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Thursday, 5 February 2015
01:09:50 AM (GMT)
WARNING: This is my work and plagiarism will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If you are found plagiarizing my work, I will be forced to take legal action. Unfortunately, all characters are fantasy even if we hope and pray otherwise. Start. The chatter and soft classy music of the room echoed inside of the waiter’s ears as he cleared tables for his next guests. His long slender fingers smoothed out the linen table cloth, setting it up with clean necessities with his favorite flower occupying the middle of the table in a vase. He took pride in what he did. Serving was almost like his better nature. Standing up properly by the table, he darted his crystal blue eyes over the three females who walked in. He was never very good around women, but he always tried his best. “Good evening, ladies,” His voice was soft and timid, yet he held his composure, “I’m Nick and I’ll be your server this evening. Can I start you ladies off with a drink?” The three women in skin tight dresses, stilettos, and handbags took their seats at the table not evening paying attention to a word he had said as they chatted among themselves. They were all busty. Big tit beauties whose forms were the definition of perfection. Nick clutched his notebook and pen, clearing his throat and taking in their beauty. Two blondes and a brunette. He spoke up again, this time louder. “Excuse me, I’ll be your server this evening. I-” Nick stopped talking, his face heating up as three females gazed upon him, not at all amused by his presence. They all had matching crimson eyes indicating they were all apart of the same clan. “Look at this one, girls! He’s so thin and girly!” The brunette giggled, leaning over the table to get a better look at the waiter. Her breasts practically spilled out of her top, giving the shy male a nice cleavage shot. The two blondes began to laugh with her. Nick was completely alarmed. Thin and girly? He had been picked on before, but never by girls. His face flushed and he hung his head in shame just for a moment, picking up his pen and managing to write down the table number in his note pad. “W-what would y-you..?” “Oh god, he’s a complete mess.” The older blonde sneered, running her fingers through her golden locks, “Listen sweetie, go get us three glasses of wine. You’re embarrassing yourself.” The woman grinned, their wild laughter filling the room and turning heads along with it. Feeling as if he wanted to run and hide, Nick nodded and scurried off to fetch them their glasses of wine. He didn’t even want to go back to that table! His heart pounded while filling the drinks, nearly spilling them. “I have to focus.” He let out a few deep breaths and regained composure, taking the glasses on a tray. He slowly walked back to the table where the she-devils sat. That’s what they were, beautiful, seductive she-devils. Nick shook the thought out of his head, placing the tray of drinks on the table. As soon as he walked up, the giggling started again. He didn’t get it at all. He never had this trouble before. He was completely unsure of what to do, but began placing the glasses in front of each one. He hoped he had done at least this right for the night. Deep down he knew more was to come and they’d be a difficult bunch. In mid thought, he helpless watched as the freckled-face red head swatted her hand across the table, a glass tipping over and drenching his jeans. “Oops.” The red head mocked the waiter, flashing him a small sexy smirk. The three women peered at the waiter’s now soaked crotch, squinting their eyes. “IS THAT IT?” The brunette blurted out, her eyes widening in disbelief. Her two friends familiar cackles came along with it, tearing forming in their eyes from laughing so hard. Nick had never been more frightened in his life. He snatched up the black tray and put it over his crotch. “It looks more like a clit to me.” The ginger snickered, their eyes following as the waiter ran off into the men’s room. He was practically in tears from being so humiliated in front of everyone. Who did those girls think they were? He hadn’t been trained to deal with sexual harassment, especially not from customers. Nick took a paper towel and rubbed the tears away, patting his throbbing tiny dick through his pants with it to absorb the wine. This would take hours to dry and all it did was cling to his tiny little shaft and look like he came his pants. Cursing himself under his breath the doors to the bathroom opened. “It’s occupied!” He yelled out, turning his head and stopping dead in his tracks. Familiar giggles started to consume the tiny bathroom as the brunette closed the door behind the three, locking it. “Hello weakling.” The tall blonde purred towards the male, taking the bright red lipstick out of her purse, “He has such pretty eyes, doesn’t he?” “And I have the perfect eyeshadow to go with it!” The ginger piped in, taking out the eye shadow compact. “W-what is this?” Nick furrowed his brow, the three women backing him up into a corner and trapping him. There was no way he could take on one man, let alone three women. “On your knees, bitch.” The brunette demanded, flipping her hair and slowly lifted up her tight red dress, her 9 inch cock peeking out of it. The other two followed, and it seemed like they just kept getting bigger. All of their cocks were already engorged and throbbing to be taken into something or someone. Nick gasped and shook his head. They were.. male? And female? “The look on your face is priceless, honey. Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you.” His face turned pale as he was swarmed by busty women with thick, huge cocks forcing him down on his knees. The blonde took her lipstick as the other two held the waiter down on his knees. His lips were smeared with the red unfamiliar substance. “Look at those plush lips.” “God I can’t wait to shove my cock down his throat.” “He has a tight little ass too.” The women chatted and giggled amongst each other as the skinny frail male kneeled in horror of what was to come. He was getting gang raped by Futas. There was no way out for him. His head was slammed against the wall, his clothes being ripped off. “His name tag says Nick. More like Nikki.” The blonde smirked as the three began to undress each other, kicking off their heels. Their cocks were now exposed. They were hung, pulsating, and eager to bust their load, “It’s a free for all, ladies.” Nick quivered under their Superiority. They were female and had bigger cocks than he ever could. They were even calling him Nikki! He let out a hushed whimper, his eyes tearing up as he looked at the laughing females. “P-please let me go..!” He begged, his bare ass pressing against the cold tiled floor, his tiny cock poking out dripping precum. His body was enjoying this, but he knew it was so wrong. “Your cock says different, Nikki.” The red head spoke as her bare foot stepped on his useless member. “And my cock does too.” The brunette spoke in a coo, her manicured fingernails running through Nick’s hair to hold his head steady as she shoved all nine inches into his mouth and down his throat. His lipstick smeared along the veiny member. He gagged and squirmed from being caught off guard, his airways struggling to breath. “Aaaah yeah!” The brunette screamed out in ecstasy, her breasts being licked and sucked on by the blonde and ginger, pumping her dick in and out of the waiter’s throat, “He.. he feels sooo good.” She panted, gagging him, her pussy dripping in pleasure. Nick held his breath, tears streaming down his face. It couldn’t possibly get any worse that this! What the hell did he do to deserve this and why was his poor excuse for a cock wanting to explode? He gave in. The humiliation, the feminization, all of it. The male became limp and started to move his tongue along the long shaft of the big titted demon, peering up at her. “Aww, the little chode boy is loving it!” “Look this way, Nikki. Gag for the camera!” “Open wide.” The blonde shoved her cock in the male’s mouth, the two cocks fighting for entry as they brushed up against each other and filled his cheeks, the ginger demon taking tons of photos. The girls were actually posing while they have their cocks sucked and forced down his throat! His life had never been so pathetic than this. The ginger put down her phone and her pointed tongue slithered out of her mouth, licking her lips. He was pushed down onto the ground on all fours, both cocks still pumping furiously in and out of his mouth. Nick gasped for air each time, his eyes closing while his body was being used for their pleasure. Moans and gasps of pure pleasure filled the bathroom. Nick felt like his jaw was going to be bust open. Suddenly, the pain dimmed from his jaw, his ass burning feeling like it was being torn in half. The ginger had taken her shaft and forced the whole thing in dry, practically splitting his ass in two. “Fuck yeah!” The fiery demon girl screamed out, thrusting her vein covered cock in and out of the male’s ass, “His ass is so tight! Oh my god.” She panted, digging her nails into his hips as she ass fucked him doggy style. She was practically using his blood as lube. The moans only grew louder as the three demon futas fucked his face and ass, pinching each other’s nipples and rubbing each others balls and pussies. It was all so hot, wrong and exactly what they had in mind. Nick’s throat was raw, his lipstick smeared, tears streaming down his face. Despite all of this, his body shook and the pain mixed with pleasure took over, his seed spilling all over the clean floor. As soon as he came, the brunette began to gasp. “Oh fuck! Oh my god! Aaaaaaaaah!” She busted her nut inside the male’s mouth. The blonde pulled out her throbbing cock, letting the brunette shove her cumming shaft down Nick’s throat, forcing him to swallow as the ginger fucked his ass silly, pulling out. He swallowed every last drop, his belly feeling like he was so full of cum already. They all had such big balls and they didn’t even all bust their loads yet. The brunette panted, her eyes fluttering as she pulled out from his dirty mouth, stroking herself with his saliva. She was still hard and alert, her lips pulling into a smile. She sent a swift kick to the waiter’s side. He fell forward, the ginger’s cock slipping out of his raw abused asshole. “We aren’t done with you yet, Nikki.” The blonde groaned, stroking her shaft and kneeling down to slap her cock against the toy’s lips for a moment, pulling his legs up to get him in missionary, thrusting and pumping her cock into his ass. It was still tight but being ripped with each thrust, his small dick flopping and his body shaking with every thrust. “Fuck him good! His body is ours.” “Be a good fucking slut, Nikki.” “Mmm, oh fuck.” The ginger screamed as she spewed her load all over the little skinny male’s body, covering his entire abdomen with thick, sticky semen. The brunette rubbed the semen into his skin, sitting on his face turned toward the blonde who was pumping into his ass. “Eat my cunt and ass you worthless whore.” She demanded, smothering his face with her luscious plump ass, her cunt dripping and her balls slapping against his face. The ginger leaned over and began to finger herself, sucking on the brunette’s dick in place. The blonde leaned in pressed her lips against the demon girl’s nipples biting them vigorously, her thrusts picking up the pace. Her friends encouraged her to cum into Nick’s ass, sucking, face fucking, and pleasuring each other forgetting that they were even using the poor waiter they had preyed on. “Do it, cum in his tight little ass.” The brunette and ginger moaned, so close to cumming again waiting as they watched the blonde mercilessly fuck him despite his muffled pleading and crying to stop, trying to breathe. The brunette stood up and let her cunt drip juices all over Nick’s face, slapping him a few times, “Say that you’re a sissy with a tiny clit. Fucking say it.” She demanded through her teeth, the ginger slapping Nick’s balls to hear him scream. “I’m a.. Ah!” Nick cried out, his ass sore, his balls aching and face drenched in cum, “I’m a sissy slut with a t-tiny clit!” He screamed out, the blonde instantly moaning, spewing her load into the male’s ass. “Fuck yeahhh, you fucking slut!” She screamed, the load filling up his stomach, extending it and spewing out of his asshole, the other two busting a nut all over his face and skinny body. They all moaned out, their bodies shimmering from the workout and their erect cocks becoming flaccid, still huge compared to Nick’s cock. They huffed and stood, leaving the waiter covered in semen and blood, his body aching, his ass leaking futa seed. His asshole clenched a few times, opening his eyes to see the three demon futas were washing up, applying their makeup and getting dressed as if this were normal. “Mm, he was a nice choice.” “God, you looked so sexy when you came into his ass.” “Do you want to go dancing after this?” The three peered down at him after a few moments of getting ready and presentable, spitting on him in unison, just as beautiful as they were when they entered. “Clean yourself up, slut. If you’re lucky, we’ll come back and use you again.” Nick, completely in futa lust, despite his traumatic experience and his ass virginity taken so suddenly, scurried into a kneeling position, cum covering him and the floor surrounding him. He pursed his lips and licked some of the cum off of them, narrowing his eyes to the floor humbly. “Yes my Goddesses.” Thanks for reading. Please leave comments below! ~SexualAuthors~

pleasureandstories says:   5 February 2015   426569  
I loved the detail of this. The format was pretty well too. Overall,
this is an amazing story.
‹Arieonn is a fucking whore› says :   26 March 2015   680990  
Suteki monogatari

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