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Saturday, 8 November 2014
01:53:49 PM (GMT)
(This is a work of fiction sexy fiction)

It's late afternoon one Friday after school Rob a slightly attractive boy who is just
enjoying his day after finishing his homework he is laying on his bed stretching
thinking maybe about taking a nap when he hears laughing coming from his younger
sister Lenna's room he knew she had a friend over doing their homework his sisters
friend April was a sweet girl that she'd met as a freshman in highschool Rob always
liked talking to her she was pretty smart and it didn't hurt that she was really
pretty he got up and wandered from his room and over to Lenna's he knocked on the
door and walked in smiling at them as they both greeted him with a warm "hey!" Rob
answered back with a hello to both of them they were working so he walked over
smiling at both of them he sat on the edge of the desk looking at their work "need
help?" He asked smiling April shook her head her beautiful curly blonde Der
hair bouncing as she does she always wore coloured.  Acontacts even though she had
naturally green eyes and cute little freckles on her nose he knew she was here to
help his sister because Lenna was kind of a dittz but she is lovable and kind he
always hoped she'd find a nice boy but couldn't quite tell a good from a bad and got
her heart broken a few times by some real jerks he didn't like that at all seeing his
sister cry it broke his heart.
April smiled as she was explaining something to Lenna,Rob watched her listening "So
Lee do you understand it now?" She asked Lenna in her sweet voice Lenna nodded "yeah
thanks April you're sooo smart!" She said smiling at her friend Rob smiled
"looksllike you're in good hands sis I'll leave you two be so you can work" he said
before making his leave 

Later that night...

Rob comes downstairs after a shower wearing comfortable loose clothes April is
sitting watching tv with his sister in the livingroom she smiles and waves at him she
doesn't say anything because Lenna is asleep in her lap Rob smiled and waved back he
went and got a glass of water and went up to his room whispering "good night" to her
as he passed back upstairs he went to his room and laid down he was laying there
quite a while when there was a very soft knock her his door followed by a whispered
voice "Rob are you up?..." was the question he got up and came to the door he opened
it there was April he turned on his light "what's up?" He asked her softly not
wanting to wake his parents she sighed "Lenna fell asleep downstairs and I just
didn't wanna sit around alone" she said and smiled at him he smiled back "oh I
understand well of course come on in" he said smiling he wasn't tired so he didn't
mind staying up with her she was wearing some of Lenna's clothes a pair of short
shorts and a tank top she looked really cute he looked away though afraid he was
being creepy he went back over and sat on his bed and she joined him this was first
time just the two of them had ever hung out it felt a little weird for him but she
seemed fine so he decided to calm down a bit he got on his laptop and they watched
videos together laughing a bit here and there he pulled up a movie for them to watch
and smiled shutting his lamp off they got more comfortable to watch the movie he
looked over at April smiling a little she noticed and smiled back "what's up Rob?"
She asked a cute curiosity in her voice he shook his head smiling "hm oh nothing" he
said and they both went back to watching the movie a moment later her head was on his
shoulder he thought she had fallen asleep which he was a little happy for because the
movie got a little bit spicy with a sex scene it just seemed to drag on and on while
watching the screen he felt a hand suddenly go into his shorts before he could say
anything it had a hold of his cock which because of the movie was a little bit hard
this soft delicate hand started rubbing it up and down playing with the head a little
he was completely hard now "April?..." he said softly she just made a hush sound and
kept rubbing him he bit his lip it felt really good she would rub up and down a few
times then play with his balls a little before going back to rubbing it was about
three minutes after she had started when she pulled it out of his shorts she leaned
down over it he couldn't see her face or his cock because of her hair but he could
feel her breathing on it "April?..." he tried again he was just curious as to why.
But she hushed him again then licked the tip of his cock he'd had a girlfriend before
but never did this for him she licked it again slowly still rubbing it up and down
she kissed the tip and started swirling her tongue around the tip of his cock then
started sucking on the head bobbing her head a little just sucking the head rubbing
still she took in more of him sucking on it hard she pulled her top down and started
tugging her nipple as she began sucking his cock up and down licking the shaft a
little bit before sucking again she moved her hand and deep throated him she was
bobbing her head quickly jerking him off as she did he moved her hair and watched her
suck his cock it was so hot the way she moved he was biting his lip watching her she
kept sucking his cock for a good five minutes before she pulled off of it his cock
was glistening with her spit she sat up and took off her top and so did he she moved
his laptop and straddled his legs facing him his cock sticking up between them she
started slowly rubbing him up and down again "so Rob do you think I'm sexy?.." she
asked softly and playfully he nodded smiling at her "hell yeah but what brought this
on?..." he asked her softly she smiled "I've wanted your cock for a while believe it
or not Rob but I'm a closet nympho and I wanted your cock first" he looked at her a
little surprised then slid out of her shorts and laid on his bed with her legs open
wide rubbing her still virgin pussy which is dripping wet this invite didn't get
passed up he got down between her legs and started to eat her out with as much skill
as he could he had to match her in oral because she was fucking amazing at that she
was moaning softly as he licked at her delicious little pussy she laced her fingers
in his hair and wrapped her legs around his head saying his name as he licked and
sucked her pussy she was shaking after only a little bit of this she moaned out "I'm
gonna cum..." he just kept going fingering her as he did her hyman was gone so they
went right in and she was tight she moaned covering her mouth as her hips jump a
little and she squirts all over his face and hand he was surprised by this she was a
squirter he kept licking her she was giggling "fuck Rob..." she said letting his head
go sitting up a little panting softly "are you a virgin?..." he asked her smiling she
nodded "yeah I am but my dildo isn't" she said giggling he laughed softly and came up
to her she kissed him hard he kissed back but she pulled away and licked his cheek "I
love my juice..." she whispered he grinned at her a little "me too" he said softly
"you tasted pretty good yourself Rob" she said back "first cock I ever sucked" she
said softly he was rubbing the tip up and down between her pussy lips before he
pushed iT balls deep inside her slowly she wrapped her arms and legs around him
"you're bigger than my toy though" she said softly and bit her lip she wasn't the
first girl to tell him that he was pretty big he started to slowly move his hips in
long slow motions she moaned softly every time he stuck the whole thing inside her he
kept going speeding up more he got up on his knees holding her legs open now as he
kept going speeding up more she bit her lip trying to hold in her sounds she was so
tight and it felt so good and he was very aware that he wasn't wearing a condom she
didn't seem to notice or care he lifted her as end up and kept going harder now she
bit her hand he could tell she wanted to scream but couldn't she was whimpering into
her hand when she got really tight and squirted again all over his cock and it felt
so good for him she had him stop and rolled over sticking her ass way up in the air
he slid back into her pussy holding her ass as he started to fuck her again quickly
deeply and hard she was letting her sounds out into his bed he smiled loving it proud
of himself biting his lip against her tightness she started moving back into each
thrust as he plowed into her she moaned out again that she was about to cum he didn't
hear her to well but figured it out when she squirted him again he made a soft sound
as he pussy clamped down hard on him he was getting close to cumming himself and he
planned to pull out but she pushed him to his back and got on top of him facing away
as she eased down on his cock grabbed her sides smiling up at her back as she started
bouncing up and down really fast biting her lip watching her petite figure ride him
made him feel like a champ but he had to tell her he was about to cum "April I'm
getting really close" she hushed him again which worried him a little but he didn't
care about that now she was getting tight again she was about to squirt and he knew
he'd cum if he was inside her for this orgasm she just kept riding him faster she
made a noise and squirted hard he made a noise of his own and came up inside her
deeply she sat on him with his cock deep inside her the tire time he was cumming
letting him fill her up she was moving a little making more come out he was known by
his ex's for cumming a lot and now she knew that too she laid back on his chest
holding his cock inside her ash she rested on him panting and sweating a little "oh
Rob..." she said softly he arched his neck and kissed her hard she kissed back she
let him out finally and rolled over on top of him and they laid there making out she
had her fingers in her pussy to hold in the cum threatening to leak out she pulled
her clothes back on his sisters clothes and laid next to him they kept kissing here
and there until they fell asleep 

The next morning....

ThEy got up kissed one last time before she left his room "next time Rob lets skip
the movie!" She said and giggled as she went down and laid down with Lenna Rob went
went back to sleep smiling she was freaky and he liked it 

The end

‹CNNInternationaal› says:   8 November 2014   575818  
Very good, grammar's okay and the story was quite nice to read. 

This is how sex between me and my biology teacher would go, basically
‹Mr.Master› says:   8 November 2014   696489  
Yeah my grammar was kinda pooy no excuse for that but I hope people
like it I plan to write more of them hopefully they'll get better
Infinity2015 says:   8 November 2014   496917  
Cool. This is how it's going to happen with that girl who's been
looking at me
‹Mr.Master› says:   8 November 2014   333849  
As a sempai it is your duty to notice her 
Infinity2015 says:   8 November 2014   860024  
As a sempai, it is CNNInternational's duty to notice him
‹Mr.Master› says :   8 November 2014   778201  
Unless you're her teacher you're out of luck 

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