song Alot. 100. Sport Cheerleading? 101. Drink Sprite. 102. Food Pizza. 103. Brand of cereal Cap'n Crunch, tbh 104. Candy bar I don't really know. I don't eat candy like that... 105. Disney princess Mulan! (Does she even count?) 106. Disney prince Uhm, I don't know? 107. Disney villain Ursula. 108. Disney character N/A 109. CD N/A 110. Director I don't know. 111. Videogame I have no idea. 112. Computer game N/A. Sorry. 113. Game A game my friends made up. We're nerds :P 114. Board game The Game of Life, or Monopoly. 115. Word game Dunno. 116. Clothing style From homeless to cheerleader. 117. Truth or dare question I don't fucking know! 118. Fairy tale Beauty & The Beast. 119. Lullaby UGH. I don't know. 120. Holiday Does my birthday count? 121. Mythological creature Myself, lol. 122. Miscellaneous item Hmm? 123. Storybook character plmamfokfokfef. IDK 124. Movie character Dunno. 125. Play character Who? 126. Musical character They have those? 127. College USC, but I have a scholarship to UCLA so... UCLA. 128. Football team I know nothing about sports. 129. Soccer team Look above. 130. Tennis player The fuck. 131. Hockey Team Erm... 132. Basketball team None of 'em. 133. Baseball team The Lakers? 134. Swimmer WHAT? 135. Track star uhhhh. 136. Vegetable Fries. 137. Fruit Green apples. 138. Toothpaste brand Does that really matter? 139. Type of computer Any kind? 140. Medication I'm addicted to all types of pain killers. 1000mg at the least. 141. Poison N/A 142. Type of sword Butter Knife! :D JK. 143. Type of gun Water gun! 144. Planet Pluto or Uranus. 145. Space feature Starssss. 146. Breed of cat Tabby. 147. Dog Maltipoo, and Huskies. 148. Spider Tarantula<3333 149. Fish NEMO! 150. Penguin Uhhhh.... 151. Species of crustacean N/A 152. Arachnid Spiders 153. Insect All insects are scary! 154. Pair of socks Rainbow knee highs. Nick knows lol. 155. Scooby-Doo character Velma 156. Spongebob Squarepants character All of them!!!!!! 157. Quote You go Glen Coco 158. Adage N/A 159. President Abraham Lincoln 160. Astrological sign Aquarius 161. Chinese zodiac sign Monkey 162. Number 21 163. Short story Uhm... 164. Word Poop 165. Definition Don't wanna say. 166. Time period Idk 167. Dictionary brand Do people really have favorite dictionary brands? 168. Series of book N/A 169. Publishing company Idk. 170. Illustrator N/A 171. Artist N/A 172. Childhood story The story of when I got kidnapped, or the time when my mom ran away and left me because there was a moth. 173. Childhood memory Flying away because I was small and the wind made me and my umbrella fly. 174. Facial expression o.O 175. Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, or my mom's bestfriend's father in law who I called my "uncle" (If you wanna know who he is, message me) 176. Medieval torture device The Iron Maiden 177. Instrument Guitar. 178. Brand of chocolate Hershey? 179. Candy Idk... 180. Brand of candy Idk... 181. Time of day Whenever I'm not at school. 182. Codename N/A 183. Letter T 184. Inside joke Too hard to explain. 185. Joke Dunno 186. Scent Idk 187. Onomatopoeia MOO? 188. Alliteration Peter Piper? Dislikes 189. Least favorite color Brown or olive 190. Animal I love all animals. 191. Number 56 192. President IDK. 193. Actor idk. 194. Actress idk. 195. Director uh 196. Celebrity Jenna Dewan, or Jessica Biel 197. Artist erm.. 198. Illustrator … 199. Poet …? 200. Writer ? 201. Band Wut? 202. Musician Who? 203. Singer Meh. 204. Food Anything green. 205. Fruit Red apples and red grapes 206. Vegetable Broccoli 207. Candy idk... 208. Candy bar almond joy- misnomer! 209. Brand of chocolate I don't care. 210. Skittles flavor Orange 211. Month August 212. Year I don't know. 213. Decade I don't know. 214. Century I don't know. 215. Millenium I don't know. 216. Era I don't care. 217. Time period Still don't care. 218. Battle of the Civil War Does it matter? 219. War Every war is bad... 220. Battle of WWII Uhm... 221. Battle of American Revolution Dunno 222. Genius Isaac Newton, he was very much irrelevant. 223. Genus of plant What even? 224. Flower Any flower that makes me sneeze. 225. Tree All of 'em. 226. Hair color Certain people look good with certain hair colors. 227. Eye color Dark Brown almost black. 228. Fairy tale I don't like fairy tales.... 229. Disney princess Snow White. 230. Disney villain IDk. 231. Disney prince All of 'em. 232. Movie character … 233. Play character UGH. STOP 234. Book character Don't know. 235. Musical character … 236. Play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar 237. Musical ? 238. Person My Grandpa 239. Brand of cereal Anything chocolate 240. Brand of battery still not caring... 241. Mental illness down syndrome 242. Medication Any liquid. 243. Serial killer Christopher J. Scarver (murderer) 244. Poison N/A 245. Type of sword Idk. 246. Type of gun Idk. 247. Toothpaste brand ……. Erm 248. Scent Anything too heavy. 249. Taste Green vegetables. 250. Sound Sex. 251. Sexual position LMAOOOOOOOO 252. Article of clothing Idk. The Ideal Mate 253. Hair color It don't matter. 254. Hair length It don't matter. I like man buns though... 255. Hair style Pls don't be bald. 256. Eye color Any? 257. Skin color A normal one? 258. Any makeup? It don't matter. 259. Clothing style Dress how you wanna. 260. Shy or outgoing? Shy is cute, but I like outgoing! 261. Happy or depressed Happy!!! 262. Funny or serious? Funny , but serious when the time is right. 263. Abusive or kind? Kind, duh. 264. Respectful or perverted? Respectful. 265. Completely describe their personality Cute, funny, sweet, a friend.... 266. Ideal height Taller than me 267. Ideal weight Um, anything? 268. Body type Whatever. 269. Completely describe their appearance My baby is perfect <3 He knows who he is. 270. This is another space if you need it I could have kept typing above... 271. Cup size or condom size Jesus Christ. 272. Masochistic or sadistic? tbh, I don't care 273. Conformist or nonconformist? I don't care. 274. Artistic or athletic? Artistic 275. Intellectual or unintelligent? Intellectual. 276. Complex or simple? Hmmmmm... 277. What would their hobbies be? Whatever they wanna do. 278. Interests? Same as above 279. Obsessions Idk... nothing creepy... 280. Would they hug you often? Yes! 281. Kiss you often? Yes please! 282. Would they frequently tell you that they loved you? He already does <33 283. Have you already found your ideal mate? Yes <333 I love my baby 284. Or as close as someone can get? Look above 285. Would you have sex often, never, or sometimes? That's up to him. I dunno. 286. Are you in love? uhhhh, maybeeeeeeeee 287. What will you do together? That's personal 288. Your ideal date Just being with him. 289. Your ideal wedding It doesn't have to be big. 290. How many kids? 3. Max. 291. What will their names be? Darth, Fry, and Apple? I don't know LMAO 292. What do you think they would look like? Hopefully they look like their dad. 293. Will you even have kids? Probably. 294. If not, why? Look above. 295. Will you even get married? I hope so. 296. If no, why? .... 297. Are you taken or single? Get away. What Do You Think Of… 298. Ugly people? That's rude... 299. Pretty people? Depends on their personality. 300. Bald people? They're bald. 301. Scrawny African children? Give them the vegetables. 302. Religion? I don't care. I'm not religious. 303. Politics? Stupid. 304. Abortion? Don't do that :c 305. Church? ew. 306. Separation of church and state? uhm? 307. Blondes? They're blonde. 308. Brunettes? They're Brunettes. 309. Redheads? They have red hair. 310. Mainstream rock? ....what? 311. Abercrombie? I don't have anything from there. 312. Pop music? Ayeee. 313. Classic rock? Okay 314. Roleplaying? erm... 315. Emo music? Okay. 316. Ignorance? By Paramore? 317. Stupidity? what? 318. Mental retardation? It's not their fault! 319. Friends? what friends? 320. Disrespect? Don't do it to yourself. 321. Immaturity? Stop. 322. Republicans? Trump 323. Democrats? Obama 324. George W. Bush? idc. 325. Your mom? She's cool.. I guess 326. This survey? It's killing me. 327. Painted walls? Purdy. 328. Drugs? Hey. 329. Alcohol? Hello 330. Prostitution? ew 331. Premarital sex? Nothing wrong with that. Just don't be a slut. 332. Teenage sex? Define teenage? Depends. 333. People? ew 334. Your classmates? annoying. 335. Your co-workers? Where? 336. Your school? Stupid. 337. Your family? They coo 338. My family? who tf are you? 339. Your mental health? all ova duh place. 340. My mental health? Aren’t you a quiz? 341. Falling asleep holding a stuffed animal? Can't sleep without my owl. 342. Your life? caca 343. My life? How am I supposed to know? 344. The color green? Depends. What shade? 345. Pickles? ピクルス 346. Food? I like food… 347. Electricity? Helpful 348. Niagara falls? How I feel when I'm.... nevermind... 349. Cataracts? who? The eye thing? 350. Bridges? Eh 351. Braces Everyone in my family has jacked up teeth 'cept me (: 352. Dictionairies? That is spelled incorrectly... 353. Television? Spongebob 354. Fairy tales? Didn't you ask me this? 355. Hollywood? Okay? 356. MTV? huh? Idc. Currently… 357. What are you feeling? Hungry. 358. Smelling? Nothing….. 359. Seeing? My computer screen? 360. Hearing? Spongebob in the background. 361. Doing? THIS 362. Who are you talking to online? Nobody 363. On the phone? Nope. 364. What room of the house are you in? My room. 365. Bored? Yup. 366. Do you look nice? No..? 367. What are you wearing? Clothes 368. Are you eating anything? I wish. 369. Drinking anything? no 370. What's your heart rate? idk 371. BMI? Idk.. 372. What brand of shoes are you wearing? N/A 373. What are you wishing for? To finish part 1 374. What are you worried about? Nothing... currently. 375. Sad about? nothing.... 376. Happy about? Talking to my baby tonight! 377. Angry about? N/A 378. Serious about? FINISHING THIS 379. Laughing about? Nada 380. Talking about? Nothing... 381. Typing about? The answer to this question. I will finish part 2 tomorrow (: I'm done for tonight. Night.

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